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maxxam/columbia wanted image

Bad scan of the wanted posted nailed to base of the trees in Freshwater when maxxam put the treesitters on notice of the TRO issuance. brown lettering is to illustrate suppressed wording.
Bad scan of the wanted posted nailed to the base of trees in Freshwater when maxxam/columbia helicopters, inc. of Oregon put the sitters on notice of the TRO issuance few weeks back.

The small text in bottom half of wanted poster states "People with informaation on the whereabouts of federal fugitive..... Micheal James Scarpetti, aka Tre Arrow, recently spotted in Humboldt County, are also urged to contact authorities. Scarpetti is wanted for felony arson and destruction of vehicles used in interstate comerce."

No proof or evidence has been given to anyone that any of these proposterous allegations are even true. Big brother is using this insurance scam done by Columbia Helicopters to bring in the spooks into humboldt county.
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