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Making a List of Anti-war and Pro-war Businesses
I'd like to compile a list of businesses and denote whether they are pro or anti-war. I'm particularly interested in retail businesses. I think this would be a good way to support like-minded people while shunning the rest. For instance, I've stopped eating at La Terraza because they have publicly denounced the anti-war protests.

If you have info, please send to me at  peace_2003@usa.com. When I get the list together I will share it here on Indymedia.
that's a great idea 08.Apr.2003 10:37


Thanx Mr. Lady. Do you have any ideas about how best to get that information? Should we just ask?

establishments that are anti-war:

Red and Black Cafe on SE 22nd and Division
Back to Back Cafe on E 6th and Burnside
Gilgamesh (vintage home furnishing type place) on NE 28th and Sandy

collaboration 08.Apr.2003 10:39


Someone from the Rearguard was working on something like this; maybe you could get together.

thanks 08.Apr.2003 10:51


Thanks for the info!

Regarding how to find out... I'm just compiling from what I hear on the "news"... statements from businesses.... flag wavers... I saw a business with a pro-peace sign this weekend.... I guess just those sorts of things. I don't know that many businesses would give you a definitive stance if you asked them...I'm sure many businesses try to not have an opinion about it.

Maybe, but... 08.Apr.2003 11:04


I bet some businesses are actually quite forthcoming about that info... it's easy enough to engage in conversation and find out how some employees feel though... But that isn't reallly an indication of how the business owner feels I guess

Have u tried 08.Apr.2003 12:56

the blood on your hands people?

I understand some folks had a "blood on their hands" walking tour of PDX last fri. Not sure who it was, but they would probably have more info.

(And if anyone from that tour reads this, I wanted to go but was unable to get there last fri. I heard no one showed...that's a shame because I was definitely interested.)

please send that info to... 08.Apr.2003 13:27

blood on their hands blood_oth@yahoo.com

whatever info that people compile...please email it to us at:  blood_oth@yahoo.com.

so far we have NOT gotten very far in compiling a list like that. what we have so far is almost exclusively about defense contractors and companies that will be building iraq.

specific points of interest for us:

more on the portland business alliance
telecommunications companies
pro/anti local and national businesses operating in portland

alot of folks told me that they felt we were omitting some information....("there's alot more defense contractors than this!")- at this point, this project is ONLY about businesses that are operating in portland. we hope to link up with people in other cities who are doing similar projects and share information also.

so....if you have any info on these topics, or if you want to research them, please send that info to our email.

another round of tours will be coming soon....

another one 08.Apr.2003 16:16


I noticed that the Mirador near the Red&Black is also on the side of the people and against this ridiculous global war.

but i'm both supportive and skeptical about this plan, in general. here's why:

while its good to support out small business allies and shun fascist businesses (and there are many in PDX), we (e.g., the working class, the excluded, etc.) don't have the cash that the ruling class has. So even if we spend every penny at progressive businesses, we could still be outspent by one fat capitalist buying a vintage bottle of wine...

But its a good thing to do IN ADDITION to all the other fronts of our global liberation.

Targetting little people won't help 08.Apr.2003 16:58


Owners of small retail shops are not the bad guys, whether they're for or against the war. Let's not target ordinary people. Focus our energy on larger targets that make a difference.

Mystic Maid 08.Apr.2003 20:56

99th Monkey

AS I posted in the "boycott" article today, Castle International, in Tigard who imports and distributes the Mystic Maid cleaning cloth products is very pro-war. Joe Wayno, the president of said company bragged about getting the exclusive contract to provide his static-free cleaning cloths to the Patriot missle battalion from Ft. Bliss, Tx last Nov 21st in the wOregonian in a half-page article. Just go to www.mysticmaid.com and click on "search for dealer" and type in your zip code........ big list of Freddie's, Kitchen Kaboodle, Nature's. New Seasons, etc.

for C 09.Apr.2003 09:10


I disagree, C. I think everyone with an opposing opinion should be a target for persuasion. It's not that I'm trying to destroy their business; instead, I want to send them a message (i.e. I refuse to give you money because you need to get a clue).

Think of it this way, if you're talking to someone who's making horrible racist jokes, would you just stand by and do nothing - because they're just one person, not the big target of racism? No. We have to persuade, educate, and enlighten every last person on the planet.

at the very least 09.Apr.2003 13:11


support the anti-war businesses!

walking just a few blocks down Hawthorne:

Presents of Mind
Kids at Heart

have obvious antiwar messages in their windows.


It's a Beautiful Pizza on Belmont