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On Wednesday, 9 march, Code Pink will hold a vigil at SE 12th and Hawthorne at 5 pm. A meeting will be held at a member residence close by. Sorry guys, women only allowed at meetings, though you are most welcome to form a Code Pink "auxilliary."
Women are invited, encouraged to join code pink. It's easy. Wear pink, lots of it, modified now with some black, for mourning, to the next rally and locate Code Pink's banner to march ensemble. Contact www.codepink4peace.org, for national Code Pink information. Locally (portland) subscribe to for updates and meeting announcements.

[Ongoing debate about whether this group is being sexist for excluding men can be found at: Code Pink is Sexist ]

Previous article about last week's action can be found at: Code Pink "invades" Washington Square

homepage: homepage: http://www.codepink4peace.org

Link for Washington Square article: 09.Apr.2003 10:55


Usually i don't respond to trolls 09.Apr.2003 11:30

or ignorant asses, but

Just a quick note to griffin.

Just how immersed in this orwellian nightmare ARE you? Do you work for the government? Because if not, you're pathetically indoctinated in the CNN code-speak. "Dead" means "free." Being bombed means being liberated. And living in America means freedom?

Cnn and other media spinners keep showing pictures of a few iraqis cheering US troops. They haven't been showing all the civilian casualties, all the people still desperately trying to rid their nation of evil occupiers, or all the people who have fled, but they show those same pictures of happy campers over and over again, as if it proves something about how good and pure it all is.

Ever see picutes of the French when the Nazi's rolled in? Many came out smiling and holding nazi flags and cheering. Why? Simple survival. Might not have been pretty, but they could see the writing on the wall and they wanted to survive. The common person doesn't care who is in office so long as s/he is left alone. (How else explain bush getting to live in the whitehouse even though he clearly did not win the election?) So when an invading army swoops in, weapons drawn, many people will submit. Many people will wave any flag you want em too. Does that mean they're grateful that their homes have been bombed, their neighborhoods destroyed, their friends murdered? Does it mean they're grateful to have an illegitimate dictator from America slop up all their resources and make a killing -- literally and figuratively -- from them?

Just wait and see how grateful they -- and the rest of the world, for that matter -- really are. Shouldn't take long before viscious terrorist attacks reign in this country, before no American can show his/her head outside the borders of this sickening bully of a nation. History has always, ALWAYS showed that bullies are not tolerated for long.

In the meantime, Grif, don't give me any more crap about "liberating" the people of Iraq. Maybe you'd like someone to come over and liberate you the same way?

codepink.jpg 09.Apr.2003 23:49