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Down by the Ol' Peace Camp

An encounter with the authorities.
I was walking down by Strunk plaza today after visiting the employment office, and I noticed a police officer was talking to the campers. The officer in question was Jeffrey Myers, Senior Neighborhood Officer. I have seen officer Myers at many marches and he has always been civil.
As it happened, Commander Rosanne M. Sizer of the Bureau of Police was the one doing the talking. When I first arrived, it sounded like she was giving the campers 24 hours notice to leave. After talking with some of the campers, however, I came to find out that she was mearly advising them that they were in violation of city laws and needed to keep the area clear of rigid structures. She advised them that they needed to remove the chairs, and a Peace display that they had erected.
She made it clear that the behavior of the persons at the camp had not been inappropriate. She further stated that the police would be monitoring the camp closely in the future with video cameras and still photography.
Some of the campers complained that they had been subjected to harassment by both police officers and citizens in cars, sometimes physically endangering the protesters. (assume the citizens have been acting this way at the instigation of Lars Larson, and his pulpit pounding over the radio).
The upshot is that the city may at some point post a twenty for hour notice that the campers would need to vacate.
The entire situation was handled deftly and civily by the authorities, and the campers there responded in kind.
Officer Myers 09.Apr.2003 15:41


I can assure you that Officer Myers is NOT civil. He is the one who peppersprayed a pair of 12 year old girls a few weeks ago (March 15?). He is constantly talking into his tape recorder, most likely describing the appearance of protesters to keep it fresh in his memory for the next march. Watch out for him! He may be a loose cannon a la Marty Rowley.

If ever 10.Apr.2003 07:52

The Redcoat

If I ever saw Officer Myers, or any other officer do such a thing, I would be the first one forward as a witness I assure you. But I won't take sides.