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White Lion

If it were up to the U.N., Saddam would still be dipping Iraqis in chemicals after ripping off their toenails. If it were up to A.N.S.W.E.R. small children would still be imprisoned for failing to register for the National Socialist Baath party kiddie brigade. If it were up to Indymedia, the White Lion would still be in business and tens of thousands of civilians would continue to be killed or suffer indefinitely.
Iraqis tour half-demolished jail 'of evil'
Secret police reported to have used jail for torture
Wednesday, April 9, 2003 Posted: 2:55 AM EDT (0655 GMT)

An alleged torture chamber in the basement of a jail in Basra, Iraq


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Correspondent Bill Neely was given a tour of a building British troops say was used by the Iraqi Regime to torture prisoners (April 9)



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BASRA, Iraq (AP) -- Iraqis showed journalists a white stone jail where they claim Saddam Hussein's secret police for decades tortured inmates with beatings, mutilations, electric shocks and chemical baths.

The jail, known as the "White Lion," was charred and half-demolished Tuesday after two days of bombing by British forces fighting for control of Basra, Iraq's second-largest city.

People taken behind the jail's sandstone facade usually did not come out, residents said.

Hundreds of Iraqis came to see the now-empty jail, according to British press reports. Relatives of missing inmates checked fingerprinted files and lists of names found amid the fallen bricks.

"It was a place of evil," resident Hamed Fattil said.

Hamed told British reporters that Iraqi police locked him and his two brothers in a jail dungeon in 1991, and that he was freed after eight months but his brothers were still missing.

"They used to strap a leather cord around our head, hands and shoulders and hoist us two feet off the ground. Then they would beat us as we hung there," Hamed said.

"They did unthinkable things -- electrocution, immersion in a bath of chemicals and ripping off people's finger and toenails."

The jail basement was a warren of cells, chambers and cages where the ground was strewn with an insect-eaten gas mask and bottles, according to Associated Press Television News footage.

Hundreds of Iraqis came to see the charred building that locals say Saddam Hussein's secret police used as a jail.
For the cameras, two men re-enacted how jailers allegedly tortured prisoners.

One man, hands tied behind his back with a rope attached to a hook on the ceiling, bent over while another man pantomimed hitting him on the back and the face with his hands and a long, white rod.

One man shuddered while the other gave him a pretend electric shock.

Outside the jail, a man showed APTN his mangled ears.

Hamed took British reporters into a yard behind the jail into a set of white boxy cells, surrounded by red wire mesh with a low, wire roof.

He said some of the cells, which had red doors with large bolts, were used to hold women and children. He also said hundreds of men were kept in a single cell about the size of a living room, which had one rusted grate window.

Between the men's and women's cells was a long mesh cage. Hamed said here, jailers pressed prisoners against the mesh and squeezed hot irons against their backs or threw scalding water on them in front of other inmates.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/04/09/sprj.irq.secret.jail.ap/index.html

So this existed when Saddam was a U.S. tool? 09.Apr.2003 10:58

Not a medic

Since the torture chamber was in existence "for decades", then it was there while Saddam was friendly with the U.S. In other words, it was functioning while Saddam was receiving aid and assistance from the Reagan and Bush administrations.

Will you post a list of the Reagan-era diplomats that apologized for Saddam? Will you join us in a call for their trial for crimes against humanity? Will you post a similar item when the government of Turkey falls and the torture chambers there are exposed? Kuwait? Saudi Arabia?

Any government that tortures its prisoners deserves to fall, whether those prisons are in Iraq or Texas.

The Scales Will Fall 09.Apr.2003 12:26


#1: Thanks for the compliment. The peaceniks don't understand the consequences of their actions. They try to stop the U.S. from going into Iraq and when we find kiddie jails and chemical baths they compare this to Texas. Keep the faith #1

Post Deleted 09.Apr.2003 15:47


Somebody deleted a comment agreeing with the posted article. I guess the Indy Media First Amendment lawyers can't handle the critique.

Attention IndyMedia Operatives 09.Apr.2003 17:21


You can try to censor the people's voice but they will be heard. Learn from Saddam's mistake before you are doomed to repeat it!