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april 15th do not do a thing if you can. please urge your friends and aquaintences to do the same. perhaps it could be, global shame day.
Excessive power used on the weak will shame the establishment. Its disheartening. It takes its time and toll.

Israel and the US seem shameless.

I request that April 15th maybe a day of no work, fasting, and meditation. Low to no consuming. I would hope you and the world will join me.

300 lb cops shoot young lady in the face with wooden projectile:


Something to forward to your congressperson:



True Peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.
--Martin Luther King

Another unknown cause person I guess 09.Apr.2003 10:52

GriffinWolf griffinwolf@hotmail.com

Well, it would appear that we have yet another "unkown cause" person flapping at the gums again for something they know little about.

Stop work, slow down...have a day of shame for what....liberating the Iraqi people from a madman who loved to torture them?

By the way, if you had made that comment in Iraq prior to our arrival, you would have been jailed and tortured just for the fun of it.

A day of shame...sheez...when will people realize that the U.S. led attack on Saddam and his evil regime is a GOOD thing...especially for those who claim to "love" the Iraqi people. :-)