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an eye for an eye

when vengence made the jews create their own concentration camps
Not for sixty years has a book been so brutally suppressed as An Eye for an Eye. One major newspaper, one major magazine, and three major publishers paid $40,000 for it, then were scared off. One printed 6,000 books, then pulped them.

Two dozen publishers read it and praised it. "Shocking," "Startling," "Astonishing," "Mesmerizing," "Extraordinary," they wrote to Author John Sack. "I was riveted," "I was bowled over," "I love it," they wrote, but all two dozen rejected it.

Then An Eye for an Eye was published by BasicBooks. It "sparked a furious controversy," said Newsweek—it was a best-seller in Europe but was so shunned in America that it became "The Book They Dare Not Review."