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Fascist War Criminal Bush Should Declare Victory and Quit the Murdering!

Daddy's oilman Texan terrorist G.W. Bush will declare "victory" and steal the oil no matter what, so...
Why doesn't he just declare victory, which he is going to do anyway no matter what, and quit killing families?

The citizen's of Baghdad are this hour experiencing the man's criminal "shock and awe" bombing.

What country is next?

When will Oregon be targeted?

Why are there no right-wing warmongering crackers showing their face right now?

How can we wait until Saturday to show our rage! Let's act now...impeachment letters, street protests, whatever level you think can save lives!
Oregon be targeted? 08.Apr.2003 13:58


we can only hope...

Bring It On 08.Apr.2003 14:51


Actually given the scope and commitment for rebuilding Iraqi Schools, Hospitals,and healthcare which W has been ejaculating about, I was thinking we in Oregon could also benefit from being invaded - oops, I mean liberated

My plan is this, leak "credible" intelligence information to the White House (a call to their comment line should be acceptable) that Saddam and his sons are meeting in the basement of Portland City Hall.

Given the militaries "impressive turn-around" (Their own words)I would expect some bunker busting results in about 45 minutes. Perhaps this could be timed with the next City Council Meeting