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Oppression of Native Woman in Canada

A 26 year-old Secwepemc/Ktunaxa Women who must breast feed her 6 month-old baby is being held in jail in british columbia, KKKlanada, for Defending un-surendered Indian Land!
Native Youth Movement Mother and Warrior, Kanahus Pelkey (slave name: Amanda Soper)was captured on February 22nd., in Ulkatcho Territory, žAniham Lake, BCÓ. Police were called in from several RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) divisions to hunt Kanahus, her baby, husband and 16 year-old sister down. They were heavily sought after leaving a Bella Coola hospital with her sisters 7 week-old baby who had passed over to the spirit world on the morning of the 22nd. As true Indians, they refused foreign doctors to take their baby, who the hospital tried to take ownership of, and wrapped the young Warrior up in his cradleboard and took him to a Sacred place in the mountains for his Ceremonial burial.

So called žbritish columbiaÓ is all un-surrendered territory, which means that even under žCanadian LawÓ Indians own 100% of their traditional Territory (not just Reserves) in the whole Province. Treaties were never signed! Proving their disregard for their own laws, illegal warrants were issued for Kanahus Pelkey in winter 2001 after police attacked NYM Warriors while they were building a home for the winter on un-Surrendered Secwepemc Medicine and Hunting Grounds. The community known as Skewlkwekwelt was Re-Occupied in 2000 in order to stop the expansion of an illegal Ski-resort know as ŽSun PeaksÓ, which is continuing its Rape of Kanahus PelkeyŪs homeland. Police have made over 70 arrests of Indian people at Skwelkwekwelt in their attempts to scare Indians from even going on their own land, and protecting what little sustainable recourses there are left.

She is being held in jail not for criminal activity, but to make an example of what happens to anybody who follows their Traditional ways as an Original Person. They are showing what extent they are willing to Oppress Indian People by ripping a Mother away from her baby, who never left her side since conception. She went through 4 days of hard labor in the Original Way, on the Land. She would never leave her babyŪs side; she never ever had him away from her.

On March 5th she was denied bail in an attempt to break this Strong example of a True Warrior, and her son, who refuses to drink anything but his mothers breast milk. He must be with his mother, she must be with him. Her breast milk is drying up and needs 50$ a week to keep an electric breast pump in jail with her, so her baby can eat!

While everybody else with charges has been released, or is out on bail and promise to appears (PTA), Kanahus Pelkey remains imprisoned, showing they are as willing as ever to rip Indian children from their mothers breast and lifelines. The foreign Governments have no regard for Indian Life. You must show them you are watching the Genocide taking place right under your noses here on Turtle Island. The Indian Wars Are Not Over! Kanahus Pelkey must be re-united with her son.

Currently attempts are being made to have another bail hearing as soon as possible, and she is in need of URGENT financial assistance for bail, as well as the breast Ůpump which she uses, then freezes the milk and gives to her son to take until his next allowed visit. Personal Reference letters are needed as well as funds for Kanahus Pelkey bail hearing. You may Western Union donations for bail to her mother Beverley Manuel, or call her at (250)-679-3413 to make other arrangements. Help Re-Unite this Strong Indian Mother with her baby! She is imprisoned because of her fight for all of our Babies and the Survival of Life! She is able to make collect call and personally inform people on her situation. If you would like to support and will accept collect calls contact  nymunite@hotmail.com with your contact information and arrangements will be made to put her in touch with you.

Bo'Matum (Thank You). Please support this Mothers need to be with her baby!Contact NYM Free Kanahus at:  nymunite@hotmail.com

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Oppression of Minorities In Portland by IPRC 10.Apr.2003 10:44

Not tolerating racism

Please help us end racism in the IPRC. The IPRC enables independent freedom but they haven't ever had a Latino-American or African-American staff in 5 years! Help us!


Simply irrelevant to make issues confused. 10.Apr.2003 15:40

Molly Stanton

I am tired of this rant by TvLiMiT BNB about IPRC. This story about an aboriginal woman has NOTHING to do with IPRC. Don't exploit other issues and stories for the sake of your supposed political ends.

Semper fidelis,


American Patriotic Committee for the Salvation and Progress of the Fatherland, U

nice 10.Apr.2003 22:18


"KKKlanada"? I''m remembering that one.