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Odious Debt

The argument is that the population of a country is not responsible for loans taken out by an illegitimate government that did not have the right to borrow 'in its name.'
Just heard on Marketplace that some Harvard professor is trying to revive the concept of "odious debt" for wiping out the Saddam regime debt of Iraq.

I think we could easily use this argument here at home.

homepage: homepage: http://www.odiousdebts.org/odiousdebts/index.cfm

definitely! 08.Apr.2003 21:20


and that should include the city and state governments who have no problem doling out hundreds of millions of dollars and signing our name on the bond. ... and it should include "regulators" who refuse to investigate charges of Enron tax evasion.

off-topic: while we're at it, we should revive the concept of citizen arrest and try Sen. Minnis for treason for attempted subversion of the constitution and bill of rights.

... and everyone who voted for the "patriot" act should be tried right along with him. the list of traitors is long, the cast of scoundrels extremely well-connected.

yes! 09.Apr.2003 09:03


i love it!!!