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Urban Warfare (Mercury p. 9)

New protest tactics necessary if peaceful voice is not to be squelched.
I hope all committed war protesters get a chance to read "Urban Warfare For Protesters" by Wm. Steven Humphrey in this weeks edition of the Mercury. It's a very humoristic piece with many good points in it that should be heeded by protesters immediately.

If we continue to protest in the same ways, we will lose support as we are herded by police and prevented from even the most minor infraction of the law. As other posts point out some protest methods are meant to not have leadership which can make a change in tactics tricky, but if something is not done, we look more stupid every week, more lame, more powerless.

I believe with a little creativity, we can out smart the police and convey a loud message while possibly even drumming up more support for ourselves.

To quote Mr. Humphrey, "Either get smart, or learn how to moo." "Want to change the world? Prove it. Want to show you can beat Bush at his own game? Prove it. Everything up to this point has been romanticized hippie bullshit. Want to convince the nation that peace lovers can be smarter than war mongers? Prove it.

"Take the military's advice, and for once, surprise us."

What do you say peeples???
good article 07.Apr.2003 17:51

Ben Maras

if someone HASN'T read it yet, they should ASAP, it has some really good points.

Good primer, but nothing new 07.Apr.2003 18:51

Skwirl ominous_squirrel@hotmail.com

I read it and it seemed to me that most of the good, non-condescending, points were things I've already seen discussed within the movement and on IndyMedia before the article came out.

I think the most important point, and, really, the single reason why we haven't seen swifter adaptation of tactics, is that the movement has no figurehead of leadership. India had Gandhi. The civil rights movement had Martin Luther King. Oregon's got like, what, 120 separate peace groups?

Maybe it's because we're all sick of the cult of celebrity and, in essence, we're really fighting elitist power hierarchies. If anybody's got any suggestions on how to cut a middleground between the current setup and elitism, I'm all ears. I'm just not sold yet on the virtues of anarchy and the public doesn't seem to understand what we're trying to do.