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Portland Peace Encampment Update day 19

Day 19 - Just yesterday we were told that there can be no sleeping on park property...
WTF. This I do not understand, The fact is that people should be able to pass out
wherever they want in the park. If they want to take a little nap with the sun's rays on thier
face Leave them be. If they want to pass out in the middle of a rainstorm with a tarp,
blanket and, umbrella I say let them lie...
Day 19 - Just yesterday we were told that there can be no sleeping on park property...
WTF. This I do not understand, The fact is that people should be able to pass out
wherever they want in the park. If they want to take a little nap with the sun's rays on thier
face Leave them be. If they want to pass out in the middle of a rainstorm with a tarp,
blanket and, umbrella I say let them lie and rest. We have been out here for 19 days
now! Some people actually do sleep. We are not protesting machines (Some like myself
wish we were), we are human beings just like you. Just like the innocent civilans in Iraq
that die for a war that George "dubbya" Bush started, and the Iraqi military that fights to
prevent world invasion of the US (albeit led by a insane S.O.B. But they fight for allmost
the same reasons we do [What reasons you ask? Why to protect thier rights to choose
who they are run by!]) and the US Military is just trying to be good little soldiers following
orders from thier commander in chief (It's what they are trained to do anyway. They don't
like it but they do what they are told because it's thier job). We are trying to procure sign
material, containers (40 gallon garbage cans work great to keep what little blankets we
have dry), ICE (yeah we need this to keep food fresh and for 99 cents a bag it ain't asking
much), non-perishible foodstuffs, soda is allways a plus but not priority, Hot Food brought
out to the encampment is allways uber and if you leave a pot or container but you have to
go then you can allways pick up your pot the next day (allmost allways clean), Vegan/
Vegitarian food is great to bring down but dont forget some campers enjoy thier meat so
stuff like hotdogs or other packaged meat products are cool too (well this is all I can think
of at the moment). We are good on the blanket and Tarp situation. There was a time
when we had too many of these items. So blankets and tarps are no longer needed at
the time being. However if you wish to donate your washer/dryer and come by with the
offer we have some soaked sleeping bags we will gladly give you and maby some
blankets as well. Umbrellas are ALLWAYS a nice gift (golf umbrellas personally, I will
lick your boot for. [Just kiddin]) Anyway the camp has had some rough times so far and
hopefully it will prosper. I just know those horns honking outside Vera Katz window is
really starting to bother her. Anyway let your voice/horn be heard! Do a drive by honking
past city hall (It don't matter which side you pass just honk! You will not be ticketed as far
as I know now)!
The rant in this story only reflects the views and the ideals of one camper known as
Ex0duS and really has no affect on the group whatsoever. :-) (Except for the needs and

We will pay the price and Protest our cause,
Though Hope for peace is fading the battle is not lost!
<-Arthur Paul Bradshaw IV->
money cannot buy this kind of dedication 08.Apr.2003 15:51

with you

Keep at it Campers!! You guys are doing fine--don't listen to the naysayers, they don't know where their rights came from. Their rights came from brave and committed people like you who connect the dots, and are so caring and responsible that you fight for the rights of all the people of the world, whether they appreciate it or not. I am grateful for people like you and I owe much of what I hold dear to you.
I love you guys because you are walking your talk like no one else. We really need you--you are the perfect mix between the protester that rallys, and the soldier that is fully immersed in his or her job, day and night.
Even if someone disagrees, he or she has no right to put you down for camping--sacraficing your personal lives for the sake of others halfway around the world is always an act of PURE SELFLESSNESS.
There's no way any of the corporate pigs, etc. that want war would give so much for a cause--which tells me they have no cause.
Also, though you are obviously doing this for others' benefit, remember you are of course helping us ALL...and for listening to your conscience, you are giving yourself a great gift that others may never know: a clean conscious, great friends, pride and confidence, and great memories that will be with you all of your lives.

Day 20 - the protest continues 09.Apr.2003 10:37

Ex0duS AKA Arthur Paul Bradshaw IV apb91781_cos@yahoo.com

Thanks for your support. BTW if you are wondering about the lax of protesters in front of city hall perhaps you havent drove by around 8:00 pm. We had 27 people there holding wet signs and ones that were falling apart. Some chose the all time favorite the two fingers held in Semaphore formation for D/A aka DisArm (Yeah I know what those two fingers really mean). Anyway it was the local law enforcement that told us we couldn't sleep but we sneak in a few z's here-and-there anyway. :-) (Can't keep a good protester down!) because we now pretty much reside on city property so the city PD are bothering us. There was one incident that I will not go into but the person responsible for it has a warrant for his arrest and will be snagged on site by the local PD. also a big shout out goes to that Bagel eating, Coffee swilling example that all cops are not bad, Officer M**** (Name witheld because this officer might actually like his job). Caught him marching with us IN UNIFORM holding a sign at the last march to the park.... anyway Officer M**** you know who you are and we thank you very much for being such a big help to the community. Oh. Allmost forgot, Vera Katz (sudden disgusted shudder) sent one of her cronies (yet another shudder...) to piss and moan about the little structure we have set up (on Wheels dammit) that we use to post flyers for future marches and other gatherings. (plus we use the bottom half to stow foodstuffs at.) heres one more request for the peace camp...
WE NEED NEW WATERPROOF SIGNS! There are a couple of places you can download graphics and such for us, just do a google.com websearch for "anti-war graphics" (the quotes should be used. and any varaition on graphics ie. signs; protest signs; decals would help very much if you could get them printed. [make sure they are short, sweet and, to the point. longwinded signs are hard to read while driving by at 15-20 M.P.H. I should know. I watch the lips move.]) Anyway we love you portland and don't forget those umbrellas! (Golf umbrellas I will STILL lick your boots for!)

Peace Out,
A.K.A. Arthur Paul Bradshaw IV

"All we need is love..."
John Lennon

The ride ain't over yet. 09.Apr.2003 21:40


The parts in ( ) are my own words. Not the dork's.

Spoken by state department official undersecratary of STATE for arms control and international security, John R. Bolton after a meeting at the vatican reguarding threats against Syria and Iran by Rumwhatever. "We are hopeful that a number of regimes ( regimes? Does that mean governments too?) will draw the appropriate lesson ( surrender or die, like Attila, Ghenghis, etc. etc. said without airdroped, happy easter you muslim fucks, cards.) from Iraq ( what is no longer a part of Iraq ) that the persuit of weapons of mass destruction (or the suggestion of such WMD to warhappy emipirists ) is not in their national interest." (National interest? You mean the bombs, right?)
He then went on to add, " This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for Syria to forswear (what? is that from a Bible, or something? ) the persuit of weapons of mass detruction (like the Zionist crusader state has. Shush. It is comming, listen to the official guy. ) and (AND), as with other governments in the region, to see if there are not new possibilities in the middle east peace process." (What I tell you, Join Egypt and jordan in appeasing the Zionists war of conquest in Palestine and let American taxpayers pay you the Zionists tribute. Or, we attack? Is that it? Worship our version of God or die? What kind of religious nut is this John R. Bolton. This war proved that it is not just them that die. He would send Americans to die for Zionist agressions. Palestine + Zionists = Israel. you do the math. "peace process" he says. Foreign occupation has nothing to do with peace, and every thing to do with war. "Apeeasment Process"
And with 50% of ALL of our presision guided weapons already GONE, the Iraqis were still sending out TV shows to people with gereators for electicity. We won every battle, but inteligence agencies around the world have been noteing the weak spots. And with every open wound,SARS has an open invitation of infection with an infrastructure too decimated by 12 years of bombing to deal with the locals, much less the soldiers AND MARINES who will be among them.
Oh well. Bolton is a tool. At least I get to point that out.)

Hang in there baby! The ride has just started.