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Protest now before its too late and no one takes notice!
I again will show you a formula that shows how irrelevant all of your war protests really are. Final estimates of the largest protest held downtown a couple of weeks ago come in at roughly 30,000 people. So lets take that figure and subtract it from the 2000 Census population figures for Portland and Oregon. First of all the total population of Oregon in 2000 was 2,842,321 and Portland (not including metro suburbs) comes in at 437,319. Subtract 30,000 from both of those and you get 2,812,321 and 407,319. Then you calculate the percentage and you come up with a figure of 1.0667345583950054% and 6.859980929253016% which clearly isn't anywhere near a majority of citizens in Oregon or Portland for that matter.

So, basically what this says is pretty much around 98% of Oregonian's and 93% of the residents of Portland aren't against protecting American citizens and liberating the people of Iraq. Seeing that your numbers have been reduced to a few hundred at any given protest one could also come to the conclusion that quite a few of your fellow protesters have either lost interest because they see that the core group is nothing but a bunch of petty criminals with a communist/anarchist agenda or they figured out that there very lives are in fact at stake in our war against the evil-doers. Either way, you have become irrelevant...
The answer is now clear 09.Apr.2003 13:24


Q: Did you here about the constipated mathematician?

A: He worked it out with a pencil

What are you so afraid of? 09.Apr.2003 13:25


Right wing trolls like you Woodsman are as funny as you are pathetic.

If antiwar protestors are so marginalized and inconsequential as you suggest, why do you and other Pro-War shills always come onto this site and attempt to attack and discourage us in the first place?!

If we are so inconsequential, you wouldn't be spending your time and energy against us to begin with.

The more you desperately try to deny our effectiveness and our numbers the more you only prove our case.

And the answer is... 09.Apr.2003 13:34

lies, damned lies, & statistics...

Now, Woodboy, try calculating how the largest Pro-War Rally [est. 200] compares.

and the pro war rallies... 09.Apr.2003 13:35


drew about a fifth of that..

Thats where you are wrong... 09.Apr.2003 13:46


"Now, Woodboy, try calculating how the largest Pro-War Rally [est. 200] compares."

You are making the assumption that because someone doesn't froth at the mouth and block the streets that they somehow don't support their choice. Actually, in my perception me and the other millions of law-abiding Americans citizens and resident aliens that support our Commander-In-Chief by "NOT" marching in the streets sends more of a powerful message than any of your pathetic whimper festivals do...

You are using the same misconception 09.Apr.2003 14:09


You are also assumming that those protesters in the street represent all who are anti-war. There are many more that cannot be in the streets or are afraid to be in the streets. That could be for a variety of reasons. I myself was not in streets because I hold a job that would be in jeopardy had I been. I'm sure there are many others like myself.

Woody fuck off for your own sake 09.Apr.2003 15:34


Look woody fuck you are right the protests don't matter for shit, except for one little detail. They are a place were people who don't like what their government is doing to network. Trust me that should be a lot scarier to you troll fucks then any thing else because eventually if thing get bad enough all those irrelevant people you talk about will from organizations that will just blow fucks like you up.
Woody you and your troll friends should give up now before this whole thing gets way out of hand and a lot of innocent people get killed. There is a term for what is starting to happen in the progressive movement its called group polarization. Yes the trolls to some extent probably are splitting up the movement but they are also creating two very distinct groups
One is the old school peace is every thing types, they will probably get slaughtered or go back to their normal lives. The other people condone violence for change like ELF, ALF and Craig Rosebraugh's new web site. So come on let people live life like they want too, because if you don't they might kill you and destroy your way of life as revenge.


Orwellian, baby. 09.Apr.2003 16:06

Georgie Porgie

Protests are inconsequential. You can do nothing. You make no difference. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

Too bad for you that we're not buying it.

so Woodie 09.Apr.2003 16:09

Will you have a weird grave marker, too?

Woodman get really wierd gravemarkers... do you plan one, too, Woodie?

Re: Protest Now 09.Apr.2003 16:18


I'm glad to see large protests, but what is most important to me is not the size of each protest, but rather the fact that PROTEST IS HAPPENING, and continues to happen. This means that there is hope for change. Protesting publically gives me a chance to express my views and make freedom of speech a reality, not just a concept. It also provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded people so that we can work in unity for what we want to achieve. I don't base my protesting on how many people are out there, because I am not a conformist sheep who waits to see what everyone else is doing before I do anything. I base it on my individual conscience.

By the way, is there anyone out there interested in the idea of secession or moving to a particular area and starting our own society the way we want it? It's been on my mind lately-the idea of forming alternative social arrangements and utopian communities.

add this 09.Apr.2003 19:34

stats lie

Your beloved CNN and Faux brag that they have 6.5 million watchers, Peckerwood, but what they don't say is that the population of the US is 282 million. I'll bet any numbers you want to throw down were collected by a random survey of 2000 people by phone. That leaves a whole hell of a lot of out. And hey, it's not too late to enlist either.

Kee up the good work 10.Apr.2003 00:08


"Will you have a weird grave marker, too" (comment#58043) Sorry that is really not much of a name, but keep up the good work man. (No offence intended) these fucking trolls need to be tracked down and confronted. Eventually they might make a mistake and reveal there physical locations watch for it then post it. If we can catch one or two of them maybe we figure out what makes them tick.


GOT WOOD E? 10.Apr.2003 11:21

patriot girl

I believe that you are an insecure, unhappy individual.

Perhaps it would have been better for the colored people in the 60's to have shut up, sit down and enjoy the segregated ride!

I think not.

Do you really think the Redcoats in revolutionary times, didnt say, hey, if you dont like it here, go to Algeria?"

I think not.

have you looked at the massive numbers (in the millions) might be hard for you small minded brain to conceive such large numbers, actually protesting around the entire earth, which we are all a community of? Are they insignificant?

I think not.

Perhaps you should go to Wally Mart and purchase your "made in China' flag as well as all the other small minded middle class americans that only listen to CORPORATE MEDIA!

I think so.