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9.11 investigation

AfterMath: The Unanswered Questions From 9-11 Showings in SF

Sundance Award winning producers, Guerrilla News Network will be
showing their new investigative documentary, Aftermath-
Unanswered Questions from 9-11 at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco
April 21, 2003 and at Spangenberg Theatre in Palo Alto on Earth Day, April
22, 2003, to be followed by a discussion with Michael Ruppert, Peter Dale
Scott, Riva Enteen, Richard Heinberg, moderated by Barrie Zwicker. (article 1)
AfterMath: The Unanswered Questions From 9-11 Showings in SF
AfterMath: The Unanswered Questions From 9-11 Showings in SF
AfterMath: The Unanswered Questions From 9-11 Showings in SF
AfterMath: The Unanswered Questions From 9-11 Showings in SF
The film raises key questions about 9-11:

To what extent should airlines have been prepared for 9/11?
What did the Bush Administration know and when?
Why wasn't the US military able to intercept the hijacked planes?
How did the administration respond to the failures of the military and
Intelligence agencies on 9/11?
What ties, if any, did the US government and Intelligence agencies
have with the terrorists or their supporters?
Were there plans for a war in central Asia prior to September 11?
Is there an underlying motive, besides the War on Terror, for the US
military presence in Central Asia?
Is there any historical evidence to suggest that the government may
have used the 9/11 attacks to justify its war in Central Asia?
How has the government's reaction to the terrorist attacks affected
the rule of law in the United States?
How has recent legislation like the PATRIOT ACT and the Homeland
Security bill affected the lives of American people?
What can we do?

The documentary Features: George Soros, (billionaire philanthropist), Mary
Schiavo (Aviation Disaster Attorney), Mike Ruppert (Publisher: From the
Wilderness, Nafeez Ahmed (Author: The War on Freedom), DavidMcMichael
(former CIA analyst), Michel Chossudovsky (Author: War and Globalization),
Peter Dale Scott (Author: Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in
Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina, Alex Jones (Editor: Infowars.com),
John Judge (Founder, C.O.P.A.), Riva Enteen (Executive Director, of the
National Lawyer's Guild).

Canadian journalist, and media critic Barrrie Zwicker's pathbreaking
documentary The Great Deception raised some of these questions in
January 2002.

"None of these are questions addressed by the official inquiry, and the
official whitewash Commission in Washington D.C.. 9/11 has been used by
the Bush Administration to justify its wars throughout the world, and its
attack upon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Aftermath and the
screenings are designed to create a public space for serious questioning
of the official narrative of 9/11." says organizer, Carol Brouillet.

Michael Ruppert has lectured extensively on 9-11; he is currently
finishing a book on the topic entitled Crossing the Rubicon. Peter
Dale Scott's latest work: Drugs, Oil, and War: the United States in
Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina, was published March 28th. Riva
Enteen, has been on the forefront defending the attacks upon civil
rights in this country. Richard Heinberg, author of The Party's Over:
Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies will be speaking only on
Earth Day in Palo Alto to address the stark truths and choices facing
humanity at this critical juncture in human history. There will be
receptions at 5:30 p.m. preceding the 7:30 p.m. screenings, after the
public dialogue, at 9:30 p.m. press will be allowed to ask their
questions, and the public will be invited to carry on their
conversation in the Green Room at the Herbst.

homepage: homepage: http://www.deceptiondollar.com/AfterMath.htm