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Opinion - The Bush Doctrine: lie and lie some more

George Bush for smaller government, fiscal responsibility and strong education. And other drug-induced hallucinations.

George W. Bush campaigned for the Presidency on certain key issues. Namely, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, restoring "dignity" to the White House, leaving no child behind, and ceasing to be the "world's police force." Because of stances like these, in fact, he was endorsed by The Oregonian. This is how he has fared:

Smaller Government
He is directly responsible for the largest expansion of the federal government in 50 years. The Patriot Act is responsible for perhaps the biggest expansion of government intrusion into our personal lives, and affords the police and the justice department the most power ever given to infringe on our civil rights.

Fiscal Responsibility
His tax cut for 2% of the country was paid for with billions of dollars in deficit spending. He is going to spend billions of dollars in Iraq. Meanwhile, our economy here at home continues its slow death.

Restoring "Dignity"
He campaigned for the White House in Kenneth Lay's private plane. He has cavalierly withdrawn the United States from several crucial international treaties. He has thumbed his nose at the United Nations - in order to punish someone for thumbing their nose at the United Nations. His Vice President has had secretive meetings with oil and coal companies to write our energy policy. Halliburton and several other companies associated with the Bush Administration stand to make a huge profit off of the loss of life in Iraq. And, Republican campaign donors have paid for overnight stays in the White House, ala Bill Clinton.

Leaving No Child Behind
Schools in Oregon and all over the country are facing perhaps their most serious fiscal crisis ever. The state of California, for instance, is contemplating laying off 25,000 educators and staff. The Bush administration continues to spend billions in Iraq while the quality of our children's education declines, and their future success is thrown into peril.

"World's Police"
Afghanistan. Iraq. Next, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea. ad infinitum...

The real issues, which affect us as citizens the most, are being ignored for a potentially never-ending war which the President wants, the military wants, certain private companies want, the media really wants, but most middle Easterners don't. Support our President? I say, regime change begins at home.

right 09.Apr.2003 09:16


So true. The final point is the one that pisses me off. Particularly because I actually agreed with Bush on this one issue during the campaign (shock and horror... can't believe I actually admitted that). It drives me crazy that now there's the push for world domination. ...sigh...

You don't Understand the Bush Doctrine 09.Apr.2003 10:44


I have no sympathy for Fuhrer Bush, the Oregonian, or American Fascists in general, but the list of issues you cite (except for the final one) have nothing to do with the Bush Doctrine.

The Bush Doctrine involves *foreign policy* not domestic issues. And the Bush Doctrine in particular states that America has a right to attack any country or any nation which threatens American Imperialism around the world. The Bush Doctrine in essence is the GLOBALIZATION of the MONROE DOCTRINE in that is calls for American domination of the entire planet.

This is not about the USA being the "world's policeman" as you describe it, but the USA being the World's Oppressor.

Its time to start thinking outside of the empty soundbites and propaganda phrases (like the "Bush Doctrine") you are fed by your Lying Free Press, understand what they really mean.