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Army Announces 2003 Football Schedule

To keep their recruits in top conditiond for any future Actions of Liberation, West Point has announced the Men's Football Schedule posted below
9/6/2003 Home Vs. St. Mary's Acadamey for Women

9/13/2003 Away Vs. Veterans of Foreign Wars (Wheelchair team)

9/20/2003 Home Vs. Lions Club International Blind All-Stars

9/27/2003 Bye (Weapons demo)

10/4/03 *Homecoming* Liberated Iraqui Childrens Amputee Squad

10/11/2003 Home: Navy (Friendly fire allowed)

10/18/2003 Away: Ms. Petersons second grade class

In order to make the games "fair" all games will be played in complete darkness. Only the army players will be allowed to wear night vision goggles, pads, or have coaches present on the field.

Opposing teams cheerleaders and vocal fans will be pepper sprayed and removed prior to commencement of play ...
I see... 08.Apr.2003 19:10


Pretty funny stuff. You make it sound like the Iraqi government and military was some sort of helpless victim. Saddam had plenty of time and money after the 1991 Gulf War to import all the latest Russian, German, French and Chinese weapons then rebuild his army but instead he built all those wonderful palaces...