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Fascist Police in Oakland

A protester, who refused to give her name, displays her wounds after she says was hit by an Oakland police projectile during Monday's protest.
Check out this photo:

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Obviously some brave and committed souls in Oakland. We need to rachet it up here in Portland folks!
and lies galore... 07.Apr.2003 17:56


i just read:

"Oakland police fired rubber bullets to disperse about 750 anti-war demonstrators on Monday in what was believed to be the first use of such force against U.S. protesters since the war on Iraq (news - web sites) began."

...believed to be the first use of such force against U.S. protesters since the war on Iraq began!! How utterly preposterous. I can think of many cases where they've been used. But of course, we know the lies of the media well.


the photo 07.Apr.2003 18:09

poster child

fucking nazi's!
the photo
the photo

Thanks Police 07.Apr.2003 18:48

Not Mike

Yes, thanks police, for doing what Mike always wanted to do, but can't because it's against god, humanity, and the law. I know you'd be out there shooting young girls if you could Mike.

(All fun aside, Mike, you're a dinosaur. All you spew is what's been beaten into you, and I wish you release from that torture through a painfully lengthy aging process.)

Oh, weak and feeble OZ 07.Apr.2003 21:47


The word "defense" actually means resistance against an attack. Since the US is obviously not being attacked (except in your twisted delusional little mind), your citation clearly does not apply. Citing the 'law' is fine, but it doesn't mean much if you don't understand its meaning. Now, why not go back to playing your Nintendo little boy. M'kay?

Actually no, but word games are fun... 07.Apr.2003 22:36


NATIONAL-DEFENSE MATERIAL - Arms, armament, ammunition, livestock, forage, forest products and standing timber, stores of clothing, air, water, food, foodstuffs, fuel, supplies, munitions, and all other articles of whatever description and any part or ingredient thereof, intended for, adapted to, or suitable for the use of the U.S. in connection with the national defense. 18 USC

National defense activity.--A national defense activity is a commercial activity that is approved by the Secretary of Defense, or designee, as being subject to deployment in a direct military combat support role.

Defense also refers to any other official action or activity engaged in by the military or security forces including the Coast Guard and activated National Guard. And under certain circumstances the State and Local Police.

After it is called the Department of Defense. Thanks for playing, the law isn't everyones cup of tea.

BTW - that line, I believe, it the Great and Powerful Oz.

Another prediction for this post: at least two "Fuck You" responses and maybe an "Eat Shit". Don't let me down.

No More Shit for You, Oz! 07.Apr.2003 23:32


You've had enough, young man!
No More Shit for You, Oz!
No More Shit for You, Oz!

Hey, OZ, go back to Harvard Law 08.Apr.2003 03:49

dj tubesteak

The legal definition of their activities has nothing to do with the definition of appropriate police response. The function of the police is to preserve public safety and apprehend individuals suspected of illegal activity for adjudication and, if appropriate, punishment by the courts. It is NOT their function to administer such punishment at the scene of any such presumed illegal actions ('innocent until proven guilty in a court of law' right, you supposed patriot and apparent legal expert?). The legal status of the demonstrators' actions in this case is irrelevant to police conduct as their appropriate response is determined by the concerns of public safety; unless there was violence from the demonstrators there is no justification for violence from the police. Absent any evidence of violence on the protesters' part necessitating and justifying a violent police response, the conclusion reached by examination of the facts is that the police employed excessive force in dealing with the demonstrators.

Believe me, we're all impressed by your ability to read and to look up public information, (as I'm sure are your parents and that cheerleader who won't fuck you) but you could at least think this shit through before making an ass of yourself by presenting completely irrelevant and publicly available information as though you were a genius for finding it.

Does anyone know if we're talking about the same kind of munitions the PPB puts in the shotguns they keep sticking in my face? If that's what they do at a distance, I really hope I'm not the guy that gets a faceful of point-blank pain compliance from some SWAT team asshole with a twitchy finger. Non-lethal my ass.