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Media Critique

A piece from the LA weekly critiquing media coverage of the war:

"If the first 10 days of the war had been a tennis match, the score would have been 6-0, 6-1, 6-0. And yet, listening to much of the commentary about it on television and elsewhere, you'd have thought that every set had ended in a tiebreaker with the plucky Iraqi underdog pushing the pampered infidel overdog to the point of exhausted, red-faced collapse. And that was on American television. Imagine what it was like on Al-Jazeera...."

"For some people, the only appropriate response to the pathological hatred emanating from the Middle East is self-flagellation. On BBC America, the anchors almost visibly salivate when word of an errant marketplace bombing flashes across the wires. (Finally! Proof that we're evil! That we're just as bad as they are!)..."

"They [American soldiers] don't worry about the ethics of this; and they certainly don't think of themselves as racist colonizers making war against Islam, for the simple reason that that isn't who they are. They don't have a problem with Muslims; it's Muslim hotheads who have a problem with Christians, Hindus and, most of all, Jews. ("Kill Jews" read a sign at a demonstration in Pakistan.)..."