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Make It Stop!

We only get one more chance to stop Bush Nation.
Yes, Bush and his henchmen have taken Baghdad and most of the rest of Iraq. The
neo-con chicken hawks are absolutely jubilant. Pass me a pork rind and gas up the Hummer! While a lot of the antiwar people are going silent for the time being, let me state that none of the major reasons against the US invasion are any less true now. The military victory doesn't change that.

Hussein and his regime were murderous bastards who clearly ruled by fear and torture. However, was that reason enough for the US to invade and conquer this independent nation that posed no threat to America? Hardly. You're going to tell me with a straight face that George W. Bush is a true humanitarian with a radical program for worldwide liberation of oppressed peoples? Get real. What about oil? Sure, it's a big reason the Marines landed. Was Iraq a threat to Israel? Not in a military sense, but the aid and support Hussein provided to the occupied Palestinians was always a big thorn in the side of the fascist Zionists led by Sharon and the other Israeli war criminals. More than anything else, I think Bush wanted to display the might of the American military in vengeful strikes at real and imagined Middle East enemies in the wake of the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington. Facts and logic be damned.

For now, our unelected White House resident is trying to ride this precision-guided blitzkrieg long and hard and straight into the '04 election cycle. As I've said before, the only way Bush gets another four years in Washington is riding in on the back of a major war. And this one is quickly playing itself out for the American audience. Short and sweet and get the boys and girls home in time for the Independence Day bar-b-q. Iraqi reconstruction? That's a big laugh--or have we forgotten what a great job we did in Afghanistan?

But if he does nothing else, the war will be a distant TV memory for many people by November 2004. The economy? Forget it. Bush and his rich corporate hacks are simply in this thing for the express purpose of raiding the national till. Their economic plan is no plan at all. The rich get a No Tax Free Pass Gold Card while Joe Everyman and his kids end up in Lifelong Crushing Debtors Hell or better yet with long rap sheets and longer stretches in America's 21st-Century Super Max Penal Colonies. 2 million poor losers and counting.

The Contract on America was only sidelined under Clinton. It's now back like a murderous, relentless flash flood ripping the guts out of a dirt road Houston trailer park. The Bush quislings strive to turn the vast majority of America into a cringing and compliant White Trash Nation sated on NASCAR circus sports and government subsidized mind-control pharmaceuticals. The only thing working against these societal cannibals are the people's short memories and incredible lack of affection or enthusiasm for the Pretender-in-Chief. So get ready for another major conflict closer to the spring and summer of 2004 just so we all remember our place and who's running this Super Power Horror Show. We are truly One Fascist Nation Under God.

I for like you too! 09.Apr.2003 12:23


are you having war in your pants?
I for like you too!
I for like you too!

oh yes.. 09.Apr.2003 12:25


oh yes.. squeal. bend over like good little smelly hippie.

the leftists have been set back a decade in the last month.

they are all running for cover. (well most of them)

Propaganda was Successful? 09.Apr.2003 12:30


I hope not kids. You should know by now that everything this gov't does is well choreographed. What we did (are doing) in Iraq is treacherous and Bush should be tried for war crimes. There should be a personal account in the Oregonian or every Afghani and Iraqi civilian killed in this war, just like they syndicated from the NY Times. Let's make the US understand what went on there. It's too easy to be complacent from behind the TV and think that things really are not too bad.

re: my last post 09.Apr.2003 12:35


re: they syndicated from the NY Times (I was talking about the WTC dead, they certainly did not ost any Afghani deaths)

Rhetoric never ceases 09.Apr.2003 12:38


What most people don't understand is that economic development is not just good for our country but others as well. Now, instead of Iraq's oil money going towards weapons and palaces it will go to the people who might actually be able to live without fear. Your choice of words (ex. Zionist) makes me believe that your not only anti-Semitic, but also ignorant. The middle east has refused to join modern society for decades from the fear that has been spoon fed to them through the propaganda they read and watch everyday. Iraq has the people and the resources to do quite well in the global economy. Although, I'm quite sure you are against "globalization", being the radical you are, globalization actually has been known to reduce to war (due to the fact that countries that trade with each other are less likely to wage war). So besides spouting nazi, anti-semitic propaganda maybe you can feel happy that at least now the people of Iraq are not being ruled by a murderous dictator.

day of reckoning 09.Apr.2003 12:42

republic of cascadia citizen

"the leftists have been set back a decade in the last month"

please! "df" is obviously very unclear on the concept. there are battles and there are wars. the war for peace and justice is a lifelong struggle, with criminal skirmishes such as iraq merely speedbumps along the long and winding road. the neo-cons can celebrate the murder and rape of a nation through corporate media propaganda, but they can never give it legitimacy in the hearts and minds of the oppressed peoples of the world. let the neo-cons gloat in their corner of fear and repression for now, because TRUTH always finds a way.

Carpe cheer 09.Apr.2003 13:44


One can hardly blame the Iraqi people for being happy at a time like this: They are now out from under the thumb of a cruel dictator who has terrorized them for years, and they have hopes and promises for a better future from America. And, one can hardly blame Americans who are happy to see that happiness, and happy in their role in bringing it about.

That doesn't mean that the protestors were, or are, wrong. Far from it.

How many Americans have any concept for how many Iraqi civilians (or military) have died? How many even comprehend that Iraq and 9/11 are unrelated (at least as unrelated as our "allies")? How many understand that UN resolution 1441 did NOT give the US permission to start this war? How many understand that George Bush intentionally misled the US public (e.g. regarding Iraq's attempts to acquire nukes) to get support for this war?

In fact, if this war was justified as an act of liberation, why are generals using words like "it looks promising" at any possible hint of a WMD? WMD can only be "promising" if they serve as an excuse, to justify this war on grounds other than liberation!

If those cheering are in the dark or in denial about present or past events that can already be known, they are most certainly in the dark regarding the "hopes and promises" under their cheers. It's simply a matter of faith, and those who's cheers are stifled have less faith. I have already today heard us non-cheerers referred to as traitors. Yet we are the ones who want to ensure that the US doesn't become traitors to the Iraqi people. We are the ones who won't stand for Bush & Co. redirecting the public's attention onto the next war before their promises have been kept for this one. The US public has not yet felt the very real costs of this war, and may not fully understand those costs for years, but even in the near term, Bush & Co. will be pressed to make budget decisions between economic development here or in Iraq. It's not hard to guess which will ultimately win. It's not easy to say how to clean up this mess we've made.

We could have achieved (and were achieving) the same kind of happiness we're seeing today, in a more lasting way, without these immense costs in both lives and money, without increasing the likelihood of future terrorism, and without putting the US economy into even more dire straits. The cheers you see today are replays of those from the Bush tax rebate: A short term smile with pitiful long-term consequences.

WMD's? 09.Apr.2003 13:45


Where are all the MD's we were supposed to find, ya know one of the many fabricated reasons Bush went into this war or do Americans only remember, like, the last two days?

Err... 09.Apr.2003 17:18


> How many Americans have any concept for how many Iraqi
> civilians (or military) have died?

Err. How many Iraqis have we saved from being dipped in chemicals, tortured by electricity, or simply disappeared? You need to add that into your tidy little equation.

I'd wave a flag and picture too.... 09.Apr.2003 17:19


If the Iraqi military had just bombed the tar and feathers out of my city and entered it with hundreds of very large nasty armored vechiles with munitions aimed my way AND they handed me their flag and a picture of their leader, such as hell I'd wave them both with a smile on my face. Liberation my ass. Occupation and control. Identify ONE country that is better off today after the Americans liberated them from a vile leader? Yugoslavia Republics? Afghanstan? Panama? Grenada?......the only recent one we had our butts sent home from, Viet Nam is prosperous and at peace. Yes it is probably good Saddam may be out of power, but American occupation and economic siphoning of their resources is not the path to peace and happiness. Let the UN in and send our troops home for veterns welcome. Peace and resistance.

Yes I did add that to the equation 10.Apr.2003 00:20


PL, do you know the answer to your own question?--i.e. "How many Iraqis have we saved from being dipped in chemicals, tortured by electricity, or simply disappeared?" According to Amnesty International (see below), it appears to come to "scores plus hundreds" each year. According to iraqbodycount.org, the civilian deaths reported from this invasion so far are about 1000, and there seem to be many unreported, especially since our 1st foray into Baghdad, in which a US general reported at least 1000 dead, and other sources reported 2000 to 3000, some of which were likely civilian. So, yes, I took that into my "tidy little equation". Of course, if the AI figures also include military, then military casualties in this invasion should also be added to the "tidy little equation". Some estimates for Iraqi military casualties run over 10,000.

Saddam is (was?) a nasty guy. War is nasty, too. And for those still using 9/11 as an excuse, we already killed way more civilians in Afghanistan than were killed here on 9/11--and at least there was good evidence of a connection in that case!

From 2002 Amnesty International report: "Scores of people, including possible prisoners of conscience and armed forces officers suspected of planning to overthrow the government, were executed. Scores of suspected anti-government opponents, including people suspected of having contacts with opposition groups in exile, were arrested. The fate and whereabouts of most of those arrested, including those detained in previous years, remained unknown. Several people were given lengthy prison terms after grossly unfair trials before special courts. Torture and ill-treatment of political prisoners and detainees were systematic. The two Kurdish political parties controlling Iraqi Kurdistan detained prisoners of conscience, and armed political groups were reportedly responsible for abductions and killings."

From 2001: "Hundreds of people, among them political prisoners including possible prisoners of conscience, were executed. Hundreds of suspected political opponents, including army officers suspected of planning to overthrow the government, were arrested and their fate and whereabouts remained unknown. Torture and ill-treatment were widespread and new punishments, including beheading and the amputation of the tongue, were reportedly introduced. Non-Arabs, mostly Kurds, continued to be forcibly expelled from their homes in the Kirkuk area to Iraqi Kurdistan."

From 2000: "Violent clashes between the security forces and armed Islamist activists in the predominantly Shi'a south were frequently reported, especially following the killing in suspicious circumstances on 19 February of Ayatollah Sadeq al-Sadr, a prominent Shi'a cleric. Dozens of people from both sides were killed. Hundreds of people, including political prisoners and possible prisoners of conscience, were executed and large-scale arbitrary arrests of suspected political opponents took place. Torture and ill-treatment of prisoners and detainees were widely reported. Hundreds of non-Arab families, mostly Kurds, were forcibly expelled from their homes in the Kirkuk area to Iraqi Kurdistan."

John687 is full of it 10.Apr.2003 13:04

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

John687, please explain how the political term "Zionist" is anti-semitic. Many Jews are anti-Zionists and many non-Jews are Zionists, so your Zionist=Jew equation is 100 percent false. Sharon IS a Zionist, as are all pro-apartheid, racist white colonialists in Israel that call for the etynic cleansing of Palestinians (They coyly calll it "transfer" now).

Zionism is a racist, genocidal political dogma that calls for an exclusivist state in Israel - one where if you are a Jew you have full rights but if you are not a Jew you should be encouraged/terrorised to leave the country.

John, explain how these rabbis are anti-semitic;





And besides these groups, there are well over a hundred JEWISH groups for a free Palestine. Links found at:

I am an anti-fascist, an anti-colonialist, and an anti-racist, so I am therefore staunchly anti-Zionist.

Tell me John; is there any criticism of Israel's government that is NOT anti-semitic? Or are all criticisms of Israel's government "anti-semitic?"

Thanks GringoStars! 10.Apr.2003 13:37

Lars the Infidel

Much appreciation for the anti-Zionist DOES NOT equal
anti-Semitic explanation. Couldn't have said it better.