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History of US involvement in other countries

i read somewhere a list of US involvement in various countries in the last 50 years or so...
I think it was on indymedia that i found a really well documented list of the United States military, CIA, etc, involvement in other countries over the last 50 years or so, with dates and desriptions, including the obvious, vietnam, el salvador, chile, guatemala, etc, ive searched for it but cant find it, does anyone know what im talking about?
CIA timelines 09.Apr.2003 11:18


Here is a pretty good link to check out.


or here:

I had forgot all about the slant-drilling Kuwait was doing to provoke an Iraqi response in the first Gulf War. Kuwait's foreign minister said: "We are not going to respond to [Iraq]....If they don't like it, let them occupy our territory....We are going to bring in the Americans."

Check out a book 09.Apr.2003 12:10


There's an excellent book about that topic. It's called Killing Hope by William Blum. It covers about 55 CIA and military interventions around the world since WWII. Probably a bit larger than u were hoping, but definitely some good info.

Check out these links to read some of the chapters


thanks! 09.Apr.2003 20:01


thanks a bunch, both of you, my computer searching skills arent so hot, and that was exactly what i was looking for.