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Chemical Weapons (not the ones not in Iraq)

Exercise for those with lots of free time.

About 10 minutes or so.
I wanted to check up on those "chemical weapons" we found - you know, the ones that mysteriously disappeared from the news, the ones that spurred arrogant postings from right-wing wackos on this site? Anyways, I went to cnn.com and searched for "chemical weapons." (make sure you click on the radio button that says "CNN.com" and not "The Web") What came up was a medley of articles from 1996 until today, documenting the creation of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon, the CIA's denial that it knew Iraq had chemical weapons in 1991, and much more (interesting question: why was the director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon dismissed in mid-2002?)

These articles make a great read (/skim) in their entirety. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You're guaranteed to cringe at some points and drown in irony.

Also, if you need to prove to above mentioned right-wing wackos that everything which their government tells them is a lie, then you'll find some great news stories which never panned out ("Accused terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden is quoted in a Pakistani newspaper as saying he has nuclear and chemical weapons, and that he would use them against the United States if provoked," article on 11.11.2001 cnn.com)!
And on the other side of the fence.. 09.Apr.2003 03:22

hhallahh kjr1kj@icqmail.com

On the other hand, for every (false) story I read about how chemical weapons have been found... I read a (false) story about how the war is stalled or how we quagmired or whatnot. But then again, the latter stories are never reported by the mainstream media.

Stop lying... 09.Apr.2003 12:58


I never recall anyone from the US Government or Military claim that these were in fact "WMD". They only said they found some chemicals and they were going to test them further. Get the wax out of your ears...