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Spin to Win

Hold onto your hats, hunker down, and get ready for some major spin out of Washington and London.
Spin to Win
Spin to Win
The new war strategy? Declare victory and distract the media with stories of grateful Iraqis and storehouses of chemical weapons. Or float irrelevant conjecture about whether or not Saddam is dead, again.)

Then hold your victory press conference. (No parade this time, can't let the nation climax, got to keep the war hysteria building. There are more wars to come in either Iran, Syria, or...hell, why don't we do Colombia good and proper?)

From the Washington Post a few days ago:
"The Bush administration has devised a strategy to declare victory in Iraq even if Saddam Hussein or key lieutenants remain at large and fighting continues in parts of the country, officials said yesterday."

After all what network will ask tough questions after the Bush administration declares the war won? Apathy will reign. We will have liberated Iraq even as it disintegrates into a long, bloody occupation.

Be prepared folks, this war is about to be won, or at least spun.

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