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imperialism & war

photos from sddam statue were propaganda: they were false.

photos from baghdad seem to show thousands and thousands of Iraqis tearing down the statue of Saddam. However, BBC photos reveal that there were at most only a couple hundred peopel there and that includes US troops!

I am appalled by the propaganda coming out of Iraq right now. The photos and news stories make it seem as if millions of Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad to welcome US and UK troops.

This is not the case. Here is a link to a photo, a photo taken form a roof top which show how few people were actually there to "dance" on top of that statue.

This propaganda (half truths) makes me sick. Spread this link far and wide please. The anti-war marches must go on. This photo is from the BBC. this is truly appalling that the US government is comparing these dozens of people to the Berlin Wall and the peaceful demise of that government by thousands and thousands of people.


Again, spread this far and wide. Resist propaganda.

Whose propoganda? 09.Apr.2003 20:48

Internal Scrutinizer

Is your picture not propoganda? Maybe the picture you posted was taken after everyone left. Propoganda goes both ways. Unfortunately it's a big world and you can't know everything. I do, however, strongly believe that the world needs people to preach radical left conspiracy theory to offset the radical right.