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The Boy's Are Creepin'

Word To The Wise......................
People Watch Each Others Backs & Your Own!
There have been several reports that members of the Portland Police (in their cruisers) have been creeping up on people and pepper spraying them without warning or provocation. The Portland Police have been using the "Anti-War Protests" as a reason to indiscriminately assault citizens of the Portland Metropolitan Area, with these "Less-Than-Lethal" weaponry.
A woman I spoke with recently told me about her run in with police as she was walking through downtown Portland on the 21st of March. When I asked her what exactly she and her friends had done to attract the attention of the Portland Police Department, she stated "It must have been something we were wearing." Sound familiar.
Police departments all over the United States have instituted official policies (Racial Profiling) in order to target minorities in the United States they suspect might be "Criminals." Is this how "Anti-War Protesters" are to be viewed?
And what is the stance that the Mayor's office is taking on this subject? Is there going to be any accountability required from those whose motto WAS "To Serve And Protect?"
While we await the answers to these questions, I'll leave you with an unlikely scenerio. Imagine yourself a Portland Police Officer whose Sergeant tells him to take the wheel while he readies his Industrial Strength Pepper Spray Canister and proceeds to creep up on some unsuspecting group of "radicals" walking down the street. As the Patrol Car nears the "criminals" Sergeant Pepper-Spray leans out the window Screaming "Hail America!" dousing the unsuspecting citizens with a good ol' dose of American Pride.
Couldn't happen here, could it?
thank you for bringing attention to this 07.Apr.2003 23:40

oak-town thug jfreeman@ccac-art.edu

Thanks for touching on this very important issue, i live in oakland right now and just today the oakland pd went bezerk on protesters @ the oakland docks. but the police survelliance and discrimination has beefed up 200%. we live in very scary times and we all have to look out for eachother in these drastic times