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Police brutality

I was roughed up by the Portland Police on New Years Eve. It was after they had broken up a fight??
Alot of unaswered questions...While I was being detained I saw a man video taping. I would love to find him and figure out if he caught the assualt on tape. Does anyone have any ideas where I can advertise or any other course of action I can take. It was outside of Berbattis(?) Tavern at around 2am. Anything would help. I am a petite female and I was being detained by 4 or 5 cops.
Brutal police 07.Apr.2003 15:42

Whos ta say?

Sorry to hear your story about the pigs, but at this point police and brutality go hand in hand. So let me just pop that bubble that has you thinking that anyone will do anything about it. From the racist chief of police, to the spineless mayor, to the blind courts the whole fucking system is set up to look the other way. Face it, pigs can shoot you 41 times(19 hits), club you 52 times, rape you with a plunger, smile as they pepper-spray your children, punch you in the face after they cuff you and walk away scot free. The police always fight for the bosses, they fought to uphold slavery, they fought the workers who tried to unionize, and now they fight to uphold what ever tyranical vision that the ruling elite lay out for them to uphold. The simple fact is the cops are the hired army to keep the rabble in line. No more No less. Any talk of humanitarian or public service is a smoke screen to keep you away from the real deal... That is that the pigs always have been and always will be the enemy of all free men and women. ANYONE who puts their hands on you to govern you is a usurper and a tyrant. Nuff said...

big difference 07.Apr.2003 15:59

Rian Snider riansnider@yahoo.com

There's a big difference between breaking the law and facing the consequences and being beating way beyond what is necessary. Remember the good old thing called the 8th amendment?

domestic terrorists 07.Apr.2003 16:25


I wish you luck, but just thought I should point out that our lovely domestic terrorists are often domestic abusers. In fact, there is an organization dedicated to helping those who are being abused by partners/spouses that are police officers. And as the site points out, you are attempting to seek retribution or justice in a system that are part of...


To Mike 07.Apr.2003 16:32

with whatever initial u r using now

God you are a fucking moron. I really get tired of listening to you because you're such a dumbass.

But, allow me to point a few things out to your tiny, pea-sized, reptilian brain.

A. The woman posting the question above is not even talking about protesting, dumbass. She's asking about New Year's eve.
B. This has NOTHING to do with protesting, it has to do with police brutality.
C. If you had your head out in the air instead of up your ass, dickhead, you'd be aware of the fact that the police HAVE been using bean bags and rubber bullets and other weapons of civil destruction ALL OVER THE FUCKING CITY for weeks on end. Where in the fuck have you BEEN, dumbass? Oh yeh. Laying on the cough in front o the ol tube, watching fox and CNN. That explains your mental dilapidation.
D. Who in the fuck said anything about anyone breaking the law except the police?
E. You're really a stupid ass.

Knowing three cops isn't the same as knowing anything. For your information, I actually have family members who are cops. And you know what? They're ashamed of the portland police. Absolutely ashamed. One of them told me the damn cops are lucky people didn't go on a rampage and destroy the city after what they did the night the bombs started falling. In other cities, they might have. But people here are too civil...so far. The people here didn't want to hurt anyone or destroy anything, they simply wanted to make a symbolic statement the night the bombs started falling. They accomplished that, and would all have gone home if not for the brutal assault by the police. For that, the police will pay.

Oh, Mike, don't answer me. Aside from items A through E above, none of this was for you. You're a moron and an ass, and I don't care what you think. This was simply my way of venting. I don't plan to come back and see what you write in response, so don't waste your limited powers of reason trying to compose a response.

Bold 07.Apr.2003 18:03


"For that, the police will pay."

Bold statement. It sounds like a threat. You have two methods of recourse. The legal system or actions directed at peace officers. It's up to you which course of action you choose. I wouldn't suggest the second. If you have family members that are sworn officers of the Portland Police Bureau and are ashamed of the Bureau's actions in recent crowd control, they are an even smaller minority than that of the 'radical' anti-war group.

The Bureau welcomes input about officer conduct. I suggest to those concerned about it, get involved. There are several methods to get officer actions reviewed.

to JD 07.Apr.2003 19:51


Oh. Yeh. Like, thanks officer.

Really, though. I must concur with the anonymous poster. First, I think the police will pay in terms of their own conscience because they know they have violated everything they ever went to cop school for. I'm one of those people who still believes most of the police went into this line of work with good intentions. Maybe I'm wrong, I know most people here don't think so, but I just think they probably did. And yet, look how they behave once they have the guns and ammo and are set loose on the citizens they have sworn to protect.

So I think they will pay by the tarnishing of their own images of themselves. Further, I think they will pay through tremendous legal ramifications because most of their atrocities were committed under the watchful eye of video tape. Who knows, though. It's not like the legal system is honest in this city.

But more than that, they will pay through monumental karma. Just sit back and watch.

The thing that REALLY made me laugh, though, was this:

"The Bureau welcomes input about officer conduct. I suggest to those concerned about it, get involved. There are several methods to get officer actions reviewed."

What breathtaking fiction! Haven't you been following the looong and highly contested battle to force police accountability in this town? I have. The last thing the police want or are even remotely interested in is anyone's input about officer conduct.

How do I know? Let's just say, I am involved. But c'mon, officer JD. You know it too.

Oh. By the way, funny thing. I also have a friend who is a cop, and he is also disgusted by the portland PD. Not such a small minority at all. But then, neither is the "'radical' anti-war group."

"The Bureau welcomes comments on Officers 07.Apr.2003 20:37

yeah, right

""The Bureau welcomes comments on Officers' behavior"

Well, that's only because they have a large paper recycling capacity, and can easily add your report on officer misconduct to the pile of mistyped PoPo reports and low fat tv-dinner containers leaving the Krokster's office.

File a complaint with the bureau, but don't hold your breath.

RESPONDING to the question with a SUGGESTION 08.Apr.2003 02:37


If it's not too far off all these tangents, I'd like to actually RESPOND to the woman's question!

I SUGGEST CALLING PORTLAND COPWATCH. They may be listed in the phone book. If not, contact them through Portland Peace and Justice Works. If they can't help you directly, perhaps they can offer further suggestions or resources. Less likely, but also of possible assistance would be the Police Accountability Campaign.

You may try advertising in the Personals of Willamette Week or the Mercury or putting an article and/or an ad in the Portland Alliance. Also, posting a notice on the bulletin boards and in publications of local public cable access in Portland and at Mt. Hood Cable Access may reach videographers who were there or know of others who may have been there.

Perhaps there needs to be a clearinghouse set up for this type of networking regarding witnesses and photography of police conduct. If so, perhaps you could help Copwatch organize and/or publicize such.