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This photo shows it all

Beware the shoe
This photo shows it all
This photo shows it all
Behold the shoe
What if ...... 09.Apr.2003 20:28


The question is could the same results have been achieved by using a more peaceful non-aggressive type tactic? Thanks to BuSHIT and his army of stupid white men we will never know."Freedom" means nothing to the people of Iraq who were killed by the US military.

No 09.Apr.2003 22:33


Well, lets look at it from a rational perspective:

We have used diplomacy to enforce the conditions of the 1991 cease fire... since 1991.

We have tried to use the UN SEVENTEEN times in that period to gain compliance.

Our good buddies, France, Russia, and China, are SO committed to peace, that during the UN Embargo... they continued to SELL WEAPONS to Iraq and SUBVERT the process in the name of the all-mighty Euro! *

So what would POSSIBLY make you believe that a few more months, or even years of diplomacy would accomplish?

*Yeah, Yeah, Halburton sold them stuff too, I know you want to say it, but Halburton sells drilling and construction equipment... which was legal under Oil for Food, as opposed to Surface to Air Missiles, Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, Anti-Shipping Missiles, Surface to Surface Missiles, and the equipment to make them. Those items were sold by Russia, China, and France.

... 10.Apr.2003 00:57


hmmm, so 150 gather together to stomp on a statue in a city of over 5 million? i recall when you hatemongers were all over "only 30,000" protesting in the streets of a city that is 1.5 million and that being an "insignificant" number to you. I wish you people would be consistant just as i wish the bush administration would be consistant in its reasons for invading. But i guess we cant have everything we wish for.