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please vote in SF Chronicle poll re Oakland violence

SF Chronicle poll regarding Oakland violence: please vote!
The San Francisco Chronicle has an online poll on its front page ( http://www.sfgate.com) right now with the following question:

Were Oakland police right to fire non-lethal projectiles at protesters?

Right now the results are:
Yes, best way to keep port operating : 53%
No, too much force on demonstrators: 43%
SFPD tactics better: 1%
Wasn't Jerry Brown once a liberal?: 3%

My jaw dropped when I saw those numbers. I am asking for those who have an opinion about this to vote in the poll.

For my part, I live in Oakland and joined the crowd just after the heavy action. I think it's important to note that:
1) by all accounts the protesters were NONviolent (even the police have stopped saying that anyone was throwing rocks)
2) the Oakland police used these "nonlethal" weapons in a way that the manufacturer says is potentially lethal. Over 30 people in Northern Ireland have died from "rubber" bullets fired at close range above the waist. See a photo of the instructions here (scroll down to the comments):
3) Nearly all the wounds reported were on the backs of people's bodies, indicating that they were walking away when they were shot.
4) If you've seen any video of the shooting (some was shown on the news here), you know that the officers continued to fire for at least 10 seconds after the protesters turned and started walking away (they are very disciplined and mostly didn't run). That's target practice in my book.

Your comments to Jerry Brown's office would also be welcome, as other posters have requested.

Thank you Portland...
the poll is being freeped 08.Apr.2003 23:49

pc nyc

you can vote as many times as you like if you delete the 'cookie'

Tools/internet options/delete cookies

then refresh the page and vote again


there's also a few ways to automate the process

here's a clue: