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stop police brutallity march

The police have been abusing there power during anti-war protest's and we think that we the people should take a stand. We have a right to protest. So we're putting together a NON-VIOLENT march against police brutallity on April 14th at 12:30 pm and a regroup at 5:00 pm for the people who work monday. Meet at the big park infront of justice center on 3rd and main. Thank you for your support and keep up the good fight.
The police have been abusing there power during anti-war protest's and we think that we the people should take a stand. We have a right to protest. So we're putting together a NON-VIOLENT march against police brutallity on April 14th at 12:30 pm and a regroup at 5:00 pm for the people who work monday. Meet at the big park infront of justice center on 3rd and main. Thank you for your support and keep up the good fight.

phone: phone: 503/552/3865

Just one thing 08.Apr.2003 20:10


You really can't guarantee non-violence when you're talking about police brutality. They're ALWAYS violent. After all, "violence is the ultimate foundation of any political order."

I'm sick of the portland PD. I'm as non-violent as they come, and these assholes are making me want to riot in the streets. Keep it up, PPB. We'll give you a reason to wear those chickenshit storm trooper costumes. (This is to those of you who have behaved like such asses in the past few weeks. It's not to the very few who have not.)

We should try communication...... 08.Apr.2003 20:24

peace for all

Every group has its power structure, which involves a diverse arrangement of individuals. Sometimes, there are parts of that organization that need to be kept in check.We should try to deal with the police as fellow human beings.There are many officers on the force that really are good cops. But I agree, the superiors need to get the bad ones out. But the police are still a tool of the state as a whole.They are trying to take care of families just like the rest of us and survive in this crazy country we live in. By no means am i trying to justify police brutality and cops suppressing protestors, of which I am one. I am just saying that we need better communication with the cops that are basically good people, instead of grouping them all together as bad guys.

police brutality 09.Apr.2003 00:46


Man, I hate police brutality, too. I hate when some jackass thinks that he's above the law and decides that it's a good idea to hit a cop. I hate when some idiot protestor doesn't understand that it's motherfucking ILLEGAL to sit down in the middle of the street, and comes to this site and posts some inane bitch about it. What I really wish is that the police would go away, because that would show all you cop-hating sons of bitches what life is like in a REAL anarchical society. I say keep taking away police power; then you'll get what you deserve.


It's Too Bad... 09.Apr.2003 02:01

E. Combatant

...that cops who are violent criminals, and brutally attack both mild offenders and peaceful demonstrators, are so difficult to get off the streets. These individuals promote a general mistrust of police and destroy the ability of law enforcement to effectively serve the public. Somehow these Dirty Harry wannabes got the delusional idea that they are supposed to act as the Judicial system instead of law enforcement. What is an honest cop supposed to do about it, when their boss is encouraging this trend of illegal repression.

As far as hitting a cop, that is almost never a good offense in my opinion. Anyone doing so in provocation should be prepared to accept the consequences.

Unfortunatly, some of the past and recent behavior of some Portland Police Department members, along with the subsequent encouragement of such behavior, leads me to believe that some of these Public Servants will continue to abuse their authority and endager the public. At some point, lawfull citizens should intervine, if officers are needlessly attacking others, unrestrained.

I wonder if "mE" would just stand by in complicit approval, if his/her own mother was getting her teeth knocked out by a crooked cop? She probably had it coming, eh "mE"?
It's Too Bad...
It's Too Bad...

Think about it 09.Apr.2003 10:28

GriffinWolf griffinwolf@hotmail.com

Think about it...the police are there to do a job, and a job is what they do. When peaceful protests are engaged in, no matter what the "cause" is for, when certain factions of the crowd break off and choose to partake of illegal actions, then the police are supposed to take care of the situation to bring order back to the area. When traffic is purposefully blocked, or businesses...in the name of peace of course (cough), police action is required to restore the peace. Don't think that being civilly disobedient means that you have free run to do what you want...no, you can peacefully assemble..but you can not expect the police to just let you shut down a city, commerce or the free flow of traffic just because you want to.

The first eve of protests I think the police were far more restrained to let the protesters do their little thing. They were more than leniant with them and gave them hundreds of warnings before doing anything. The only real police "involvement" with the protests is when a group tried to rush an officer on the bridge. They were met with force as they should have been. After the hours and hours of letting the protesters have their say, the police went to close down the action and restore peace, however, the unruly protesters decided not to cooperate and were dealt with accordingly for not following the orders of a police officer to disperse.

Less than Lethal 09.Apr.2003 10:41

Officer Dolbey, Leloff, Sorensen

In the case of excessive police force, the first thing that peaceful participators should do is get as much information about those officers as possible. It is a police administrative regulation that the officers provide their names and badge numbers. By identifying those "power tripped sheep" we can take the first step in separating the good cop/ bad cop. These are the names (in Title)of three Portland Police officers who attacked a large amount of sidewalk protesters a few weeks ago on Stark and 4th. There is an attorney in Portland who is filing an action against the PPD for their excessive and unreasonable use of less than lethal force. Less than lethal can and has been lethal in the past. Also, if you have photgraphs, video, or testimony...contact the  attorney...peopleslawyer@qwest.com. The police are limited still by the few constitutional rights that we have maintained since the 60's, but we are in serious jeopardy of loosing if this violenc keeps up. It is up for the people to use their minds over the "knuckle heads" physical force. I believe it is 42 USC sec. 1983, provides a remedy available for a citizen who has had a constitutional right stripped from their person. Through this civil right statute one(YOU) can take action against officers who are seriously out of line. Some have suggested filing a police report....I don't think that will work at all. The Police place their faith in illusions, I feel sorry for them that they are unable to think past a paycheck. If you choose to play their game...they will win because they have tax dollars and cool helmets, but if you force the police to play the peoples game they can not bring less than lethal force into the courts and they will be FORCED to think.

Interesting 09.Apr.2003 10:52


I think that your right that the police are going to react to people breaking the by whatever they feel is nessacary. The problem i have is that there no longer trying to even enforce laws they are merely targeting people and then seeing what laws fit. Example: Jaywalking at the recent peace demos has now been an offense given to those only looking like protestors, pepper spraying people legally demonstrating (remember that old 1st amendment) on the sidewalk. If the police only enforce the laws that they would like to enforce or if the police some laws at some times thats a police state. It no longer turns into the laws written but whethor or not the cop had a good day or bad day. Instead of relying on what was written down approved by our so called elected officals into laws they are taking the matters into there own and doing whatever they want.

police state
A state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the people, especially by means of a secret police force.

Except its not secret. I think that would include pepper spraying people, harassing people when they decide to, or arresting some people for jaywalking while letting others go.

Thinking About It 09.Apr.2003 11:58

E. Combatant

I think that GriffinWolf must either repot for KATU, or else he/she must be one of the delusional cops, since their account of police reaction to protestors is such a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

In the words of 'Cool Hand Luke': Callin' it your job don't make it right, boss.

Protesting is great when it's legal 09.Apr.2003 23:03


Protesting is a great way to show your support for your beliefs. However, it seems as if people don't think there voice will be heard unless they do something radical and usually illegal. So they resort to blocking traffic, trying to take control of bridges, and disrupting people trying to get from A to Z.

This is where the police step in and does there job by upholding the laws of Oregon. If a Officer give a lawful order to stop doing illegal actions then that person needs to stop doing illegal actions. When the person continues to cause problems then the Officer has to uphold the law.

Now I watched the countless hours of coverage on TV during the war protest and it was obvious that the Portland Police were doing a very good job at alowing the portesters to get away with breaking laws. When they did finally intervien after hours of telling the people to disburst or get pepper sprayed the protesters began to throw a fit. How many times does one person have to tell you your breaking the law before he/she can do something about it, last I knew it was one time.

How can someone tell another person he/she is going to a peaceful protest when that person is all geared up for possibly getting sprayed. When you leave the house/street where ever it is you live and are wearing a scarf around your face and have some type of glasses on, how can you say your looking for peace.

Next, most police departments in Oregon don't have badge numbers nor does an Officer have to tell you his/her name, it's on his/her shirt. So before you start demanding badge numbers and names make sure you know the facts of what it is your looking for. For about $7.00 you can pick up a Pocket guide to criminal law and educate yourself. It's very unwise to argue with a Peace Officer about laws when it's his/her job to know them.

Finaly, one last thing to think about before I leave. America is one of the last places in the world where mass groups of people can come together and express there view. It's because of the many men and women who have died for your right to call them names and burn the flag they have died for. People have given up their lives for the belief of the flag, are your beliefs in burning the flag worth dieing for?

Why Not... 10.Apr.2003 00:16


...take a few minutes to read a bit of that $7.00 do-it-yourself law degree of yours, instead of watching countless hours of coverage on TV. Why waste so much time spewing inane rhetoric here? Better yet, why not go fight some crime instead of aiding in the abuse of some the people that you have sworn to protect? Is our children learning, Officer Doughnut? Is they?!

POWER AND CONTROL 10.Apr.2003 01:06

Fed up

First of all, let me say that the night of the sit in was not the only protest that has happened! There has been protests every day before and since the war, so there is some reality for the TV watcher. I can tell you first hand after taking the day off work, (yes, work, I know this must shatter your protester stereotyping) to go to one of the protests, a legal and peaceful protest, and I witnessed police aggression that totally traumatized me. While there were obviously police there just doing their job that were actually willing to have eye contact, smile, and be human. But, there were the cops who seemed to purposely be provoking the march and using pepperspray as a new communication tool. I think it is important that I as a protestor do not lump all the police together as people do with the protestors, people of different race, etc. As a person who would like to see social justice and the police accountable, I think it is dangerous to lump them all together. However, I clearly think that Power and Control from some of these officers who even find it necessary to come on here and continue to harass, judge, and blame protestors is scary. The cops who does this are the ones I really worry about, cuz they need serious help! TO BRIAN wow you really should read up on your $7 handbook, cuz it is the law that police officers do have to provide name and badge number when requested, even the Mayor's office told me this! Also, arguing, not showing Id, and jay-walking ARE NOT ARESSTABLE OFFENSES. One last thing, Brian - pepperspraying without an announcement and giving people time to disperse is also not legal, yes police need to be accountable too!!!!

FUCK THE POLICE 10.Mar.2004 16:22

J. CANDIA actrite pure21@aol.com

first of all lets get things started by saying cops are the "biggest gang in america." they have rights to do what they please without no limitation, but when it come to innocent by standers doing what they believe is right it becomes a whole different issue. im just 18 years old and i was a subject to cop brutality and no justice has been found nor has any other people in society. it just shows there's more then just being the law, they make up there own laws as they go along. if they can get away with a rodney king beating with such visual evidence and still no justice can be found, it just shows that there may never be true justice in america. is this really justice when we don't have a right to speak out mind of freedom of speech? a white caucasian hits a hispanic male and he doesn't get arrested but me and my fellow friends and family got the best of what justice really is and the simple fact is that there's is no justice. no cop ever save my cat from a tree. and id like to give a special thank too officer josh pemental and sheriff cammarro of stanislause county police department in central valley california, you guys really opened my eyes to what police are really like. this is just a new beginning of an era for me this is a whole new way to start looking out for each other and stop motivating cops to there violent ways. not many people don't understand some concepts of the law and cops take advantage of that. when i was arrested i wasn't read my rights and still they consisted to search my room without my authority and embarrassed me in front of my own house, while the real criminal who was caucasian got away without single bruise, scratch that i received from the cops at the station. is this really fair that i had to get caught up for his helpless tactics? nation this is just the beginning of the world of limited freedom and limited speech but all i gotta say is "fuck the police"