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pdxCOPWATCH, a new group founded by former members of another copwatch organization, has recently started documenting police conduct during demonstrations.
pdxCOPWATCH, a new group founded by former members of another copwatch organization, has recently started documenting police conduct during demonstrations. They will cover as many marches and rallies as possible, documenting police actions, handing out information about citizens' rights regarding police authority, and providing guidance on filing complaints against police officers through the Independent Police Review Division (IPR). For more
information contact:  pdxcopwatch@hotmail.com
hotmail 09.Apr.2003 08:03

call me paranoid but...

Sending documentation on police conduct to a hotmail address seems wrong to me. They're a bastard of a corporation, work with ashcroft, and have carnivore servers on site. What this means to you my dear friends is that your reports on the police might as well be CC'd to ashcroft himself.

Get a ziplip account, hushmail, union.org.za, anything but hotmail or yahoo.

Please and thank you.

Hotmail for Homeland Security 09.Apr.2003 10:56

John Asscroft

Please use Hotmail for all of your e-mail needs. Don't worry that you must turn on all cookie functions. This is no problem, cookies mean nothing--even those that have nothing to do with Hotmail, like ATDMT and Doubleclick.

Don't worry about having to sign into Passport.net. This just allows your freedom to browse without logging into every site. We manage the security for you, so you don't have to worry about it.

All information we collect remains private, except as we need to share it and use it to track your browsing habits and maintain peace and justice. The fact that we can identify you over time and capture your account numbers and passwords is overhyped. You can trust us, we're here to help you.

Finally, the 200+ junk e-mail messages you will receive each day represent your patriotic duty to support capitalism. This country is built upon the free speech rights of corporations. Failure to read your spam can result in fines, imprisonment, or both.

Have a nice life. Beware.


not many people will take this seriously ... 09.Apr.2003 14:06

Police Accountability Campaign volunteer

... without more detail, or a website. The "another copwatch organization" isn't even mentioned.

Not to mentioned the Hotmail address. Seriously.

People, there are police accountability efforts that could use your help, and even though PAC and Portland Copwatch often don't have their websites up to date, they are doing a lot out there so let them know what you can contribute as far as volunteer time or information on the [Eric Cartman voice] authori-ties.



Rose City Copwatch 09.Apr.2003 16:43


Rose City Copwatch ( info@rosecitycopwatch.org) is the group of former Portland Copwatch members that are giving "Your Rights and the Police" and "How to Copwatch" trainings, and also providing copwatching at some events. They gave a kickass training at PSU a few months ago, and have shown up to copwatch at some labor actions recently. I think they're planning a big, public, know-your-rights training in the next week or two. E-mail 'em for more info. These folks are good!