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Headline from year 2009: "USA Leader Hannity Deports Last of Peaceniks to EU"

2009--Hannity insists "please don't call me 'Fuhrer', call me 'Uncle Sean'
April 9th, 2009--FOX--Supreme Leader of the USA Sean Hannity deported the last of the Peaceniks today to EU countries. In the year since the rightwing coup took over Washington D.C. Hannity declared martial law, rounded up the Peaceniks and enforced the mandatory wearing of the yellow peace symbol armbands.
In other news Hannity declared an "Anschloss" of Canada and Mexico and is quickly taking over those countries. Former President Bush endorsed Hannity's far reaching Patriot Act III and was quoted as saying "It's for the greater good".
Reached for comment Secretary of State Pat Buchanan said "If the damn EU wants 'em they can have 'em."
Hannity still has no comment on the imminent US invasion of the EU, but an anonymous source in the military government says "when the EU is occupied the Peaceniks there will either be sent to work camps in Poland where they'll receive hot meals and good treatment or to the island of Madagascar. In either case they must only remember one thing: 'Arbeit Macht Frei'."

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