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Department of Peace Action Day April 8

Department of Peace: Action Day: Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8
Global Renaissance Alliance is asking people in all congressional districts to promote Rep Dennis Kucinich's bill, to be intro'ed tomorrow, to create a federal cabinet-level Department of Peace. Imagine the concept: a Department of Peace on equal footing with the Department of War ("Defense")! I volunteered to promote in Clark County but decided to post here in case people wherever haven't heard about this specific action. The core act is for us to contact our respective congresspeople in every way possible tomorrow in support of a DoP.


1) Call the local office of your rep. Number is in the phone book blue pages in the federal section. It's the part that smells bad.

2) Call the DC office of your rep. The call can be free via 800-513-3472 (courtesy of The Episcopal Church) or 800-839-5276 (courtesy of Citizens for Legitimate Government).

3) Go in person to the local office & hand-deliver a note expressing support for a DoP. The staff'll be so grateful to meet a constituent. Don't expect cookies & punch.

4) Call (today?) the Oregonian or Columbian to ask where you'll be able to read about this bill in their "comprehensive" news pages. Surprise! Nowhere! Both papers have been alerted about a teleconference tomorrow but will likely not know about it or have decided not to register to accept the free conference call. I hope i'm wrong. At least, if we all call, they'll know there's a story "out there" somewhere.

Thanks. Wouldn't it be cool if such a department happens, & we can think back that we supported it at its inception. Peace!