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Saddam Hussein: Just Another BUSH Nazi Bitch

A short course on Saddam on who made him.
The Baath Party came to power in Iraq in 1963 by the USA CIA. The Baath Party came from a NAZI college youth intelligencia of the late 1940's that loved Hitlers plan's for a new-world-order.

The CIA supported the Baath Party because it was opposed to communism like Hitler. In the early 60's the primary interest of USA was fighting communism.

In 1968 Saddam Hussein was put in power of Baath by the CIA.

Like all the rest of our little USA dictators too many to mention Saddam got out of control after 1990, largely because the CIA financed ten year war against Iran didn't go well. From 1990 on the CIA wanted Saddam out.

Today the CIA will put a new man in charge.

The devil is the USA, Saddam is just one of his many Bitches.
the truth ruth 08.Apr.2003 10:55

republic of cascadia citizen

"The devil is the USA, Saddam is just one of his many Bitches."

always good to hear people telling it like it is. the time for sugar-coating the truth is long past.

corporate media whore = person who sells out their desire to tell the truth for a paycheck and a pat on the head by their masters.

mercenary military whore = person who sells out their desire for peace and justice for a paycheck and a pat on the head by their masters.

coalition of the "willing" whore = political leader who sells out their country's sovereignty and voice of their citizens for economic kudos from the u.s. and a pat on the head by their masters.

who/what are the masters that YOU serve? are you free within your OWN mind? can you confidently say that you are NO ONE'S whore?

time for more truth telling, boys and girls.

What? 08.Apr.2003 12:14

Zak Attack

Batth Party? Nazi's?
I guess another Zionist attack any Arab Entity. What a bunch of lies. If people really want to learn about the Baath Party, they should find a good historical account. BEWARE of decades of Zionist attempts to taint any account that has anything to do with Middle Eastern history.
But keep spouting your propaganda, it only shows the desperate attempt REGAIN the harts of Americans.

You are nothing more than a WORMETOUNGUE trying to wiper lies into the ears of Americans. What was said? Ah yes "KEEP YOUR FORKED TOUNGUE BEHIND YOUR TEETH".

I think that after research of the teachings of the Baath Party (that's the actual teachings, not any miss-use be individuals or governments, the same kind of miss-use that the Democratic and Republican parties grossly engage in) Americans would be pleased that Non-Secular; separation of church and state governments still endure, in spite of extreme Jewish and extreme Muslim Governments surrounding them.
What America is going to cause is an Islamic revolution similar to what happened in Iran, not a NEW DEMOCRATIC government. Is it not obvious why countries like SAUDI ARABIA, KUMAIT and other Islamic gulf states were the ones to ask Saddam Insane to step down, while countries like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Libya showed extreme discontent?

Ba'ath politics 09.Apr.2003 01:00

dj tubesteak

Maybe not Nazis; neither Syria nor Iraq has really engaged in systematized genocide on the scale that would make that comparison appropriate, but they are in an Arab cultural context roughly the equivalent of Fascist/Phalangist parties in European contexts--i.e. an attempt to rapidly modernize a state economically through heavy government assistance and regulation of privately-owned industries while integrating the majority population into the economy through a combination of an elaborate surveillance/security state with an emphasis on secular pan-Arabist nationalism, rather than religion, as a central organizing principle. In this sense Ba'ath parties are "national-socialist" even if their activities do not approach in extremity and severity those of the German NSDAP. Hussein came to power on a platform of boosting the Iraqi economy specifically as a means of elevating the economic status of Arabs to compete with the European and, more importantly, Israeli economies, and pre-1990 had actually achieved a remarkable degree of success (certain observers have even characterized pre-1990 Iraq as approaching economic first-world status). The emphasis on secular nationalism and Western-style economics is probably what made Hussein such a good friend of the U.S. in the face of anti-Western religious movements like that in Iran, whereas one wonders if the rising economic potency of Ba'athist Iraq is what made their re-annexation of Kuwait (which, in proportion to its landmass, has a veritable shitload of oil reserves) such a scary development for Saddam's former buddies in the Reagan/Bush White House. It does seem like a lot of recent U.S. military campaigns have involved former U.S. allies who have become difficult to control. While it left Hussein in power, Gulf War I did cripple the Iraqi economy and take it out of the running as a potentially emergent Arab economic power. Bush II is just basically mopping up the situation while exploiting it for domestic political reasons.