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BD Does Monarchy by B. Meade

Bush Daddy Does Monarchy: It's enough to make you larf.
My Daddy said that if you read between the lines of what I have written about "Rigging the Messenger for Disaster"(42982 & 43171), I was abducted by Secret Service, the ambulance, and a pack of poopheads. They would not let me move before they strapped me to a stretcher. They probably figured that since I was already running the country via my daily letters to Bush Daddy, they could put a "computer chip" in me and make me do anything they wanted me to do. Bush Daddy presumed that he could repeat anything that I say as proof that he has knowledge, a functional brain, whatever. I say to hell with it all. Hey! I could run it just as well if he were dead. I don't need his kid in the White House as proof that Bush Daddy is going to be a King. War is insanity! Leave all that machinery right there in the vincinity of Jerusalem. Let the sand bury it so that these apparently dead vehicles can come to life and blast any country stupidi enough to be bringing weapons to Jerusalem. That is how America could put their firepower to use, DISARMING nations, teaching "Study War No More!!!!!"

Surely Bush Daddy's predictions of his monarchy were true, I can help you. The heads of the fallen Israelites in SW United States that I mentioned a few weeks ago are still there; plus what I wrote about these heads was deleted from my Postscripts. The dummkopf Nazi poopheads of BDT in this area have apparently kept these heads from being brought up here by Gad; because stupidity still prevails here. They don't seem to understand that the message spoken by the Israelites in the ground is: "You don't kill poopheads; you plant poopheads!" These fallen Israelites in the Southwest made known that they were Israelite-wannabes when they opposed Israel, thus these fallen ones must bear their shame until the Lord pleads their case; so that they might be revived on the second day and restored on the third day. These heads are also proof that these fallen Israelite-wannabes died like Sarah and Jennifer did. Sarah and Jennifer were God people! Israelites! Chummy with the Lord and God Himself. These heads are the "idols" of the lawless ones who have been saying that they are not going to die, for the heads are proof of the existence of Israel itself. Furthermore these heads are proof that these fallen members of BDT were somebody important! Too far-fetched? It's all foolishness to those who are perishing(1 Cor. 1:18). Bush Daddy claims that every time someone tries to move the heads, Bush Daddy Tribe sends someone to kill them. The trick is to make it so the ones trying to stop the heads ends up bringing them to Dryden to help make manifest Israel. These heads are proof to the dummkopf Nazis of BDT that they are not going to die. This is why BDT has been behaving like they were God on earth all along. They knew that they were going to be God's chosen people because Bush Daddy knew that he could use Bob's intelligence to make Bush Daddy look smart enough to be a King. Bush Daddy will be at his best, snubbing people left and right, when he is King. There will be no question about Bush Daddy's steely resolve as the Great Dead King of Israel when he secures Judah as God's portion in the Holy Land. It looks like Bush Daddy and maybe his "boy", Nicky(62371) have sought refuge in Kennebunkport; thus Bush Daddy is in a position to fulfill the "falling star" prophecy of the uncrowned king of Babylon in Isaiah 14, coming from the East in a "bird of prey", then one of the great mysteries of God wil be revealed as Bush Daddy leads his dummkopfs better than he ever did before. Who ever heard of such a thing?

PS: Asbestoes woes have arisen again as my suspected bogus real estate management company(221527) pumps asbestoes-laden dust into the walls of my apartment. They are apparently trying to discredit the work of the asbestoes abatement company that removed the old shingles from the house last summer. They are using irregular fibers from pipe insulation to contaminate the place, while the roofing fibers were straight fibers. Since these fibers are visible to the unaided eye, maybe some authorities with sound judgment can be persuaded to rectify the situation. I suggest that they board up the windows of the two apartments where these fibers originated; but I am just saying that so there will a place to paint pictures of Sarah, Jennifer, and their Lord. There would be no other way for me to know if anything was going on since BDT insists on giving me the impression that nothing is happening. If you've read Isaiah 49, you would know that the "servant of rulers" deals in "illusions"; thus he can still save Bush Daddy and his lover boys, making it look like he wasn't doing anything at all. 4/6/03 - I bet you are hearing a lot of retarded claims from the criminals of BDT: "I never thought that stupidity was not a protected trait." The dummkopf Nazis of Bush Daddy Country(200807) are claiming that their eight years of depriving me of sleep are proof that they are smarter than Bob. Bush Daddy claims that the Cornell Police Impersonators even attend Prof. James B. Maas's Psychology lectures on "sleep deprivation" as proof of how intelligent his dummkopfs are. Due to the communication glitches(190292) that prevent me from reaching anyone who would stop it, BDT has continued to try to force asbestoes into my apartment all weekend. As you should know, there is no recovery from inhaling asbestoes, you can only compensate for the damaged portions of the lungs as the asthmatic does(60292). Abimael Guzman also had Contra trying to "thrax" me on the bus last night. "Chairman Guzman" is probably trying to become the "king of the South" or something like that. Although Guzman probably has gray hair, he apparently dyes it; thus the Guzman look-a-likes that he sends around will be rotund bespectacled fellas with dark hair. That guy needs more publicity from the media so everyone knows who he is and what he has been up to; otherwise he is like Nicky Exarchou, practicing perversities from the "closet". 4/7/03 - If Bush Daddy's kid is in the White House because of something they did to make Bush Daddy appear to be a war hero from the Persian Gulf War, you should have verified the sources. They locked me up with Nicholas Exarchou for 15 months so that they could get away with that. Bush Daddy did not do anything during that war, except claim that he was not responsible for it. If they talked about the professed intelligence of the Bushes, you should have verified immediately that both of them are dunces. I saw one of the pre-election one page advertisements, promoting Bush Daddy as a war hero, and the media should have proven that every word of them was true. Bush Daddy did not buy his kid a "slaughtering block"(Is. 14:21); Bush Daddy helped his kid steal one! Now the dummkopf kid is talking like the war is over, and he is going to be a "20 day war hero" like his father. How much more can you take? Will you accept another dummkopf if Secret Service has to replace this one? You are all suckers for the endearing stupidity of the Alfred E. Neumann look-a-like that they have now. Do you think that you could find someone stupider? Tell me if you know. 4/8/03 - Bush Daddy claims that Canadians with portable air purifiers showed up at the Cornell police impersonator headquarters in the basement of Barton Hall(190797) and threw asbestoes fibers, "harmless stuff" into the air, then stepped back behind the air purifiers, which were disguised as "gym bags", as the police impersonators experienced, firsthand, the onset of asbestosis. Instant asthma! Bush Daddy also claims that the same was done to the Building Dept. and my bogus Real Estate management company. On the streets of this town in the "valley of the shadow of death", Bush Daddy has dummkopf Nazi hooligans, walking the streets and filling the air with fibers and other such death. Dry weather allows BDT to stir up the tons of brake dust, potassium cyanide(instant stomach pain), and other chemicals that BDT had the highway departments dump on the streets last winter. Bush Daddy has apparently ruled Tompkins County since they put that statute of him with his head up his ass up on Cornell campus(48513); thus Bush Daddy Detachment flourished(205811). Meanwhile Nicholas Exarchou has ruled the Southern Tier of New York since the 1940s when he and a bunch of dummkopf Nazis returned from staging World War II and slaughtering "Jews" in Europe(62371). I told my mom today that a relative of ours, Art Wood probably returned with Nicky to marry my cousin Rita, who may or may not be a lesbian. In the 1960s when my father's family and other locals became fed up with the chemical-mongering poopeating ways of the dummkopf Nazis, Art Wood and Nicky company apparently killed them all. Since Art Wood became a rather obscure figure after the 1960s, I wouldn't doubt it if he were behind a lot of the dummkopf Nazi Secret Service activity in Tompkins County and throughout the country. It seems like Art Wood also has Dryden forefathers like Bush Daddy and many other dummkopf Nazis of Bush Daddy Country(200807). Anyway you can thank the Binghamton stronghold of Nicholas Exarchou for putting Bush Daddy's dummkopf kid in the White House by locking me up while they hoodwinked the public into cherishing this "kid" who will believe and do whatever Secret Service tells him to. Meanwhile I am surviving the airborne fiber onslaught better now that I have better secured the shirt and filter to my box fan air purifier(85389). As you should know, the invasion of the dummkopf Nazis of WW II has been chronicled in the Encyclopedias of Zionism and the Holocaust.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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