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Fascist U.S. Loses Heavy in Fighting for Baghdad Airport

Loses on both sides heavy...Baghdad Not Close to Falling.
[The following translation of the iraqwar.ru report has been kindly provided by "Necroman". You can find the original report in Russian as well as this translation on the iraqwar.ru site. Venik]

April 6, 2003, 2000hrs MSK (GMT +4 DST), Moscow - By the morning of April 6th an uncertain and quickly changing situation has developed. Coalition divisions are continuing to advance toward the city outskirts. The 22nd and 15th expeditionary marine squadrons are trying to break into the region of military airport "Rashid" from south-east. Iraqis are holding the line along the Diyala river and currently the marines cannot capture beach-heads on the right bank.

A hard situation has formed near the international airport. The day before yesterday the Iraqi minister of propaganda claimed that the coalition forces in this region would have been eliminated by this morning, and the Iraqi command ordered to storm the airport. At 10am it was attacked by 3 Republican Guards battalions enforced with militia troops. Americans requested artillery and aviation support. The battle lasted for almost 6 hours. After several unsuccessful attacks Iraqis managed to drive Americans back from the second runway to the airport building. Currently the coalition forces control the building itself and the new runway bordering to it. During the day the foes had to increase their strengths and deploy reinforcements. By the evening up to 2 regular Iraqi brigades and 2 thousand militiamen were fighting for the airport. Americans had to use all available forces of the 3rd Mechanized Division and 101st Airborne Division to repulse the attacks. Only assault aircraft and battle helicopters made more than 300 operation flights to this region.

During the fight Iraqis lost up to 20 tanks, 10 APC, about 200 men killed and up to 300 wounded. The American losses were up to 30 men killed, about 50 wounded, at least 4 tanks, 4 APC and 1 helicopter. But it is impossible to obtain the exact data yet. By this hour there have been more than 20 flights for evacuation of killed and wounded coalition soldiers and the command have requested ambulance aviation again.

The combat was so intense that commander of the 3rd Mechanized Division general-major Bufford Blunt had to issue an order to organize a false strike. Around 8am from Khan-Azad road junction an attack was organized in order to demonstrate tank vanguards of a large subdivision advancing toward Al-Daura from south. The group was able to reach the outskirts of the town near the Avajridge village. After entering the village the group was met by Republican Guards. In direct combat the group lost 2 tanks, 3 APC, 3 men killed, up to 10 wounded and, after two hours of fighting, withdrew to the main forces. Iraqis lost 4 tanks, 2 APC and up to 30 men killed.

By the evening the foes reduced their activity and were regrouping during the last night. Americans are rapidly fortifying their defense positions and deploying reinforcements to the airport region, increasing their forces at Khan-Azad and Abu-Harraib. Iraqis are moving anti-armor divisions closer to the city outskirts.

Despite the exchange of strikes there are no reasons to expect any serious attempts to capture the city in the nearest future. By numerical strength the coalition troops that have reached the city borders do not meet even the minimal requirements for storming and heavy urban fights. Coalition forces by Baghdad number up to 18-20 thousand men and can be enforced with no more than 3-5 thousand men while the minimal force necessary to capture a city like Baghdad equals from 80 to 100 thousand soldiers.

According to weather forecasts, in the coming day the weather may abruptly change to the worse. The wind is expected to intensify, visibility may reduce to 200-300 m.

All the claims made by aviation commander of the coalition, general Michael Mosley, about "... Iraqi army, as an organized structure consisting of large units, exists no longer... " are contrary to fact and, according to analytics, are probably connected with severe pressure put on the military command by American financial groups that desperately needed good news from the US-Iraqi front by the end of the financial week. In fact, the Republican Guards defending Baghdad have not lost even 5% of their numerical strength and military equipment. Most of those losses were due to bombardments and not land combats. The total losses of Iraqi army since the beginning of the war have not exceeded 5-8% of their defensive potential. This means the main battles are still to be seen.

The situation in other sectors of the US-Iraqi front will be summarized closer to this evening.

(source: iraqwar.ru, 04-06-03, translated by Necroman)
I GET MY NEWS FROM RUSSIA!!! 07.Apr.2003 19:07


Move to RUSSIA asshole - you'll like it there

move to the usa 07.Apr.2003 19:34

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

If you believe the news from any particular country - you should move there? Is that why you moved to the US?

You sound like an authoritarian type - a person that is comfortable udner a dictatorship. Saddam LOVES that kind of sentiment that Bush uses; "You're either with me or against me." Why don't you move to Iraq since you hate dissenting opinions so much?

Whether or not this is entirely accurate... 07.Apr.2003 19:54


...is beside the point. While this is a sharp contrast to what's being force-feed to the American people by CNN and Fox, it's hard to say that just because it comes from another country it's unbiased. I've found that at times like this the least biased and most factual info comes from countries who don't really give a fuck about what's going on. Finland is a good example of this. Have they really ever cared about anything? I like them.

P.S. 07.Apr.2003 19:56


I do completely agree with you though, Gringo

Popular source for news... 07.Apr.2003 20:21


This Russian site must be the same one where the Iraqi Minister of "Information" gets his information..

"It is only a Hollywood trick"

"The devils are on the run"

"We destroyed them, killing hundreds"

"We still have control of the airport"

"The Palace has not been taken"

"There are no American troops in Baghdad"

"Monkeys just flew out of my butt"

Get real, just because you like the news (I'm sure nothing would give you more pleasure than to have America destroyed), doesn't make it true. I heard Elvis was still alive, ahhhh but only... It sure would be great to hear some new stuff from the King...

ah huh... 07.Apr.2003 21:23


The Russian's are just pissed because we did in a couple of months what they couldn't do in 10 years in Afghanistan...

my wife is ukrainian 07.Apr.2003 22:28


she listens to the bullshit coming out of Ukraine, and Russia.

she said that the mafia there has milked the old ladies retirement money into swiss bank accounts, and now they want a piece of the iraqi pie, but Bush cut them out of it, and they are pissed.

plus, they are scared that bush will do to them what he did to Saddam.

She would love that to happen. She hates who is running her country.

she thinks the americans don't get it because they have never really had to live in a system like that.

Haggling over dead bodies 07.Apr.2003 22:33


So here's the thing...I've heard some US citizens brag over how "successful" the US has been. Time for a wakeup call to whoever these jerks are.

- To get to Baghdad, the US military has had to use an unprecedented amount of ammunition and bombs of all forms (most of which use radioactive material with a half life of 25 million years). If a hunter has to burn an entire forest to kill one animal, is that really a success?

- Being "successful" in Iraq for the US military entails killing several 10s of thousands of people (women, children, and the male soldiers that support these women and children). With my perspective on humanity, this is far from a success. Rather, the US invasion of Iraq really highlights how barbaric and greedy the White House and it's supporters are. With great shame and humility, I say I'm a US citizen when forced to reveal my citizenship.

- Being "successful" in the eyes of the White House and the jerks that support them means bombing the living hell out of a country and devastating the ecosystem that we ALL live in.

Okay, so the jerks who really like the US invasion might prompt me to live elsewhere. My response is that somebody has to stay in this country and dissent for the sake of saving our democracy, or at least what is left of it. For those Bush supporters who need a history lesson, the Tea Party didn't include Barbie and this country would not have a Bill of Rights without people exercising their right to dissent. With the Patriot Act in full force, the jerks who support Bush can kiss their rights goodbye. The government has legal authority to put their asses in prison, just like Mike Hawash and thousands of others currently and unjustly detained.

To the people who support Bush, your stupidity has made me mad as hell. I will stay in this country and fight for the first admendment/Bill of Rights as long as I can stand it...and I'm pretty damn tough.

To the people who support Bush, enlist now and cough up as much blood and sand from your lungs as you want. See the carnage and destruction first hand. Tell me how successful we have been after you return.

Really? One could only hope... 07.Apr.2003 23:29


"Okay, so the jerks who really like the US invasion might prompt me to live elsewhere."

Thats basically what Alec Baldwin said and he is still here...

Damn 07.Apr.2003 23:49


That article was funny. The US and UK have lost 109 people thus far... 60 of them in accidents unrelated to combat.

You believe whatever you want man... hey, that reminds me, I've got this bridge that I want to sell...

The part about the Monkeys 08.Apr.2003 00:08


Ok, you got me...I made up the part about the Monkeys.

Woodsman wanted in Iraq... 08.Apr.2003 00:17


This is an all points bulletin for a man named Woodsman who's all for the war but is too much of a sissy to fight...

Do you want information on where to get a "I voted for the dumb one" pin?

Tin Woodsman 08.Apr.2003 00:36

Manly Man

AK wrote, "This is an all points bulletin for a man named Woodsman who's all for the war but is too much of a sissy to fight...."

Ha! I get it now: Tin Woodsman--a friend of Dorothy's! I'd rather call him a coward, he gives sissies a bad name.

umm... 08.Apr.2003 09:27

this thing here

... i think the media in the u.s. is just as fucked in the media in russia. propaganda is propaganda. whether it's coming from your t.v. in oregaon or a russian's t.v. in moscow. it's pretty sad. america thought it was better than that, but slowly and surely it's becoming everything it hated.

Whoa baby 08.Apr.2003 20:30


Molly; If you're not a recruiter then you must be an ex-Marine (Semper fi). You must be one tough cookie to live with. Your idea may have some merit in some situations, but you need to chill out a bit. You can run everything like it is the military, that's why the VA has been so screwed up.