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flower memorial for Saturday

Can you volunteer a couple of hours time on Friday or an hour on Saturday to help prepare several hundred flowers for the protest??
Several hundred flowers (mostly silk) are being ordered and rounded up for Saturday's protest. Please help communicate the message that everyone is also invited and encouraged to bring a flower to carry as memorial to the many Iraqi civilians killed in the war and to acknowledge and honor the many thousands of injured civilians. Flowers will be made available at the park blocks at the 1:00 rally.

Plans for places to leave the flowers along the march departing from the waterfront are still in the works. Please look for an update in the next couple of days...

If you can commit two hours of time Friday night (in SE Pdx) or an hour on Saturday (downtown) to help with some prep work or to hand out flowers, please drop a note to the email listed with this post. Thanks in advance!
update 09.Apr.2003 19:27


A poignant and fitting use of the flowers has been offered for Saturday -- the flowers will be available to participants to be placed on the coffins that will lead the afternoon march. Some additional flowers will also be available for people to carry if they wish; the invitation remains for all to carry a flower of their choosing as a memorial for lives lost and injured in Iraq. Additional details are forthcoming...