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Just Johnny

Now, has any of this information ever to Your knowledge,
been offered by the American corporate TV, or the mostly
wicked evil american talkradio circuts as unbiasedly
providing US with the facts to form our own free
Just Johnny

From "Some Evidence on Iraq Called Fake"

"ElBaradei's report yesterday all but ruled out the use
of the tubes in a nuclear program. The IAEA chief said
investigators had unearthed extensive records that
backed up Iraq's explanation. The documents, which
included blueprints, invoices and notes from meetings,
detailed a 14-year struggle by Iraq to make 81mm
conventional rockets that would perform well and resist
corrosion. Successive failures led Iraqi officials to
revise their standards and request increasingly higher
and more expensive metals, ElBaradei said."...

"The Institute for Science and International Security, a
Washington-based research organization that specializes
in nuclear issues, reported yesterday that Powell's
staff had been briefed about the implications of the
anodized coatings before Powell's address to the
Security Council last month. "Despite being presented
with the falseness of this claim, the administration
persists in making misleading arguments about the
significance of the tubes," the institute's president,
David Albright, wrote in the report."

Now, has any of this information ever to Your knowledge,
been offered by the American corporate TV, or the mostly
wicked evil american talkradio circuts as unbiasedly
providing US with the facts to form our own free
conclusions? Many of almost every phone-in talkradio
bigot program in bushwhore america, offers little or no
access for the general masses to participate by
providing factual information, nor do they provide much
but for officialized bushwhore newsfeeds, and yet as
traitors, will unjustly advertise themselves as American
to be pirates protecting the 9/11 perpetrators from
prosecution to commit further crimes against the
American People.

Example: Does Bill Hemmer, the bushwhore nazi traitor
of the American People, report of bush's business
partner Ahmad funding Atta, or the bushmob sabotage of
the FBI warrant, or Enron's "Dabhol Working Group"? We
should ask Hemmer and Blitzer how many innocent American
families they want to see murdered for stolen gain over
Your rights to be heard represented by ALL our police
agencies who have serious concerns.

Mr. powell the antiChrist disciple, deliberately, with
intent, propagandized, lied to American Soldiers
regarding the facts, so to be sacrificed for the
criminal bushmob, to steal further from their family
left unprotected under the bush regime, who are
currently robbing from every American Soldier's family,
their Social Security, while decimating the Constitution
through lawless rules of conduct to feed the likes of
the evil war profiteers who remain largely hidden from
public discussions, according to CNN's silence of

All of the bush demon stated goals for US People in
Iraq, could have better been accomplished without
dropping thousands of bombs on Iraqi infrastructure to
kill our families indiscriminately. But how then could
the bushmob steal from Americans their life savings
like, Freedom and Liberty by not sacrificing Americans
as unheard from?

Look, the AMERICAN FBI states bush's business partner,
the unarrested General Ahmad (associate of tenant)
funded 9/11's Atta. Are you as an American Soldier
going to let the bush demon continue to murder members
of your own innocent family, to steal further from your
devolving character? American Soldiers to not stand
strong with US for Justice, but injustice against God of
all people, will be hunted down, taught, or destroyed by
OURSELVES as "The People" guaranteed, US who hold that
freedom can only be granted by a Just rule of law to
protect ALL persons. Ask a bushwhore, why is tommy
franks, the death squad running child killer, dropping
thousands of American bombs to kill Our families in
Baghdad as a terrorist? Ask a bushwhore, why innocent,
good honorable people are tortured to death by sadistic,
nazi savages at Guantanamo Bay, while the 9/11
perpetrators are escaping prosecution?

Read The Guardian story, Innocent "Afghan prisoners
beaten to death at US military interrogation base", then
ask Yourself, if You won't destroy Our enemy, Mr. bush
Jr., who will save Yourself as actually worth something
to consider?

Quote from "Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and
Euphrates" by Arundhati Roy, The Guardian

"On March 21, the day after American and British troops
began their illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, an
"embedded" CNN correspondent interviewed an American
soldier. "I wanna get in there and get my nose dirty,"
Private AJ said. "I wanna take revenge for 9/11.""

See? I figure if Private AJ could actually read, and
use deductive reasoning, he'd likely kill the bush demon
himself, if he wasn't already dead as another sacrifice
for the bushmob to rob further from his practically
defenseless, barely surviving family.

Any American Soldier who doesn't KILL Our Mr. bush Jr.
and rumsfeld on site for treason and first degree
murders, is a coward as pitifully uninformed illiterate
nazi traitor to America, and on all we stand strong as

Listen friend, we all witness the refusal of our
corporate news giants, to allow ourselves, open free
discussions with the facts on our true losses. You too,
as many others, can also try contacting CNN, CBC, the
Chorus Radio Network, or Clear Channel about the
bushmob's Ahmad, the CIA's insider information, the
tommy franks death squads against Afghanistan families,
the U.N.'s March 7th conclusion, the privatization of
Iraq's assets into the clutches of companies like Dutch
Shell, but yet, they continue to censor Our voices,
while dictating we have no interest, concern, or
knowledge of such important subjects, while leaving our
brothers and sisters to be robbed and left for murdered
as cowards by the criminal bushites hiding behind the
once great American flag. Our private, for stolen cash
take news agencies have refused to allow Patriots speak
on any serious criminal issue that affects all our
lives. So, I as a human being am again, imploring you
to help yourself on behalf of all as God, by forwarding
this letter to church groups, police agencies, gun
clubs, and anyone You feel would be interested in having
Justice served by supporting the American FBI, and CIA,
to demand bush and rumsfeld be immediately arrested for
public trial, or executed for murdering good Americans
in New York City. Otherwise, unjust evil bush Jr. as
antiChrist, will continue as he has planned according to
"top secret" Presidential Directive Documents reported
on by MSNBC, documents authored in part with 9/11's
Ahmad, a super evil plan to decimate the living economy
of illiterate America, (lowest rates of the developed
world) while committing further mass murder with
unending wars to murder Our discounted Families. Our
Mr. bush Jr. is God's most hanious war criminal that
WE shall ever factually known of.

Did you hear of the evil bushmob's plans for Iraq?
According to several resources, apparently, the bushmob
war criminals want to install 21 ministers in the new
bushite Iraqi government, all 21 American. Two examples
given are of a Previous Dutch-Shell military
dictatorship fender to run the intended to be privatized
oil ministry, while the new finance minister will be
advised by an Iraqi exile, an exile who hasn't been in
Iraq since 58, but since then, has been publicly tried,
and convicted in absentia of massive, multi-million
dollar bank fraud in Jordan. When the State Department
discovered this evil horror of further bushmob
stupidity, they politely suggested it was the State
Department's position to handle such issues, while 9/11
perpetrator rotten rumsfeld seethed with rage, demanding
that nobody but him and wolfowitz will be allowed to get
involved in the open, blatant, criminal intent to rob
further more from the Iraqi People. (Evil is dumb I
told you.)

I alone, for one, say no more bush offences against Our
better Judgements. Destroy demon bush now, and be loved
by ALL as family.


All for our ability to communicate freely

There is one thing that is strangely absent from our
news coverage as unbiased bushwhores who are actually
devaluing under the tyranny of the evil antiChrist, Our
Mr. Bush Jr., and that is..

Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or
stated, that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest
U.N. resolution: 1441.

I think Patriot Americans would be thankful for Canadian
friends and family who are supporting American troops by
pointing out with no contention but for censorship, that
American soldiers are being sacrificed for no known good
reason under the demon antiChrist, Our Mr. Bush Jr.,
again. The bushites tell US they wish to bring freedom
on the premise that Saddam wasn't dis-arming or
cooperating with US, a naked blatant lie, an attempt to
excuse bush's murder rampages as a terrorist against Our
families as the innocent, Ourselves represented by
thieves that are doing US harm by stealing our value.

HANS BLIX: "And at this juncture, we are able to
perform professional no-notice inspections all over Iraq
and to increase aerial surveillance..."

Does a bushwhore devolving society where we murder
ourselves on irrational suspicions to steal our worths
to give to the bushmob as victims, sound like a bad
preposition to you too friend? What is bush's panacea
of packaged eternal freedom absent Justice mean truly as
measured to you judged unfairly as the general Public
unawares? How EXACTLY is the bushmob going to liberate
the oppressed and disenfranchised without expressing
public knowledge on the subject on indivisibility? See?
If bush actually had evidence to truly believe Saddam
does in our present day have control as in political
possession, weapons of mass destruction, sold to Saddam
illegally by America to gas the enemy with the then,
full blessings from the great satan, bush would have
provided as such to the UN to be legitimately concerned
for "The People" in Uzbekistan included, right? He
would need to know where abouts he comes to understand
so, no? Mr. Bush Jr. couldn't be sure enough
otherwise to toss cowardly American soldiers as
worthless without meanings, to be sacrificed as he is
doing for financial private profit paid for by the
victimized public, could he? Soldiers so valueless to
Bill Hemmer, to not even speak out for themselves dying
at CNN headquarters. See, Bill knows bush's private
business partner, Amad, provided funding to 9/11's Atta,
to criminally secure Enron's pipeline through
Afghanistan by murdering highly successful American
business people. But we can suppose Bill is scared as a
cowardly unAmerican bushwhore, and would rather see the
true evil doers hiding in America behind the flag, get
away un-apprehended to further toll good Americans for

All the actual evidence we have concludes, Iraq worked
directly to have the stock piles of WMD destroyed,
provided the paper work, the destruction sites, and the
individuals involved in that process. Inspectors had
100 percent access, to go anywhere bush, the false
accuser might suggest without having to murder anyone
from our family. Now, the disarmament process has been
sabotaged, and the terrorist threat against America has
increased. So, Iraq was in compliance, and because of
that, the bush demon, in violation of article 2 of the
UN Charter, has murdered thousands with war crimes as a
terrorist recruiter. Making matters worse, incompetent
bush even had an opportunity to liberate Our Iraqi
family on world wide television, with what he and tommy
franks would fantasize for our ailing economy by someone
else to do the clean up chores. But, is it the
Universal health or educational system, or public
banking in Iraq that is not down to par as the american
nazi fancy that bothers bush so much?, such as laws
against discrimination for all persons, and evidential
findings being a requirement to determine the
measurement of Freedom for Justice to work. The People
in Uzbekistan, are the People in Iraq, are too the
People in America where Ashcroft and rumsfeld tell US
publicly, they wish to factually deprive Justice for
ourselves as equals. When questioned, both, Ashcroft
and rumsfeld have reiterated the demand that foreigners,
like illegally tortured innocent prisoners, don't
deserve the same protections that the American Bill of
Rights grants to all People, therefor, they as
bushwhores wish to treat others unjustly by letting
themselves, as would be nazi criminals, get away
unpunished in devolving bush's america. Right?
American war criminals are treated too good by the bush
administration in all honesty then? Karma is real world
existence, as life is politics ordered through chaos.
If the right is Just as organized deduction, the system
would treat all as equal principles. But again, bush
spew Iraq could be prosecuted for destroying their own
infrastructure, but those same laws don't apply to him
being above God, or anyone else in his administration of
wrong doers. It was on publicly verifying the Justice
process when the bushmob, as war criminals, turned
against the UN, indeed the world community, and began
murdering our families globally as war criminals with
depleted uranium dust for the next 4 million years or so
as bush victims, who will die suffering the criminal
bushite assault for generations, if an American Patriot
victim were man enough to execute the unarrested
American cop killer, our Mr. Bush Jr. yesterday. If
bush isn't even destroyed by the Love for Life in
godless talkradio america, he, as demon will as MSNBC
reported, unjustly continue to murder millions in sixty
countries as the Son of Man's enemy being the
antiChrist, the most hated and despised excuse for human
existence this planet will ever know factually. Just
ask Buddha. While the demon bush supporters, who
advocate blindly murdering our families like US teachers
and students through the censorship of our screams for
Justice as Humanity, who also advocate poisoning
American soldiers with cancer and warmed soft drinks,
would only simply tell us cheaply, it is because their
false deity bush, secretly knows better than everybody
else put together, including the FBI and CIA, (Better
than the mighty You even on everything?), therefor, they
don't have to THINK(!!!) And see?, alas, the mindless
bushwhore SLAVES neglect to mention as chatty personal
failures grasping for the authority of blind generalized
denouncements of our unique, independent selves, that
when their bush demon does go public in their devoted
namesake, (what with bush's evidence Saddam was six
months away from owning a nuke, Laden and Saddam
soirees, or Saddam gassed his own people) he, as demon
antiChrist, exposes his true contempt for human life
while falling as traitor protected by the always
doubtful, intolerant, ignorant, cowardly and criminal,
as censor advocates to stop life's will. I've been
telling loyal dumb functionally illiterate Police
officers and Soldiers to destroy the two prime 9/11
suspects, the unarrested, bush and rumsfeld, ever since
the bushmob declared Omar's interest in nabbing the 9/11
suspects by following the criminal leads, as a hatred
for American Freedom unthinking, and then continued on
to murder approximately 100,000 innocent people in
Afghanistan, now with the lucky survivors left worst
still off, with bush's commitment to not offer any aid
in nourishment, but as terrorist students, heroin
dealers, or Enron propagandists left forgotten by
American, er... CNN interests as dictated through bush

MOHAMED ELBARADEI: "At this stage, the following can be
stated: One, there is no indication of resumed nuclear
activities in those buildings that were identified
through the use of satellite imagery as being
reconstructed or newly erected since 1998, nor any
indication of nuclear-related prohibited activities at
any inspected sites. Second, there is no indication
that Iraq has attempted to import uranium since 1990.
Three, there is no indication that Iraq has attempted to
import aluminum tubes for use in centrifuge enrichment.
After three months of intrusive inspections, we have to
date found no evidence or plausible indication of the
revival of a nuclear weapon program in Iraq."

Now we witness american nazi soldiers using Iraqi human
shields just outside of Basra, committing further war
crimes by blowing up powerplants, residential buildings,
and bombing surrendering Iraq forces lying dead in a
ditch with white flags sticking up. Indiscriminately
murdering US good honorable people, and for what? When
the nazi soldiers finally stop murdering our families
irrationally as criminals, then what? If the nazi
bushwhores know the dictums for Freedom, why don't they
express them now instead of unjustly hurting God as all
people? These bushwhore acts are crimes against ALL
PEOPLES, and should be recognized publicly a such. The
evil bushwhores can't vocalize their mindless support as
cowardly betrayers to the human cause, and instead,
censor our voices on the public airwaves while they
freely propagandize our communities on the benefits of
pillage and murder as terrorists under the antiChrist,
Our Mr. Bush Jr... The war profiteers have already
taken billions from the American People. Cost is paid
by the uneducated illiterate tax payers as collateral
damaged, and the war profits go into the private pockets
of the smirking bush mobsters while killing dumbfuked
american soldiers, as traitors to the American cause,
freedom and Justice for all. God's son as creator
included. Anyone who supports evil bush's war crimes
against our family by censorship, then murder, is the
enemy of America, and on all that she stands strong
united by God unheard from still suffering.

I am,
Johnny Wizard


One More Thing

So, that demon bush, the American cop killer and his
cohorts, are continuing to work destroying Humanity's
gains in civility, by evilly dividing Our humanity with
their blatantly open criminal intent to murder untold
millions as US innocent, and as of yet, have not been
executed by American Patriots for mass murder of God's
Family in New York City. Traitors to US all on 9/11
without contention, for Our truth speaks as Ourselves,
and witnessing just CNN's silence on General Ahmad,
speaks volumes on their contempt for US as worthy of
Justice. Refusing to do what is good for Humanity by
offering the central facts as publicly recognized by Our
Police Agencies to be actually documented. According to
the FBI: the vacationing General Ahmad financed the
alleged 9/11 mastermind, Atta, and also developed the
criminal war strategy against Afghanistan with the bush
administration, to boost the heroin trade, and save
Enron to commit further frauds against American soldier
families, while murdering over a hundred thousand
American flag wavers, and then leaving US for further
ruin with plans to continue on against 59 more countries
in the same deceitful illegal manner against all
Churches, as an evil nothing short of eternally crowning
Our Mr. bush Jr., the super evil anti-Christ, the most
hated and despised parasitic murderer in the entire
annals of Humanity's History. Cool eh? Kill bush now!

The bushmob have done nothing short of confessing to the
entire terror event, but for jokes on our strained
credulity to publicly press for further stalls. With
the rights of kissinger left to be a public
investigation official? (Gee, thanks for highlighting
your partner like that for US bush, you nazi dumfuk.)
Mr. bush Jr.'s america destroys themselves without Love
for wisdom, or respect for intelligence as a Peace plan
initiative. We publicly witness the blind and tormented
dying bushmob slave whore charade, of contempt for
living free in Our names. The two evil doers, bush and
sadistic nazi rotten rumsfeld, are known publicly as
documented, to continue leveraging the ignorance of the
CNN ready to be broadcasted repeatedly, tranced dimwit
marines, the true dumfuks of this world as weak and
pathetic cowards to themselves as their own brothers
they watch murdered for bush helplessly, communicated in
CNN's un-American false image as the evil bush nation
hiding in falsehoods as death squad recruiters against
the practically defenseless as unarmed children, nazi
vermin criminals, being unbiased as Blitzer about
protecting your freedom Patriot, to lose your real life
savings reader, truly too weak and stupid to stand up in
protection for the flag as the living American Dream for
anyone. Because witness again, CNN keeps not saying
Justice is important as principle to hold our
reflections.(CrossFire is getting better though.)
Fortified behind locked doors in their bombed out
bunkers, Blitzer and Hemmer sit rooted for the evil side
to lose further to themselves by continuing to not
respond to our communication know how. America, the
People, rarely gain press time coverage as should be top
priority always, while being paraded publicly as sold
out as not deliberated, corporately represented as
privately principled to stay ignorant of Justice to
protect living personally, as actually worth something
to the bottom line. Yours. Brought down Hell bound as
cheated by corporate news america's valueless interest
in the price of your living to continue on our behalves.
What does CNN think of 2% Social Security? cheating a
Soldier's Grandmother to pay tithes to the bush demon as
criminal dictator?, american nazi death squads?, insider
stock trades?, arming bush's heroin partners?, rotten
rumsfeld and bush murdering devout corporate cultists
like a would be, still silent Hemmer?, no opinion? Or
the working for the People in our names OFFICIALLY, as
the FBI and CIA officers actually involved in uncovering
the evil bushmob deeds, like the warrant sabotage,
Odigo, stolen passports of alive so called highjackers
as once American trained as still Saudi pilots, or
Anthrax made to look Muslimized, is not failure to
connect the dots ever, or insufficient funding then is
not less payment for our law enforcement now to nab the
prime suspects. As Mueller, or mueller has not publicly
commented of, but to say, he hasn't seen or heard
anything of this police work, leaving the FBI
unrepresented publicly as a threat by himself as a
terrorist supporter, an devout member of the bushmob
cartel. Why?, we must investigate Mueller if we should
have him arrested for publicly obstructing the FBI
asking the important questions. IT IS THE FBI, not
ATTA. Or how about the dumb ass Ashcroft assault
against every American to save his embarrassment of
being completely unqualified and never elected?, no
concern to mention on this either? Who suffers for
CNN's refusal to demand Enron give back the billions
that were criminally stolen from all American Families
still sitting in the Cayman Islands? My God.

Somebody call the cops.. again!

I have personally spoken to hundreds, and written
thousands regarding bush's guilt, and we can't seem to
find any fault with what I am saying... How about You?
Check out usenet group, "us.military.army" on the
internet to see for US all, what questions if any are
asked. Know also, CBC and CNN management staff will not
contribute their disagreement as none present, but for
continuing disregard for Your interests during Our news
cast of the facts. THINK. I tell gun clubs, police
officers, Biker gangs, and the general public to kill
bush today for 9/11 and his death squads, against the
helpless and undefended while arming heroin dealers and
selling terrorist handbooks, with all the evidence one
would need or asks for, and CNN with CBC corporate
management does not, to my knowledge, call Our Police
agencies to complain about my free speech capabilities,
or will allow US public discussions with Our History as
documented. Why? Those nazi bastards, Walter Issacson,
Robert Habinovitch, and the two Coast to Coast godless
vermin parasites know personally, they propagandize our
communities with deceit to keep us divided as the
plundered and murdered for the private banker buildings
who sell weapons in bush's name to kill the innocent as
ourselves unheard from. I can barely survive watching
US ignore them as King to this World, my sweetie baby
sugar dumpling, but, I think it's time to let Arron
Brown in on a little secret... Johnny wants a word with
his living responsibility to Americans on Patriotism.
Instead of what we currently witness, a reluctance to
not relentlessly pursue the truth to provide US the
facts, (Look, it's true, Johnny has an ass.) but a
censorship of control to falsely prop up the unelected
nazi war mongering criminal, Our Mr. bush Jr., a
terrorist of tyranny through criminal impropriety in
violation with the American Constitution as a death
bringer heroin dealer, at a seating that truly holds no
vacancy, nor a Buddha, but a deception to plainly hide,
the actual, got to be for real, super evil anti-Christ
of all religion ever mentioned. Wow eh, even gentle
jolly Buddha wants bush squashed! Seriously, please
kill the bush demon to save US as victims friend.
Justice must prevail as is truth eternal, that of what
will be as God is.. just how many more as Humanity will
be sacrificed in cowardice for the evil bush demon,
before an American Patriot kills the mortal nazi
dictator for treason as an American cop killer, and
betrayer to all of our Humanities? Don't let tomorrow's
news story be about Your murder as another, no longer
heard from bush victim. For, my reason is as evidenced
to actually be known, easily, while the CNN corporate
cult product lies to themselves as Our public fact
finders to leverage more ignorance than is found now..
as Our public voice to suffer by criminal dictates to
destroy God as life giver. Fuk you america.

Heaven is on the Horizon.

We can teach ourselves as the uninformed by CNN
standards to misinform and ignore. CNN's continuing
silence on Ahmad, bush and rotten rumsfeld, only
supports further our claim in their contempt for
American Soldiers, and Our Families as not represented
as worthy business investment. God, don't you just love
me? Hemmer?

Mr. bush's publicized war strategy of no evidence
requirement to hold American convictions for murdering
Ourselves is evil all around everywhere, as understood
without question to every honest Cop, the most serious
of all criminal behaviors, of which, they carry guns for
in just this sort of political development to halt
reoccurrences. But bush, the anti-Christ, as america,
says no for ALL Americans, they can no longer hold onto
Justice as their own with him in their charging everyone
as the enemy bush refraction. Just like, "bomb
wherever" tommy franks would do with his own American
family death squaded, like he did intentionally to our
children, as his contempt for America will never stifle
our voice with his silence regarding our aimed veracity
to seek out and destroy the evil nazi bushmob fuks
individually with God as Justice Supreme. The True
American Way, for, the rare and few Marines, the one or
two, are with US loyally to know so. See, there was a
time when the Marines were taught diligently, so much so
it was proudly ingrained as the moral fiber of their
character, that an American Soldier's responsibility to
America was to defend the Constitution as the Freedom to
be America, with their lives if need be to protect their
soul brothers as family, for the greater good by God,
(just like the Taliban Rule Man) while today, Ashcroft,
albeit muted, murmurs as rotten rumsfeld chuckles,
Americans must instead as slaves give their lives
unthinkingly as cowardly evil war criminals to protect
the unelected bush mobster from criminal arrest for mass
murders in New York City, and stealing that 50 billion,
seeing that that stupid Justice thing in the American
Constitution and Bill of Rights idea has now got to go
instead of evil bush as demon traitor war monger,
terrorist recruiting false god anti-Christ, but that
aside... There is a guide book for leadership in the
American Marines entitled, "Guidebook for MARINES", and
inside, it contains 14 principles to strive for as an
American Soldier wanting to be a True Patriot as leader
of Soldiers prepared to die for love of country, and our
fellow man as friend or stranger, and here they are:

Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, decisiveness,
Dependability, Initiative, Tact, Justice, Enthusiasm,
Bearing, Endurance, Unselfishness, Loyalty, and

For integrity it states:

"1. Integrity. The stakes of combat are too high to
gamble leadership on a dishonest man. Would you accept
a report from a patrol leader who had been known to lie?
Of course you wouldn't. All your statements, official
or unofficial, are concidered by your men to be plain,
unadorned fact. Make sure they are. When you give your
word, keep it. There are people depending on you to
come through with the goods."

Now, I could go on further about what kind of lifeless
degenerate a lawless cowardly mute soldier in bush's
nazi death squads would have to be, to serve under bush
as slave and traitor to home and family, as against God,
the Flag, and all that we represent as equals through
Justice, but I won't.

Mr. bush's america is uncontrollable by anyone. CNN
figures if they never mention US, we'll never know who
was invited as participators. (Example: CIA officers
have had to PUBLICLY contact British News Services as
the CIA, (Never done that I know of likewise before),
regarding American interests in apprehending the TRUE
9/11 culprits ignored by american corporate dictates,
and tenant also. One should remember, bush and rumsfeld
would want to secretly murder any persons involved in
9/11 to clean up the huge crime scene, and tenant, is no
brave and True Christ like figure as a living person, so
what can we expect in all reality? Tenant will pay
dearly if the evidence further indicates, as his
continuing silence does label him already a willing
traitor to all America, as too, his personal meeting
with 9/11's Ahmad just prior seems suspicious also as
not mentioned by himself in defense, along with his
refusal to disclose the insider stock trades while
leaving the fine CIA officers personally involved in the
dark, as abandoned American Patriots, armed and ready to
defend America as they should immediately for
themselves, by executing bush and rumsfeld as terrorist
cop killer, drug running freedom haters.)

America's false deity, the super evil anti-Christ, Our
Mr. Bush Jr., doesn't think for me to be sacrificed
without opinion by John, for I am free to act for my own
beliefs as understanding, as I live in defense for
living as all things created I am of honestly, simply
amazing God is. However, I, as any truly living person
would, can't help hate Our Mr. bush Jr. to death for
what he and rotten rumsfeld is criminally doing, and
further proposing against Our living in my name as
unheard from dying without cause as murdered, but for
bush's criminal contempt for my Awesomeness to beg once
again friends, someone out there please, for the Love of
Yourself and God, help US destroy Our Mr. bush Jr.
quickly before he kills more as Ourselves unrepresented
by corporate values in our commitments to freedom for
living through Justice for all persons. Our Mr. bush
Jr. has indiscriminately murdered more than 100,000
innocent souls with only a contemptuous smirk to his
credit, while fully committed to more robbing and heroin
dealing by blaming Laden for whatever without any
evidence. Leaving Our true willingness silenced by
corporate demands to propagandize and censor our truths,
allowing bush, the dumfuk traitor, to continue
demonizing America into a hell hole of ignorance through
his hatred for life, Science and Nature. CNN's silence
for America regarding the bushmob publicly stealing from
their Own Family their freedom of Rights to be living,
while committing Americans to a dictatorial crime ridden
government, that bush and rumsfeld proclaim, is no
longer applicable to the Law of any Land, is an
abomination against Christ as living is Ourselves Being.
America isn't America anymore, it's the bushmobbed
universe of injustice and blind self hatred against all
of Humanity, committed to leave none to survive but as
slaves to be terrorized for the dummy bush demon as
their false deity, a traitor in my midst, disguised to
no one but himself as personally expendable. Again,
where are the American Patriots we all hear so much
about in the big screen to take down the seriously
anti-American demon bush monster cop killer heroin
pusher for treason, as all understood widely now
factually with evidence and everything? Kill the war
criminal evil doers, bush and rumsfeld today and be
loved by yourself to be of Human Nature, or hunker to
hell as a coward and betrayer to yourself and your own
family, while watching the bushmob openly rob and murder
further from our World, and on all of which we stand
strong united. Justice for You.

This living plan of mine empowers others to learn their
Rights as eternally established to be Kings and Queens
on equal footing to be as all in all of gods forever
dreaming, while demon bush intends the destruction of
individual freedoms while robbing and murdering
Americans from the inside, like sharon with US Jews
does, as underrepresented, a condemning onslaught on
Your better Judgement as reasoned on anything factual
they figure blindly to be spinable, without your word
contested. Your God Given Living Rights my friend.
Without a rule of Law principled in the fashion of
Justice for all to be sought as measured, bush's nazi
amerika will continue to suffer ourselves needlessly for
their corporatized self contempt in Our living Humanity
as censored, without a thought for Justice, or the
American Bill of Rights as God acting out eternally for
prophets to wonder endlessly. See, I came up with this
wacky Idea one day to make all my equal as self created
to be so normally, in this Universe as we exist for
Happiness ultimately as eternal, so, You or i will work
this challenge to speak out for ourselves as Creation
about bush's america, and it's responsibility as
publicly advertised, to gather the facts on who suffers
for bush's criminal misdeeds, and overall ignorance on
everything. Mr. bush's irresponsible tax scam for
example, is to put America's public money into the hands
of private bankers, as the extremely rich already, while
taking money away from those who spend the highest
percentage of their paycheck on basic necessities as a
gambled to be advertised, "stimulation package". HOW?
The HOW is never explained with understanding as clearly
regressive like the bush rule is, because.. Who spends
MORE in taxes as investment at the grocery store to pay
the cashier for his babysitter: 20,000 volunteer
Janitors all named Rich, who ride the bus for
convenience, or a mechanical billionaire private bank
machine operator, who doesn't earn any nation's moola by
working something for it?, and couldn't eat 20,000 cans
of re-fried beans at one cruise lining to timbucks three
without losing themselves, havening his tax manner over
take in YOUR luxury. See, when America prints more
money at the Treasury to give Greenspan to loan BACK to
the Government illogically, the dollar value falls for
everyone as investor, inflation, let alone the incurred
bogus debt owed with real sweat as labor. Clearly, to
every informed citizen not as democratic. Of course,
National corporate news America, is genuinely not trying
as capable by themselves to commit The living interest
in Government as ourselves with oversight to manage US
fiscally responsible, (like CNN regarding Justice and
the Congress, or no Chomsky ever, E. Ann Clark as
geneticist, or just research for experts as example),
so, we do indeed, live in trying times due to ignorance
as corporate america's disrespect for wisdom saught as
yearning. It's like private bankers don't want the
public to think about what we are doing as worthwhile
knowing, eh? Or, I'm the only one on this planet who
can almost read my own writing as the, one of a kind,
good boy God freak. Anyway, the bushmobster scam leaves
less finite wealth for all as taxable exchanges, while
suggesting disposing of what dwindling national resource
can be obtained, be given to create further debt by
devolving into a military apparatus to make more
enemies. Our Mr. bush Jr. is just plain stupid as
destructive to everyone, but especially Americans to not
stand up in defense of Ourselves. (Officially, rotten
rumsfeld's criminal plan, "P2OG", is to encourage
terrorist acts against Your Family, but you guessed it,
not up to CNN's standard to report US as viable news
material.) It's like saying fewer people educated, will
keep us stupid enough as a Nation to blame the weak and
poor as ourselves deprived till death as murdered, and,
bush says makes sense secretly, as the all knowing for
the blind and ignorant to faith in without thinking
about what money is either. Our Governments should
always be working to make the poor richer as a
successful representation of our will as the public to
improving our living condition, but the dumb and
ignorant, talentless and monosyllabic, believe, someone
else must be cheated and devalued, divided and murdered,
in their universe for them to succeed without effort, or
skill whatsoever.. Especially defense. Have you ever
heard of the rock solid certainty of Universal "inverse
variation" constants? (Canadian High School.) This is
why in America, in a time where the nation was more
literate as informed, Corporations were taxed at 85% and
were happy about it for themselves as American citizens.
It's understanding also, most as almost all of the most
wealthy multi-nationals competing from military
dictatorships against American minimums, run in
continuous private bank debt, (your savings and pension
as leveraged weaker being the entire Nations) but gross
billions in profits. 99.9% of every private bank
building in the Western World is mortgaged, not however
in Iraq, or the Muslim World where interest is not
charged on good standing loans made in Our names.
(Sideline: Now recollect bush's puppet forcing
Afghanistan to borrow from the World Bank for terrorist
handbooks and heroin junkets, but not food, shelter or
clothing, while spending in addition, 4-5 billion a
month in godless bushfuked american Patriot Dollars,
American Celeb Dollars, American TAX PAYER Dollars, to
run deaths squads with tommy franks against teachers and
children.) It's a strange idea to the dying to be
corporately driven without thinking because, you
wouldn't automatically think it could be more profitable
to stay in cheaper as serviceable debt being a brick
building, but it is by private banker swindle with
National inflation succeeding personal interest rates.
We lose personal wealth to the pirate banker fees
without even privately using their/OUR National currency
services, because truly, we can't go somewheres else.
As of course in america, an Enron can always be pulled,
where it goes bankrupt as a toxic non-living entity, but
leave richer as crooks than they did before calling an
end to paybacks, with the People stuck to take the loss
together for sure as the victims. While bush, says
corporating America, his america, should learn for next
time, maybe, while the CRIMINALLY STOLEN money is still
siting in the Cayman Islands!!! See the Depression, a
Canadian High Schooler, or watch bush act in direct
opposition to his word almost consistently as American
death harborer terrorist psychopath. Then ask yourself,
why can none of our defenses be publicly discussed as
important deliberations?

Love Justice by allowing others to read this paper, to
judge the truth for themselves as worth something for
all persons, and I will be truly grateful you cared to
believe in a better future, for together, we could find
a new hope for freedom, as happiness and prosperity for
Yourself included. We only need believe in ourselves as
unstoppablly stupid, and the Universe is ours as God is
now testifier.

I am my word,
and make believe King to this world I call home,

Yours forever,

Johnny Wizard - Lord and Saviour



This article appears in the Oct. 26, 2001 issue of
Executive Intelligence Review.

`Wolfowitz Cabal' Is an Enemy Within U.S.

by Michele Steinberg

On Oct. 14, the London Observer published one of the
now familiar--and totally false--propaganda scare
stories, entitled "Iraq 'Behind U.S. Anthrax
Outbreaks.' " The story gave credence to the ravings of
"American hawks" who say there is "a growing mass of
evidence that [Iraqi President] Saddam Hussein was
involved, possibly indirectly, with the Sept. 11
suicide hijacks." If confirmed, said the Observer, "the
pressure now building ... for an attack [on Iraq] may
be irresistible." One of these "hawks," an unnamed U.S.
"administration official," told the Observer that
British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a "faithful ally"
in the war against terrorism and that "if it means we
are embarking on the next Hundred Years' War, then
that's what we are doing" (emphasis added).

The "next Hundred Year's War"? Who are the U.S.
maniacs who use such language, and are they not as
dangerous as Osama bin Laden's jihad?

Here we will name the names of the fanatics in this
anti-Iraq grouping who have become known as the
"Wolfowitz cabal," named after Assistant Secretary of
Defense Paul Wolfowitz. According to the New York
Times, which published a leak about their activities on
Oct. 12, this grouping wants an immediate war with
Iraq, believing that the targetting of Afghanistan,
already an impoverished wasteland, falls far short of
the global war that they are hoping for. But Iraq is
just another stepping stone to turning the
anti-terrorist "war" into a full-blown "Clash of
Civilizations," where the Islamic religion would become
the "enemy image" in a "new Cold War."

The "Clash of Civilizations" theory, developed by
Harvard professor-turned President Jimmy Carter's
National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and his
protégés, including Harvard Prof. Samuel Huntington,
defined the Arab and Islamic world as an "arc of crisis"
from the Middle East to the Islamic countries of Central
Asia in the then-Soviet Union. Brzezinski wanted to use
the "Islamic card" against the Soviet Union, and in so
doing, began the policy of promoting Islamic
fundamentalists against moderate and pro-Western Arab
and Islamic governments. After the end of the Cold War,
the Brzezinski/Huntington crowd updated their "arc of
crisis," declaring that the Islamic religion is the
enemy, in a new war in which religions, rather than
political systems, inevitably battle each other.
However, trained by British and U.S. special
intelligence services and the CIA, and armed by Israeli
military networks, the very terrorist drug-runners in
the Islamic world who were launched by Brzezinski and
"adopted" by the Iran-Contra networks run by Lt. Col.
Oliver North, under the elder George Bush's Executive
Order 12333, have become the main suspects in terrorist
attacks against the United States.

A Network Throughout the Government

The adherents of the so-called "Wolfowitz cabal,"
pushing the "Clash of Civilizations" theory, are nothing
less than "an enemy within" the United States, a network
that cuts across the Defense Department, the State
Department, the White House, and the National Security
Council. This report is not a "good guys" versus "bad
guys" description of the Bush Administration; rather it
is a warning that this cabal is a close-knit rogue
network that is trying to hijack U.S. policy, and turn
the current Afghanistan mess into a global war. The
cabal bears a dangerous resemblance to the "secret
parallel government" of North and Gen. Richard Secord's
"Project Democracy" operation that ran Iran-Contra. In
fact, some of the cabal members now in the Bush
Administration are convicted criminals as a result of
their activity in North's "Enterprise"!

On Oct. 12, the New York Times revealed deep divisions
in the Bush Administration, describing how the cabal
plots policy behind the back of Cabinet officials, such
as Secretary of State Colin Powell, in the name of the
U.S. government. The group wants to obliterate Iraq,
put Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat and
the Palestinian Authority on the terrorism list (if not
the obituary list), and declare war on nation-states.

The Times revealed that a key section of the "Wolfowitz
cabal," is the 18-member Defense Policy Board, which met
for more than 19 hours on Sept. 19-20 to "make the
case" against Saddam Hussein. The meeting pushed for a
renewed war against Iraq as soon as the war against
Afghanistan had concluded its initial phase. It
discussed overthrowing Saddam Hussein, partitioning Iraq
into mini-states led by U.S.-funded dissidents who would
steal the proceeds from the Basra oil revenues for their
quisling government. The meeting discussed how to
manipulate information so as to pin the Sept. 11
attacks on the United States on Saddam Hussein.

According to the Times, Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld attended the meetings for only "part" of both
days, and on Sept. 22, President George Bush rejected
the Policy Board's recommendation to declare war against
Iraq. But to the "Wolfowitz cabal," Bush's decision
didn't really matter--senior members of the Policy Board
had been selected for their broad international
connections, especially to the United Kingdom and
Israel, allowing them to force changes in U.S. policy
through an "outside-inside" operation. If unable to
change policy through advising, the network could also
run covert operations as a "government within a
government," as they had maneuvered during Iran-Contra.

The chairman of the Defense Policy Board is Richard
Perle, the former Reagan Assistant Secretary of Defense
for International Security Affairs, now based at the
neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute.

Perle, nicknamed "The Prince of Darkness" because of his
nuclear Armageddon views during the Cold War, is, more
importantly, an asset of Conrad Black's Hollinger
International, Inc., which grew out of British Empire
Security Coordinator William Stephenson's efforts to
secure arms for Britain during World War II. At
present, Hollinger owns the British Tory Party-linked
Telegraph PLC, whose International Advisory Board is
headed by former British Prime Minister, now Lady
Margaret Thatcher. Hollinger also owns the Jerusalem
Post, another war-mongering press outlet.

The "heavy hitters" on the Defense Policy Board are the
worst of the Anglo-American-Israeli geopolitical
fanatics from the last several decades, including:
former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, who is
also a member of Hollinger's International Advisory
Board; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; former
Clinton Administration Director of Central Intelligence
R. James Woolsey; former Deputy Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff Adm. David E. Jeremiah; former Vice
President Dan Quayle; former Defense and Energy
Secretary James R. Schlesinger; and former President
Carter's Defense Secretary Harold Brown.

Though Perle was only recently appointed to head the
Defense Policy Board, he and Wolfowitz have been
collaborators for more than two decades, as
agents-of-influence of the right-wing Israeli war
faction. In 1985, when it was clear that Jonathan Jay
Pollard, an American convicted that year of spying for
Israel, could not have been working alone in stealing
such high-level U.S. secrets for Israel to sell to the
Soviet Union, top-level intelligence officials told EIR
that an entire "X Committee" of high-level U.S.
officials, was being investigated. Wolfowitz and Perle
were on the list of "X Committee" suspects, and Israeli
spying against the United States was so thick that
investigators told EIR they had found "not moles, but
entire molehills." Pollard and his Israeli defenders
later claimed that Pollard "had to" spy against the
United States because the Americans were soft on Iraq
and other Arab countries.

The "Wolfowitz cabal" is deterimined to push the United
States in the direction of the most dangerous Israeli
right-wing policy, including a possible Israeli nuclear
attack on an Arab state. They are implementers of the
very "breakaway ally" scenario about which 2004
Democratic Party Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon
LaRouche warned in his statement of Oct. 12 (see

Plan B: Wagging the Dog

The "Wolfowitz cabal" is out to destroy any potential
for a Middle East peace, and simultaneously is
determined to crush Eurasian economic development
centered around cooperation among Europe, Russia, and
China. After being rebuffed after the marathon Defense
Policy Board meetings, the Wolfowitz cabal set various
operations in motion to plant propaganda stories,
falsify reports of U.S. policy, and carry out other
maneuvers, whereby the tail would "wag the dog."
Unapproved statements are made by cabal members,
interviews misrepresenting U.S. policy are planted
around the globe, and intelligence reports are altered
or manufactured to further the policy goals.

The pattern is becoming crystal clear.

In the first such instance, shortly after the attacks of
Sept. 11, Wolfowitz declared that the United States
will "end states harboring terrorism," and insisted that
under the principle of self-defense, the United States
could act alone, without the United Nations, or
cooperation from any other country. He wanted to
establish the "doctrine" that the United States would
hit a country "anywhere, anytime" based on secret
evidence. But, Wolfowitz was forced to retract his
statements, in a visible rift with the White House.
Some days later, NATO allies at its Brussels
headquarters snubbed Wolfowitz, and refused to formalize
cooperation with the United States under NATO agreements
at a meeting where Wolfowitz represented the Bush

In the same vein, on Oct. 7, the day the Afghanistan
bombings began, the cabal again attempted to provoke a
rift between the United States and members of the UN
Security Council, especially Russia and China, by
altering the text of a letter from U.S. Ambassador to
the UN John D. Negroponte. (Not coincidentally,
Negroponte was a notorious insider in the Iran-Contra
operation, who was accused of collaborating with
narcotics-linked military death squads in Honduras in
the 1980s.) The changes in the letter were made without
notifying Negroponte's boss, Secretary of State Powell.

In the letter, Negroponte echoed Wolfowitz's so-called
gaffe, writing, "We may find that our self-defense
requires further action with respect to other
organizations and states" (emphasis added). The
statement implicitly targetted Iraq, Syria, and Sudan,
all countries which are on the State Department's list
of countries that support terrorism. The statement
violated promises the United States had made, that it
would limit "coalition" action to redressing the attack
of Sept. 11. Upon learning of the statement, from the
press, Powell reportedly "hit the roof." The insertion
was drafted by Stephen J. Hadley, who is the Deputy
Adviser to the National Security Council. The stunt may
have been planned at the Defense Policy Board meetings.

Then there's the case of former CIA director R. James
Woolsey, whose defined role is as the Policy Board
member who is most public in demanding the overthrow of
Saddam Hussein. The Knight-Ridder newspaper chain
reported on Oct. 11, that Woolsey had been authorized
the prior month to fly to London on a U.S. government
plane, accompanied by Justice and Defense Department
officials, on a secret mission to gather evidence
linking Saddam Hussein to the Sept. 11 attack. In a
Sept. 18 press conference by Defense Week, Woolsey
called for creating a "no-fly and no-drive zone" in the
north and south of Iraq, so that the Kurds and the
Shi'ites, respectively, could better fight Saddam. "The
watchword of the day," Woolsey said, is, "It's the
Regimes, Stupid!"

Since the Oct. 5 death from anthrax of Bob Stevens, the
Sun tabloid photo editor, from anthrax, Woolsey has been
the world's leading finger-pointer at Saddam as being
behind the anthrax attack. His so-called evidence is
dated, prejudiced, and completely unreliable.

It was no accident that Woolsey role-played a prominent
character--CIA Director--in the New York Council on
Foreign Relations 1999-2000 scenario the previous year,
"The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage
Control, and Impact," that acted out a virtual coup
d'état coming on the heels of a combined financial
crisis and terrorist attack. In the CFR war-game, the
U.S. President would be taken out of the picture,
leaving the country under the control of a crisis
management dictatorship.

Also dispatched to London to propagandize for a "rolling
war" that would attack Afghanistan, then Iraq, then
country after country until revenge is exacted, was
fellow Policy Board member Newt Gingrich. Talking to
the London Times, owned by top British-Israeli
propagandist Rupert Murdoch, Gingrich said that the
United States is "at war" with "organized, systematic
extensions of terror, supported by nation-states." He
said that targetting the Afghan Taliban without
defeating Iraq would be "like defeating Imperial Japan
and leaving the Nazis alone." Gingrich threatened that
countries judged not cooperative against terrorism would
face the consequences: "The U.S. and the coalition
forces will assist your own people in removing you."

Setting the pace for his team, Perle was the joint
initiator with neo-con William Kristol of the Rupert
Murdoch-funded Weekly Standard, of an open letter to
President Bush, that, while ostensibly supporting the
President in the war against terrorism, was, in fact, an
ultimatum to support a "Clash of Civilizations" Thirty
Years' War in the Middle East. Among the non-negotiable
demands set forth in that letter was the overthrow of
Saddam Hussein, "even if evidence does not link Iraq
directly to the [Sept. 11] attack."

There is no doubt that the Wolfowitz/Perle duo is at the
heart of the network that can use Israel in the
"breakaway ally scenario." Indeed, Wolfowitz is one of
great hopes of right-wing extremists in Israel,
including among the radical settlers movement, who are
demanding the assassination of Arafat and the expulsion
of all Palestinians from the Occupied Territories (see
coverage in International). But, Wolfowitz and Perle
are not "Israeli agents." Rather, they are
second-generation operatives both mentored by the RAND
Corp.'s Albert Wohlstetter, a former Trotskyite
communist turned nuclear strategist. Nor are the cabal
war-mongers Seven Days in May militarists.

A key member of the cabal is Richard Armitage, the
number-two man in the U.S. State Department, who was
investigated in the Iran-Contra scandal, and who is a
longtime collaborator of Wolfowitz in the targetting of
Iraq. The cabal also has high-level operatives at the
National Security Council (NSC):

Gen. Wayne Downing, former Commander in Chief of the
Special Operations Command, was just appointed as
Director of Combatting Terrorism for the Homeland
Defense Board, headed by former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom
Ridge. In 1997-98, Downing drew up a military plan to
overthrow Saddam, by assassination, if necessary. The
plan hinged on heavily arming dissident gangs of Iraqi
Shi'ites in the south of Iraq, and Kurdish fighters in
the north. Invasion by U.S. Special Forces ground
troops was not ruled out. The promoter of the
neo-Conservative yahoos in Congress and the think-tanks
was Wolfowitz, then head of the Paul Nitze School of
Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins
University. Unable to ram this plan through the Clinton
Administration, Wolfowitz shopped the plan to Perle, an
expert in "chain-letter" pressure politics, who garnered
signatures. Now at the NSC, Downing has the ready-made
plan to hit Iraq.

Richard Clarke, Adviser to the President for Cyberspace
Warfare. Clarke, who was originally with the State
Department during the elder Bush's Administration, was
demoted for covering up Israeli violations of the Arms
Exporting laws. In August 1998, Clarke was one of the
key figures who planted false information about Sudan's
involvement in the East Africa U.S. Embassy bombings,
which led to U.S. cruise missile attacks on a Sudanese
pharmaceutical company in Khartoum. Clarke shopped in
disinformation from British-Israeli covert operations
stringer Yosef Bodansky that targetted Sudan.

Elliott Abrams, NSC staff. Abrams, who was convicted in
the Iran-Contra scandal, was quietly placed on the NSC
as a specialist in "religion and human rights." He is a
longtime member of the right-wing Zionist networks that
infiltrated the U.S. security establishment. He worked
closely with Secord and North in Central America, also
providing a link to the Israeli gun-running networks
that delivered arms to Khomeini's Iran.



Oct. 8, 2002, 10:47AM

Some administration officials expressing misgivings on Iraq

Knight-Ridder Tribune News

WASHINGTON -- While President Bush marshals
congressional and international support for invading
Iraq, a growing number of military officers,
intelligence professionals and diplomats in his own
government privately have deep misgivings about the
administration's double-time march toward war.

These officials charge that administration hawks have
exaggerated evidence of the threat that Iraqi leader
Saddam Hussein poses -- including distorting his links
to the al-Qaida terrorist network -- have overstated the
amount of international support for attacking Iraq and
have downplayed the potential repercussions of a new war
in the Middle East.

They charge that the administration squelches dissenting
views and that intelligence analysts are under intense
pressure to produce reports supporting the White House's
argument that Saddam poses such an immediate threat to
the United States that pre-emptive military action is

"Analysts at the working level in the intelligence
community are feeling very strong pressure from the
Pentagon to cook the intelligence books," said one
official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

A dozen other officials echoed his views in interviews.

No one who was interviewed disagreed.

They cited recent suggestions by Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld and National Security Adviser
Condoleezza Rice that Saddam and Osama bin Laden's
al-Qaida network are working together.

Rumsfeld said on Sept. 26 that the U.S. government has
"bulletproof" confirmation of links between Iraq and
al-Qaida members, including "solid evidence" that
members of the terrorist network maintain a presence in

The facts are much less conclusive. Officials said
Rumsfeld's statement was based in part on intercepted
telephone calls, in which an al-Qaida member who
apparently was passing through Baghdad was overheard
calling friends or relatives, intelligence officials
said. The intercepts provide no evidence that the
suspected terrorist was working with the Iraqi regime or
that he was working on a terrorist operation while he
was in Iraq, they said.

Rumsfeld also suggested that the Iraqi regime has
offered safe haven to bin Laden and Taliban leader
Mullah Mohammed Omar.

While technically true, that also is misleading.
Intelligence reports said the Iraqi ambassador to
Turkey, a longtime Iraqi intelligence officer, made the
offer during a visit to Afghanistan in late 1998, after
the United States attacked al-Qaida training camps with
cruise missiles to retaliate for the bombings of the
U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. But officials
said the same intelligence reports said bin Laden
rejected the offer because he didn't want Saddam to
control his group.

In fact, the officials said, there's no ironclad
evidence that the Iraqi regime and the terrorist network
are working together or that Saddam has ever
contemplated giving chemical or biological weapons to
al-Qaida, with whom he has deep ideological differences.

None of the dissenting officials, who work in a number
of different agencies, would agree to speak publicly,
out of fear of retribution. But many of them have long
experience in the Middle East and South Asia, and all
spoke in similar terms about their unease with the way
U.S. political leaders are dealing with Iraq.

All agreed that Saddam is a threat who eventually must
be dealt with, and none flatly opposes military action.
But, they say, the U.S. government has no dramatic new
knowledge about the Iraqi leader that justifies Bush's
urgent call to arms.

"I've seen nothing that's compelling," said one military
officer who has access to intelligence reports.

Some lawmakers have voiced similar concerns after
receiving CIA briefings.


'Fight Smart' Update - 15 Dec 2002

Don't Take the Bait - Fight Smart
Who is the enemy?


Kissinger Clients
Lead To Enron, Cheney and 911
911 Cover-Up Wobbles

High Priest of Deception Forced to Bail Out


"Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has
resigned as chairman of a commission investigating
events leading up to the 11 September 2001 attacks on
the United States. Mr Kissinger, who had been in the
job for just 16 days, had been criticised for refusing
to release the names of clients at his consulting firm.
His resignation throws the inquiry into turmoil. It
comes hard on the heels of the announcement earlier this
week that the commission's vice chairman, George
Mitchell, was quitting. The BBC's Tom Carver in
Washington says the episode is enormously embarrassing
for Mr Bush, adding questions will be asked about why
possible conflicts of interest were not raised before Mr
Kissinger's appointment." Kissinger quits as 9/11
inquiry chief BBC Online, 14 December 2002

"In naming Henry Kissinger to direct a comprehensive
examination of the government's failure to prevent the
Sept. 11 attacks, President Bush has selected a
consummate Washington insider....his affinity for power
and the commercial interests he has cultivated since
leaving government may make him less than the staunchly
independent figure that is needed for this critical
post. Indeed, it is tempting to wonder if the choice of
Mr. Kissinger is not a clever maneuver by the White
House to contain an investigation it long opposed." The
Kissinger Commission New York Times, 29 Nov 2002

"...follow all facts, wherever they lead...."
George W. Bush, 27 Nov 2002

Old Pals in the White House Cabinet Room, 17 June 1976
Bush Senior (left middle), Cheney (centre, with hair!),
Kissinger (right, sitting)


Some two weeks ago or so much of the 'thinking' world
was stunned to hear that President Bush had appointed
Henry Kissinger as Chairman of the 'independent'
commission of inquiry into the 911 attacks on the US.
It is well known in political and academic circles that
Kissinger is a past master of secrecy and deception,
even if the impression of him held by a sometimes poorly
informed general public is commonly an honourable one.

The Bush administration had long delayed agreeing to
legislation on the 911 inquiry until it could be sure of
finding a chairman whom it could rely upon not to dig
too deep. But now Kissinger has himself suddenly
resigned, throwing the Bush 911 cover-up strategy into
disarray - at least for the moment.

Right from the minute he was appointed to lead the
Commission, fierce public pressure built up on Kissinger
to declare his conflicts of interest, and in particular
to disclose the clients of his private consulting firm
'Kissinger Associates'.

Rather than concede to this Kissinger has now decided to
resign his post, despite the major embarrassment this
causes to both himself and the White House. Such has
been the brazen arrogance of the Bush administration
since 911 that clearly neither Kissinger nor the White
House had anticipated the intense public pressure that
would arise for the disclosure of his business

Given the highly damaging nature of the resignation it
is difficult not to conclude that such disclosure must
have had the potential to lead to even worse, and
therefore immense, embarrassment. And indeed this seems
more than likely. In particular disclosure would almost
certainly have placed further public attention on
Kissinger's role as an adviser to US oil company Unocal
and its relationship with the Taliban in Afghanistan
(more details below).

But this would not have simply been a personal
embarrassment to Kissinger. The Unocal trail leads
directly to Enron and then on towards Vice President
Dick Cheney.

Former federal war crimes prosecutor John Loftus already
claims knowledge of paperwork confirming secret dealings
between Enron and the Taliban. According to Loftus an
al-Qaeda document on this subject was discovered in 1998
by FBI counter-terrorism chief, John O'Neil, following
the US embassy bombings in Africa.

The real dynamite, however, is that Loftus also claims
that Cheney instructed the FBI in January 2001 to
back-off investigations of al-Qaeda in order to protect
Enron's interest in the development of a gas pipeline
through Afghanistan. That pipeline was originally due
to be built by Unocal, with no less than Henry Kissinger
himself hired by them to advise on the project.

O'Neil resigned from the FBI in the summer of 2001 in
protest at the attempts by the Bush administration to
obstruct him in his pursuit of al-Qaeda - and the rest,
as they say, is history. Or not quite.

Although O'Neil took a job at the World Trade Centre
following his resignation and was killed in the attacks
on 911, Loftus says that fellow FBI agent Robert Wright
has compiled his own findings on the Enron block.
Wright has, however, been prevented by his superiors
from publishing them.

Nonetheless Wright told the press earlier this year
about other aspects of FBI efforts to stifle terrorist
investigations. The FBI continues to illegally refuse
the release of his 500 page manuscript, 'Fatal Betrayals
of the Intelligence Mission', that he submitted for
prepublication review in October 2001. In fact, the FBI
has even refused to turn the manuscript over to Sen.
Richard C. Shelby, Vice Chairman of the Joint
Intelligence Commitee, charged with investigating the
FBI's intelligence failures. Wright has now launched a
lawsuit against the FBI.

So with a variety of time bombs apparently ticking away
in the background, and with Kissinger no longer in a
position to neutralise them on behalf of the White
House, what is the Bush administration now going to do
about the 911 Commission? It's too late to stop the
inquiry because it's already on the statute books. The
legislation was finally signed by Bush in November once
Kissinger had been secured for the job. Now Kissinger
is suddenly gone and so too is the Commission's vice

Is Bush's luck in fact starting to run out, or will
Cheney be able to retrieve the situation for him?

The replacement that has already been secured for the
Vice Chair of the Commission - Lee Hamilton - is a
Democrat previously accused of participating in inquiry
cover-ups of alleged wrongdoings by Bush's father during
the Reagan era (ominously the official records of
previous Presidents have now been subjected to an
Executive Order by Bush junior restricting public access
to them).

The earlier Bush related inquiries in which Hamilton was
involved concern the 'October Surprise' and
'Iran-Contra' scandals. And Cheney was in there too -
according to the reporter who broke parts of the
Iran-Contra story through Newsweek and Associated Press.
In a more recent analysis entitled 'Covering Up
Iran-Contra' (Consortium News, 5 November 2000 ) he
comments on Hamilton's and Cheney's role in that
investigation as follows:

"A senior committee source said one of Cheney's top
priorities was to block Democrats from deposing Vice
President Bush about his Iran-contra knowledge.......
Despite surrendering to Cheney's demands time and again,
Hamilton failed, in the end, to get a single House
Republican to sign the final report. Only three
moderate Republicans on the Senate side - Warren Rudman,
William Cohen and Paul Trible - agreed to sign the
report, after extracting more concessions. Cheney and
the other Republicans submitted a minority report that
denied that any significant wrongdoing had occurred....
The watered-down Iran-contra majority report essentially
let Vice President Bush off the hook. Bush's political
career was saved..... [and in] 1989, Cheney became
Bush's defense secretary."

In the case of the 'October Surprise' hearings, one
senior White House correspondent pointed out at the time
that "Hamilton held a press conference to clear Bush
before the investigation into the deal between the
Reagan-Bush candidates for presidential office and the
Iranians, had even started."

Despite his Democrat background Hamilton's closeness to
the Bush Administration is clear. A PTI newswire 21
December 2000 states: "According to Republican sources,
former Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton's nomination
as either Ambassador to the UN or as CIA director is
also being considered (by the new Bush Administration)".
Hamilton also holds Central Intelligence Agency and
Defense Intelligence Agency awards.

The key issue now for the 911 commission is who will be
appointed to replace Kissinger, and will Kissinger,
Cheney and Bush themselves be subpoenaed to give

On the face of it things may not be too hopeful.
According to an ABC News news report before the
Kissinger resignation "President Bush does not envision
testifying before an independent commission
investigating the Sept. 11 attacks .... The bill being
signed by Bush, in most cases, requires six of 10 panel
members to approve subpoenas, meaning at least one GOP
[i.e Republican] panelist would have to side with
Democrats to compel Bush's testimony. The White House
withheld its support of the bill until it could ensure
subpoena powers were limited."

How this situation is justified when President Clinton
was forced into giving evidence on the Lewinsky saga - a
matter of infinitely trivial importance by comparison -
is beyond imagination. A dozing or pathetically servile
American press has yet to forcefully raise this simple

However, a week (or a fortnight in this case) is a long
time in politics, especially as the anti-war movement in
the US now seems to be growing fast. Nonetheless there
is a danger that the Kissinger 911 fiasco could cause
panic to set in at the White House, making the media
diversion that would be caused by a war with Iraq (not
to mention the likely ensuing chaos in the Middle East)
an even more appealing option for the lunatic Bush team.

Or are the wheels about to come off their wagon before
they get the chance? Events can overtake even the most
cunning, and much may be yet in store.

As John Loftus neatly puts it: "... the information
provided by European intelligence sources prior to 9/11
was so extensive, that it is no longer possible for
either CIA or the FBI to assert a defense of
incompetence... If Congress ever combines its Enron
investigation with 9/11, Cheney's whole house of cards
will collapse."




Mr. Bush's new criminal edict now states Americans can
rise up for America to kill him as a terrorist and be
thought Just and God Worthy. I Agree with bush finally.

Our Mr. Bush Jr., that evil nazi fuck, that American
cop killer, now figures to ask all CIA officers, to kill
him and rumsfeld as documented proven terrorists, and
they will not face prosecution by US people to do so.
Wow, what leadership! Exactly what I've been telling
you. See, bush figures every CIA officer, somewhere
around 20,000, is a heroin cocaine dealer, who was in on
9/11 to kill their own Families as disrespected. Sorry
to say Mr. bush, you evil demon of hatred for God as
ignorance and stupidity, that call is not completely
your own as satan. Clinton told US, as does rumsfeld
openly, you had no public evidence against Laden to hold
Our position while ignoring the evidence and closing
investigations, nor against the People of Iraq who have
suffered from crimes against humanity perpetrated by
bush's dad. No, bush as the anti-Christ, the lame brain
deceiver of darkness and death, misery and suffering,
the Earth's evilest criminal, has, as confessed, no
God's truth that would stand in a Public court of Law as
Justice, nor likely against most of the other
individuals, bush has named without evidence as
Humanity's enemy, to advocate his demise as traitor to
(oops,) forgotten American Constitutional values. See,
Justice stands strong for good reason, Indivisable, and
the Living Universe is of intelligence known to be so.
While the anti-Christ's closed private crime circle is
comprised to be publicly known factually, of some of the
world's biggest known war criminals, drug dealers and
pension shysters, practically none elected, who figure,
Americans won't ever be bright enough to save themselves
as worthy of discussion, if they can't read or write, or
think at all for themselves but for on Bright
Commercials. I didn't see my name there on BUSH'S worst
enemies of Humanity list, established again, without
public evidence. THINK! I'd execute bush and rumsfeld
for escaping arrest for killing US people without a
second hesitation but for the overall ignorance of
corporatized Americans, who put their real Freedom to
understand their own soul convictions as individuals
entrusted blindly to bush without question or
explanation, (to ANYONE) mindless slaves in blinded
faith to a false ungodly deity, a demon that demands
Americans be forbidden to demand right turns on the
journey to their willed sacrifice as cowards, demanding
as bush does for his private america, Humanity also by
criminal threat be deprived Justice (truth, Godhood),
for themselves included, under himself as a thieving
dictator anti-American war monger. Mr. bush Jr. never
mentions US, nor do most corporate news services...
Why? Because what I state is true, and they lie for
bush to rob and kill US all as ignored to die
undeserving. Mr. bush has now publicly threatened to
use landmines and nukes against Humanity, if without
evidence he should decide privately in secret the
indiscriminate killing of People would be a good thing
as himself against Americans, because he personally was
involved in 9/11! Think American nazi bush pukes! Mr.
bush Jr. is a sociopathic monster. Mr. bush Jr.
murdered American Police officers, and robbed from their
grandparents OPENLY, 50 billion, therefor, as bush
advocates, should more innocent Americans be murdered
for it? Yet still, corporate america states america is
not worth knowing of, as the Living to survive by
knowledge, or agreed measurement of devaluing assets.
Some people might wonder, like unthinking bushwhore
slave puppets, why is it that the RCMP, the Secret
Service, nor the FBI makes no public complaints against
myself, nor foolishly attempt to criminally arrest me
for standing on indivisible Justice?, even after
speaking with me personally to clarify Our positions as
documented? I'll tell you, as I tell any soldier brave
enough to listen without running away as cowards, or a
challenge to the death in a fight against God as the bad
guys. The evidence on Our Mr. Bush and rotten rumsfeld
is true whether I articulate it as my own opinion or
not. The American flag waving Taliban were in support
of the arrest of the actual perpetrators of 9/11, while
rumsfeld advocates the incarceration and torture of
completely innocent individuals, as not charged for any
criminal offence, that he has actually stated, he would
never wish released as possibly farmers with beards or
Freedom Fighters, while purposefully with franks,
funding heroin dealers for Enron with American blood
monied weapon manufactures. Gee, I wonder where that
could lead... Just more dead American Soldiers, right?
Who cares, right? Our Mr. bush Jr., the terrorist hand
book salesman, who wants to send american nazi soldiers
in hand to hand combat as criminals against two billion
God loving People in sixty countries? That of course is
not including China, yet. American Patriots must decide
individually, death and suffering, tyranny and
enslavment, or, we destroy demon traitor American cop
killer bush, rumsfeld, tommy franks, and Jew hater ariel
sharon for purposefully murdering US as the innocent to
steal our worths. What shall it be? A nation without
protectors run as slaves to be continually devalued, or
a Nation committed to freedom, and justice for US all?
We also need to be campaining to have blair immediately
arrested for being an accessory to murder in Britain,
what with the bombing of People to make it look like the
IRA did it, that blair has personally threatened all of
Britian to not talk freely about! (How deceptively evil
is that?) Then finally, get rid of the corruption of
elections in America by going back to paper ballots?

What do you think?

Mr. Bush and rotten rumsfeld don't want American
soldiers to go after the true evil doers by ACTUALLY
understanding so, because the evidence dictates, bush
and rumsfeld would be dead before daybreak as they
should be, for actually, factually, robbing and
murdering American Patriots, willingly, while
purposefully, attempting to war Our World to murder
millions more for their hatred towards God as America
like Jew hater ariel sharon does almost daily, while
ashcroft says as the top anti-Cop, he'll figure Justice
betterer secretly, as a total incompetent. Bill of
Rights be damned under the bushmob, and we can be sure,
CBC rarely, or CNN's Blitzer, or Hemmer, aren't gonna
speak up for YOU right?, Loser? The corporate news
channels continue to broadcast, that we, as Humanity,
have no interest in Justice for Ourselves, or killing
criminal war monger bush immediately to stop further
bloodshed of ourselves as the understood as communicated
innocent and unrepresented by corporate mandate to
remain unbiased, albeit, but for gods eternal, suffering
for nothing. Hemmer and Blitzer, the now open to all
nazi fascists, (I've contacted them both regarding the
facts), know full well, bush and rumsfeld are mass
murderers, terrorists who perpetrated 9/11 willingly,
planned with general Ahmad, (who funded Atta), a demon
plan to invade Afghanistan for refusing to side for
Enron's interest, an evil plan to not follow the
criminal evidence, thereby an unsubstantiated verdict on
behalf of "US" as the victimized, left unjustified,
confessed to as fully implemented by the WhiteHouse, NO
EVIDENCE as a pre-requisit, developed prior to 9/11 to
COMMIT MURDER to steal our Value. Prior to 9/11. Our
Mr. bush Jr. didn't offer any evidence, nor did he
want any to arrest bin Laden as his terrorist war
EVIL INCARNATE! See, your either with US, or your with
bush, the terrorist of terrorists. Read that last bit
again please. As well, being terrorist harborers and
funders like Britain's blair is also, but look friends..
Hemmer speaks nothing for the AMERICAN FBI investigators
involved, nor Soldiers, who he knows, will be sacrificed
easily as evil nazi vermin against all Life and Freedom,
like he would watch saying nadda in contempt for himself
secretly, but shhh... We'll never know if CNN doesn't
say so. CNN refuses to do the job for America, but to
let be further plundered as not financially viable.
What is the value of your life, corporate american? I
mean, in relation to all things as yourself honestly in
bush's world? American Patriot, it is you my friend who
are on the cross to suffer really, dying far from Jesus
in cowardice for unjust bush and sharon is why I can do
no more for US, but blab as this does by fax, phone, and
in living person. You must also rise for yourself, your
Family, your friends, Your Freedom, to gain respect from
yourself everlasting worthwhile being, or die an
unthinking bush slave as coward and betrayer to yourself
honestly. Tip: Call the talk shows to publicly be hung
up on being truthful, for, we aren't as stupid as we
appear you know.

Please, don't let bush murder more like would be
Ourselves, unfactored as not worthy of your attention to
consider an equal, as God would without doubt see US die
helplessly without yourself to be awake and dreaming of
a better world for all eternally grateful.

I'm counting on you to believe in Humanity also.

Johnny Wizard


Holy Jesus Man!

Have you heard the Revelations from India's government
to the FBI now made public?, regarding the principle
terrorist funder of Mohammad Atta being, the ISI's,
General Ahmad? The bush administration's personal
confidant, and top secret military strategist? See, it
was Jim at MSNBC that informed US of bush's terrorist
plan existing as once top secret presidential documents,
and, that this same general, was also responsible for,
according to several members of the Senate Intelligence
Committee, developing the said war strategy of invading
Afghanistan on behalf of the evil bushmob, with the very
anti-human premise, of blaming bin Laden for a crime
without any evidence to substantiate our public
accusation, to murder more than a hundred thousand,
plus! A crime, 9/11, I will remind you, that for when
the evil plan was devised, hadn't even yet taken place.
But was threatened would happen, if the Taliban didn't
side for Enron's interests in serving for Ken Lay, one
of bush's many bum buddies. (They apparently do that
sort of thing on a regular basis, with all the members
in their secret meetings of the 'only Boners'
fraternity.) It doesn't take much either to understand
why rotten rumsfeld, corporate america's sweetheart,
(you know, the sadistic nazi war criminal who gets off
on murdering or torturing innocent people), told US he
wanted to have arrested those at the WhiteHouse and the
Pentagon, or even in the Military, who would dare as
Americans, to inform Americans what he and bush were
truly doing in their names.

Destroy the unelected unarrested heroin pushing American
cop killer war criminal, the demon we all know so well
as corporate america's false deity, the super evil doer
anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr. Now Patriot Soldier, and
be loved by all as Savior. Or not, and be a thoughtless
degenerate, a cowardly regressing nazi bush slave, who
would sacrifice your own family as yourself truly,
because JESUS CHRIST, life is living to survive for
Justice, as God is warranted to be as ourselves, with
equal rights to being as is of US all included. Mr.
ashcroft tells Americans he is purposefully destroying
their freedoms as legal due process because he, as an
idiot, and a traitor, has to fight ourselves as a
terrorist blindly in Our names without American Justice,
but never explains his action, is asked to, nor could
he. As ashcroft, like most in the bushmob are, is
founded completely unqualified. Why doesn't ashcroft
move to have bush and rumsfeld arrested or executed
immediately by following the criminal leads for 9/11 on
behalf of Americans as an American?, what with all the
ample evidence documented as factual and everything?
Instead, decides too, like the demon bush demands in
attempt to sway his capture, that evidence will no
longer be mandatory for him to decide who should be
stolen from, as the left dead to be robbed as forgotten
by Justice denied to all as Godly. American soldiers
are truly as represented, weak, slow, and painfully
pathetic cowards, refusing to protect their own families
as a national defense measure, instead, as nazi dumfuk
bush slaves, willingly support the murder of would be
themselves as criminals, truly against US all as the

Mr. bush was quoted once again defending his
irrationality as criminal murder rampages against the
innocent as ourselves like he did in New York City with
rumsfeld, by stating,

"Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say
something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an

The evil anti-Christ figures he'll just continue to rob
and murder American Patriots while destroying freedom as
Justice for US all, and simply escape Your wrath by
corporate america making no fuss to speak in Our defense
as the still living to be underestimated as equals.

Destroy Our Mr. bush Jr. now, and be loved by all as
God would!

From: British News
July 17, 2002
Britain backs US plan for attack on Iraq
By Philip Webster, Political Editor

(Quoting the terrorist supporter blair, Philip was),

``To be TRUTHFUL about it, there was no way we could
have got the public consent to have suddenly launched a
campaign on Afghanistan but for what happened on
September 11.'' ...

Oh, so there was a criminal intent known also by
yourself then blair to prop up heroin pushers to save
Enron's impending criminal bankruptcy?

We have repeatedly witnessed, CNN and CBC refusing to
represent our Democracies, our FBI officers, like airing
Coleen Rowley, General Ahmad, or the sabotaging of the
Moussouie investigation by ashcroft, or the CIA,
regarding the insider stock trades, or dealing heroin.
The innocence of the Taliban for 9/11, and the barbarity
of the Northern Alliance as heroin pusher slave owners.
No, every single american according to CNN being
unbiased, does not want bush the anit-Christ arrested
immediately for killing Americans in New York City to
steal our worths and freedoms as worthy of defence
matters by their own measure as corporate cultists. As
I told you, Bill Hemmer and several other celebs at CNN,
now are fully aware of bush and rumsfeld being the true
purpetrators of 9/11, yet, Bill continues to play evil
against US all, figuring nobody ever will know without
CNN coverage on his contempt for American Patriots he
asks to have sacrificed for as bushwhores like himself
and Blitzer. CNN refuses to protect Americans as equals
commited to Justice for US all.

It was just reported by Chris Marden on the 27 November
2002, that bush's top whore richard pearl, has advised
Britsh MPs, that bush secretly as the anti-Christ has no
intention of allowing the Iraqi inspection process to
succeed, and instead, is commited to murder ourselves
either way.

Again, bush and blair, like CNN, have no evidence to
substantiate their allegations against Saddam, and have
stated because they have no evidence, they therefor as
demons, can murder anyone on the face of this planet to
steal our lives in OUR names as US innocent. Mr. blair
and the bushmob have recently stated, that they have no
evidence that Saddam has any WMDs, nor, is any threat to
OUR WORLD community, and because of that, if the
inspectors find no weapons, and Saddam insists it is
because he doesn't have any, this, accordingly, would
give these criminal master minds a cause to murder
hundreds of thousands of innocent people, if not
millions, and steal all the assets of the Iraqi people,
while destabilizing our entire endangered species. They
are mass murderers, threatening humanity to recommit
more murder as TERRORISTS! Never while I stand ALIVE
evil nazi dumb fucks. KILL BUSH NOW! Hey, have you
heard about rotten rumsfeld's P2OG? "O", as in Oh
rumsfeld is truly an evil fuck! Apparently, rumsfeld
wants to provoke terrorist activity to murder ourselves
as innocent cilivilians, as an opportunity to invade any
country he wants to rob and plunder further. Also, most
importantly, according to the official documents, rotten
rumsfeld figures it would be important when he and his
mobsters commit these crimes, it be understood, that
nobody be able to trace it to himself, or his partners
in crime, so they figure, the criminal acts should be
carried out through his department at the pentagon,
then, get this, he won't therefor be accountable, or
scrutinized by the American people through corporate
news channels. The offical pentagon report details

You see the American cop killer unelected bush or blair,
tommy franks the death squad recruiter child killer,
unelected rumsfeld or unelected cheney, unelected
poindexter or unelected ashcroft, you kill them
instantly for attempting to escape the criminal arrests
of those responsible for mass murder of Americans in New
York City. You either shoot them dead on the spot, or
tear them to pieces with your bare hands God lovers. No
legitimate judge, jury, or police officer, would do
anything but commend you for saving OUR lives. The
bushmob our threatening our entire humanity with
criminal murders to rob from ourselves deliberately.
Counting on american nazi troops to mindlessly slave to
their orders, soldiers so unbelievably dumb, weak, and
cowardly to allow the bushmob to rob not only from their
own parents and children, but even themselves as they
fall dead as cowards, before they even dare to publicly
ask questions about what the fuck they're actually
doing, that frankly, leaves me even beginning to have my
own doubts.


Mr. blair, you evil nazi fuck, you do not have OUR
consent to commit murder in our names against ourselves
as the innocent in Afghanistan, Iraq, or in Britain.
Especially now, what with your ties now made public to
terrorist acts through the IRA against innocent
civilians to steal our values, that you have threatened
US Brits to not learn of as having already. (Shayler.)


Where's the NRA on whoring as bush bitches? 08.Jan.2004 12:28

Johnny Wizard

(From Google's 'groups' tab, us.military.army)

US Coalition Forces Above the Law,
According to the CPA

George W. Bush: Words vs. Deeds
 link to www.interventionmag.com

>>> link to thestar.com.my
>>>/ / ``KBR is charging Iraq US$180,000 (RM684,000) for each school they
>>>renovate. They then give the project to Iraqi sub-contractors and pay
>>>them just US$20,000 (RM76,000) to do the job. \ \
>/ / A bushite nazi soldier's motto: Do NOT kill demon bush
>for the love of God as true Patriots would, but war your
>comrades in arms with toxic cluster bombs to secretly
>kill yourselves with later on, including US as the
>innocent, our children included, while STEALING, not
>going nowhere public Iraqi institutions, including
>desperately needing humanitarian aid shipments, starving
>the poorest of the poor, all to please and glorify the
>pension thieves of our Grandparents, and the heroin
>pushers to our school kids. \ \

>An Advisory to US Troops
>A Duty to Disobey All Unlawful Orders
> http://www.counterpunch.org/mosqueda02272003.html
>Any being would not want to be deprived the rights to
>living, by living to not deny the same rights of others.
>(First commandment is a fundamental of understanding
>space-time reality, as it pertains to the politics of an
>actual sustainable World, indivisible, and eternal.)
>To have US exercise denial of rights granted through the
>protections of Freedom, asks naturally for reason to
>being ones own commitment kept. To leaderlessly faith
>in tyrant bush's faulty public judgement to committing
>US to indiscriminate murders so he can rob Iraq of all
>her riches going nowhere he silently contends as an
>illiterate demon liar, exposes Your Mr. bush Jr. as
>unfit to preside in Anyone's name. (Walla: Americans
>did not elect the monster who openly with 9/11'd
>slush-fund-america, finances the oppression of our
>families in Uzbekistan, and Wahabbi Saudi Arabia,
>unreported by our CNN and CBC as revealing.)
>Iraq reconstruction's bottom-line
> http://www.asiatimes.ru/atimes/Middle_East/EL25Ak05.html
>/ / So there's money; it's just not going around. And
>here perhaps lies the solution to the mystery of how the
>world's superpower and the world's biggest corporations
>can't even begin to put Iraq together again after almost
>nine months: The reconstruction is less about
>reconstruction than about making the most money
>possible. \ \
>Instead of allowing US to communicate the truth for
>peace and understanding, happiness and prosperity,
>Justice and Freedom, the bushites at corporate news
>control demand you should not believe in what you
>witness, read, or understand as the established actual,
>but instead, without reason for, to be victimized to die
>suffering through corporate censorship. Not knowing why
>murder is actually wrong universally bush fluffs off as
>required in Your name to stop Iraq from running public
>health care. (You know, Saddam a Secularist puppet, in
>the far middle east, willing to improve universal
>education through understanding, like a public health
>care system practiced in every free nation this world
>over, which does not include bushite america where
>everyone is an ill-gotten practicing HMO CEO public
>check writing casher.) For all you people not in
>America, with an enter as you need public health care
>initiative, beware, the unbiased american corporate news
>machine might irrationally decide to murder millions
>with radio-active toxic bombs in your country to 'free'
>you from truly caring about your family.
>I hate bush with everything I am, or ever will be as Human.
>Who will care for your life in corporate america, where,
>with a silence of contempt through censorship, rob
>themselves as ungodly and criminal degenerates under the
>bushite doctrine of enslavement of their species? Know,
>that it is NO SECRET, Eason Jordan of CNN knows, (as
>too, Robert Habinovitch of CBC does too), about General
>Ahmad, and demon bush's 9/11 strategy existing in 'top
>secret' Presidential directives, written two days prior
>to the event of murdering thousands of Americans, a plan
>to blame Laden on as innocent of to secure invasion of
>Afghanistan for Enron. (Laden would plead innocent
>naturally, the Taliban would vote against persecuting
>the innocent until proven otherwise as Clinton learned,
>while demon bush and cheney would privately plead to
>have our Police work halted, to attempt their getaway.)
>Both, Jordan and Habinovitich have refused OUR staff
>since the event of reporting the facts for our
>judgements, and side instead with not reported reasons
>like those given by irrational and dumb evil Walter
>Issacson, that CNN is forbidden to PUBLICLY report on
>the murder of innocent children by traitor tommy franks,
>because, you should remember how many people died in New
>York City. (Why not just murder more New Yorkers,
>they're closer?) Sure, it's stupid, dumb, and as evil as
>it comes, but Walter dictated policy, you as a CNN staff
>member had to comply with, or face the consequences of
>termination. These bushite censors of our top priority
>news interest stories are our enemies as traitors to the
>Human cause. Jordan, nor Habinovitch will give no
>reasons for publicly denying our police agencies
>protection, (PHONE THEM UP AND ASK THEM SOLDIER) hoping
>we can't see them not doing our jobs to protect Your
>freedom, while leaving the outstanding investigation
>officers left in the bind, on hopes bush'll disappear
>them, like they no doubt have plans to get those loose
>ends who directly know of their treason against God's
>America, and all that is Honorable and Just in our
>Kill the demon antiChrist, Your Mr. bush Jr. American
>Patriot Soldier, and be loved by all as Saviour.
>Where's the NRA on whoring as bush bitches?
>American soldier, Your one true loyalty should be to
>America, not traitor bush to rob ourselves from.
>Remember: bush, he ain't got no public concern worth
>mentioning, when it comes to the whereabouts, of more
>than half the American tax payers expenses regarding
>Iraq's jeopardized security, now being sold off as
>planned to the bushmob at what will be, lower than going
>values. Namely, your own as measured worthless.
>As American Soldier, in unbiased corporate TV america,
>your told you're willing to DIE in servitude as a
>thieving bushite slave without question, a blind loyalty
>and obedience, not to a Just God mind You, or the Battle
>Hymn of the Republic, no, but to worship the demon bush
>in a destructive cult-like ignorance that does not even
>afford Your costly ongoing sacrifice, the luxury, of
>telling US why corporate america refuses to
>scientifically report on your actual consuming of
>MEASURED microscopic radio-active heavy metal TOXIC
>waste, that includes plutonium in trust, to 'bushite'
>your dumfuk evil comrades you'll kill with especially,
>or to being blowed up to smithereens by sexy rummy's
>cluster duds. Mr. franks and bush bitch buford blount
>State it is of little or no concern to corporate
>americans how many bomblets were used, or where they
>fell to kill women, children or US Patriots with, for,
>the glorious bushmob will take a few extra bills payable
>from America to the commi business partners that way for
>including You in indiscriminate mass murder, see?, and
>none are the wiser. American Patriot Soldier, repeat
>after me: "A proud bushite nazi soldier is a dead
>bushite nazi soldier halted from harming our innocent
>sons and daughters." Or, AGAIN, corporate america's
>public refusal to speak up for 'The People' (soldiers
>included) paying the almost half of Iraq's monthly bill
>going mysteriously vanished in rummy or bush's war crime
>pocket... Who gives a toot where it is all going wasted
>right bushite?, it's only You or yours who could go as
>the innocent in God's favor still being sacrificed next.
>Look, as the very old tales tell repeatedly, the lawless
>Satan wager, to somehow without knowing how, become
>omnipotent ruler as tyrannical dictator of this forsaken
>World, leaving US ALL including Johnny, deprived our
>rights to justice and freedom, and instead, to the lot
>of US, be ACTUALLY put up on a cross to die again
>metaphorically for unarrested bush to continue example
>with, as an illiterate barbaric enemy of "The Man", just
>like, isn't going to happen in this lifetime. I ain't
>no fictional character, and as true blooded Patriot,
>hate the bush demon war monger during breakfast, lunch,
>and supper. And besides, I'd personally kill bush first
>before that neither world tried. Trust US, G, or I
>single handedly as a man, will triumph over traitor
>bush's criminality, as the American cop killing 9/11
>perpetrating war profiteering savage he is as
>antiChrist, it's just, will you like Talk Radio in
>America censors, and rich CNN celebs readily encourage,
>silently continue to watch your fellow family murdered
>for bush bitch buford blount, and still refuse to voice
>objection nor take any action in defense of all that is
>Our World truly suffering as Yourself included? I
>despise bush like every alive person who would read this
>Refuse to speak for Your own freedoms truly pirated by
>bush, and you'll likely continue to lose out really like
>America currently is. Refuse to help our desperately
>pleading God you know being victimized in Your name
>truly, and you will bare the consequences of being
>forsaken. Maybe even, towards an end you'll declare,
>someone else has forsaken you, when it will be only
>yourself to blame for not speaking for all those denied
>their happy lives through the brutal criminal tirades of
>the demon antiChrist, Your Mr. bush Jr.. Again, this
>will never change: We had complete co-operation
>granting one hundred percent access through Iraq without
>delay, prior to bombing any of Iraq's public sector with
>toxic waste that contained US People. Every Iraqi child
>murdered served no good reason or purpose but to war
>God's love, and my good name. And, still today, that
>unarrested evil demon tyrant dictator, still chooses to
>sacrifice many a soft spoken, slow footed American
>Patriot to, so far, too few bushite nazi dumfuk losers.
>In addition: We have also learned, Iraq had granted
>surrender of Iraqi assets to give to the war criminal
>bushmob, if they would forego the needless
>indiscriminate murder of easily tens of thousands of
>innocent families, (like dropping cluster bombs into our
>residential communities), but war criminal rotten
>rumsfeld refused because he had already PERSONALLY set
>up hundreds of illegitimate targets that would, kill
>primarily only innocent people while destroying public
>institutions, and bring home a few extra million
>American payments, tax free.
>What more could Saddam do that he wasn't asked for? I
>beg you to kill the demon bush on behalf of our
>humanity, and on behalf of the rare American Patriot who
>will get rightly confused as, bush bitch buford blount's
>thoughtless nazi teen savages. The anitChrist must not
>be allowed to survive continuing such heinous war crimes
>against our being, and myself as the no longer reluctant
>standing eternal King.
>Listen to witness, America's corporate news celebs will
>mention it is of no concern to You as the unjustly
>robbed from and dying for the demon antiChrist in
>sacrifice. Look, I as Christ too, would destroy any
>cowardly proud bushite nazi teen soldier victimizing my
>innocent family irrationally, as most, if not all
>able-bodied men of our world would also if forced into a
>decision to defend our lives from the likes of a bush
>bitch buford blount, or a bomb wherever death squad
>running tommy franks heroin pusher, but I'm told through
>my faith in the power of myth, the military should have
>one or two brave and godly Patriots still idly standing
>around, who would willingly chance to uphold their sworn
>Oath to protect their country and family, like with the
>American Constitution's Bill of Rights, and Justice
>everywhere by protecting the falsely accused, as could
>be, themselves, they should know now, or soon will be
>learning of the other way. A proud nazi bushite savage,
>is a dead nazi bushite savage halted from harming our
>innocent families irrationally, and low and behold, a
>good nazi bushite savage is easily found as an enemy of
>ALL Humanity and God, hiding as nazi vermin in the
>pirated, bushite military uniform, not true Americans,
>but enemies to US all, which includes their selves they
>pour toxic waste on, while the bushmob robs their
>'smart' family back home, undefended, neglected, and
>wounded like Christ was.
>Your Mr. bush Jr. is worthless to this world as a
>hater of American freedom to not arrest himself and
>rotten rummy for murdering US New Yorkers on 9/11.
>All I'm looking for in this world, one human enough to
>join US equally as a Loyalist to Humanity, and to do
>everything we can together to destroy that treasonous
>9/11 perpetrator, corporate america's so very deeply
>hated and despised this entire Universe over, Your Mr.
>bush Jr.. To not bravely kill or immediately arrest the
>demon antiChrist along with rumsfeld the rotten, sets
>enslaved america tracking further down an old worn path
>of History, as enemies of not only the good Iraqi People
>bush and bremer whom openly rob from now without apology
>while giving out cheap candy, but of US all truly in the
>bigger dream without bindings. It's like bush is waging
>his demon war with every political body that believe
>evidence is a requirement to convince US who is evil, or
>criminal, an wallah, as if by some Supreme Will, the Son
>of a Just God named Johnny really comes down to our
>levels to raise a simple awareness through one hell of
>a, big time collecting plate. (Every proud bushite nazi
>bagged, I'm willing to pay the good deeder, ten cents
>Fear not my friend, the fascist bushite shall be lost by
>our universally wreathed good guy plot line. An evil
>bushite now irrationally fights against everyone's
>freedom for a war criminating ungodly tyrannical evil
>power that persecutes the innocent with murder, or
>torture to steal our, sworn to uphold eternal values
>from. If I don't destroy the demon bush antiChrist in
>Our defense with this last breath, someone else will,
>and our faith in God will with hope, find a love truly
>honored with respect and gratitude for being so
>magnificent. Never again, left vulnerable in my name as
>undefended to be victimized for a war monger's
>Let US get out there and bag US the bush demon for God,
>or the Lord, Allah, or just Johnny, instead of
>victimizing Catholics, Muslims, Jews, or Atheists, along
>with all the rest as a Palestinian truly measured,
>encompasess everyone.
>The Two Troublemakers
> http://www.rense.com/general46/guilt.htm
>/ / Some of the students had Palestinian passports. When
>they asked what they were guilty of, the [bushite nazi savage]
>soldiers said, "You are guilty of being Palestinian." \ \
>A ungodly bushite nazi teen soldier, as an enemy of
>America was quoted to say also to the falsely
>/ / "Say that you love Bush and I will give you food," \ \
>Not a love for Justice, or the Bill of Rights, but a
>love for the American cop killer traitor bush demon
>robbing their very own grandparents they demand by
>threat of your murder, for US all as Humanity to do
>likewise degenerating, sacrificing our World as cowardly
>slaves to benefit the ungodly bushmob 'cabal' of
>parasites, the enemies of everyone, including that as
>God's will.
>'Beyond human imagination'
> link to www.globeandmail.com
>/ / I told them I wanted a lawyer. They told me I had no
>right to a lawyer, because I was not an American citizen. \ \
>"International law? I'd better call my lawyer,"
> http://www.payk.net/mailingLists/iran-news/html/current/msg05842.html
>/ / "International law? I'd better call my lawyer," the
>American President joked in response to a reporter's
>question at the White House. \ \
>Again, by denying the rest of US as Humanity Justice,
>the bushites need advertise between commercial break
>only, "Laden did it", no need to follow the ample
>criminal 9/11 leads folks, because the crime they say
>wasn't committed by true American values. Go on along
>bush, cheney, and rumsfeld say, pay no attention to our
>evidentiary findings such as, the American FBI's
>documented contention, that bush's business partner,
>General Ahmad, funded the 9/11 'mastermind' Atta, or the
>CIA's, regarding bush LYING in America's name about
>Niger (TREASON), or MSNBC's almost Biblical Revelation,
>about the bushmob having a signed and sealed, 'top
>secret' war plan to not follow the 9/11 evidence to
>secure invasion of Afghanistan for Enron, at
>Condoleeza's desk, two days prior to the terrorist act
>taking place, of which when confronted, confessed as
>fully implemented by the Whitehouse. A 'top secret'
>plan to blame Laden on a crime they wouldn't actually
>try to arrest for with evidence, a plan arranging that
>would find bin in Afghanistan pleading innocence with
>the help of bush's partner again, General Ahmad, a crime
>of such magnitude, it would 'justify' a war mongers
>criminal invasion to thwart Enron's impending CRIMINAL
>bankruptcy, THIEVING FROM MOMS AND POPS, to then,
>ATTEMPT, to close the surviving, armed with knowledge
>for good reason Police investigations. All of this
>setting a lowly nazi bushite war criminal, frothing
>publicly at more than six billion + of US, to state
>without opinion, that We, as Humanity, are no longer
>afforded God's GIVEN Human Rights to defend ourselves,
>nor is the criminal dictates of the demon antiChrist
>accountable to any rules of law. Universal they
>publicly quip, as the not-so 'secret' ungodly bushite
>doctrine of tyranny as enslavement of all that is
>Righteous and Holy in this World, because, hey, there is
>no God to speak of... and the King of kings, Son of God
>fellow, well.. that's all just ninepence fiction. No,
>WE, as all the make believers of this World, will no
>longer have ANY legal recourse to defend our own loved
>family from being stolen from through a bush bitch
>buford blount doing whatever criminally with dumfuk
>loyal nazi teen bushites leading to sacrifice for, for
>demon bush dictates his corporate american bred bushite
>nazi teen leaders, can not be held to a code of conduct,
>distinction, or honor. That's the bush world now you'll
>except without say. As an American, you're forfeiting
>your rights by not saying anything to protect those
>falling murdered in evil bush's name. American Talk
>Radio is waiting for your call to be hung up on.
>All Nations outside of America are a politician's
>friend, and nobody is going to vote to incriminate
>ourselves for something we would be innocent of. For
>bush, Ashcroft, and rumsfeld to contend, humans outside
>of bush america's border, are no longer afforded the
>rights of being, and bushites can rob our Universe and
>there is nothing anybody can do about it, isn't going to
>sell well anywhere. The criminals have enough of a time
>not getting caught for the things that they do, and
>almost no one but the lifeless, would stand silently
>with bush while needlessly murdering ourselves as the
>See?, when bush bitch buford blount murderers innocent
>people, often their surviving friends and family take it
>out by killing bushite soldiers that mindlessly follow
>bush bitch buford blount's criminal command. And, why
>shouldn't we? The unarrested bush bitch buford blount
>confesses to murdering thousands of good honest People,
>for no objective, but to let the bushmob rob even
>further more children from US all. Kill bush for the
>love of Jesus, please.
>Notice to the World: Literate American Soldiers have
>not voiced written objection to my writing,
>(us.military.army) but for the exceptionally rare
>bushite nazi savage, who sorrily slack, others shouldn't
>be allowed to tell the truth about polls, 9/11 criminal
>investigations, or bush and rummy getting the Patriots
>murdered for pension thieves and heroin pushers to
>tyrannically profit at our devolvements. Encouraging US
>to continuing in bush's name getting robbed and murdered
>irrationally? no rights to defend ourselves from crime
>in a court of law they say?, without a God, or any
>reason for love of this world whatsoever? The bushites
>think that they can first degree murder our world's
>women and children, our freedoms as Justice for US all,
>and miraculously, as the result, will bring our entire,
>dazed and confused World to it's knees as the whore of
>Babylon. Indefinitely. (Not like a real Whore mind
>you, most crack-addicts, and even some G men, hold
>limits on how far they'll go victimizing the innocent to
>glorify a blatantly evil and ungodly enemy of all that
>is good and righteous in this world.
>The CIA, and the FBI are surely in agreement with US, on
>this indivisible Justice thing. The quicker bush dies
>as unarrested traitor by the hands of a true American
>Patriot, the sooner an explanation will be demanded as
>forth right and coming.
>Again, American soldier, wake up, and kill bush for
>sacrificing your friends and family to die as cowards,
>too afraid to stand with God in defense of the once
>great American flag. My America, is the land of the not
>so stupid, and brave enough to kill unarrested bush and
>rumsfeld for 9/11 almost immediately, or any other war
>criminating enemy of America fighting to not have our
>Justice served by nabbing the true 9/11 suspects.
>Through a legal lens - the attack and occupation of Iraq
> http://electroniciraq.net/news/printer1262.shtml
>/ / The International Covenant on Civil and Political
>Rights, RATIFIED by both the U.S. and Britain, pulls no
>punches on this count: "Any propaganda for war shall be
>prohibited by law" (Article 20). \ \
>This is what bush needs to be immediately arrested on
>for his Niger claims, if you see him not behind bars
>awaiting public trial, do the American Police force and
>soldiers everywhere a favor, and kill the escaping demon
>bush for the love of Your life wills it.
>By protecting the demon antiChrist bush for continuing
>in Our names to rob from Humanity by breaking American
>laws willingly, will now be a public declaration
>supporting crime against our betters. I will not stand
>motionless while bush and rumsfeld with bremer persecute
>school teachers not guilty of criminal offences, while
>pirating Iraq's wealth for Dutch-Shell, Worldcom, and
>double billers, commi Halliburton, all the while,
>feeding American Patriots radio-active toxic waste to
>die as losers. Think Patriot.
>Arthur MacArthur "Those forty minutes when I defied my
>orders, were the keystone of my career." A career that
>would lead him to the highest rank in the United States
>Army. Saving many lives he did by doing so bravely.
>His son later, defying Hoover, smashed thousands of
>American WWI vets, who were demanding their promised
>checks to save themselves from starvation. Winning he
>did, corporate banking's recognition and praise as a
>savior of the american way of life, and The People?,
>they ate it again when in 1950, at the age of 70,
>defying Truman, launched a win sumtin at all costs
>attack against China, that quickly during the unreported
>stupid needless slaughter of countless American teens,
>forced Truman to concede defeat by begging for a
>immediate truce with China while firing MacArthur, who
>came home to giant demonstrations of love and affection
>for sacrificing American lives forgotten to the
>accolades of corporate america's unsung hero.
>George S. Patton Jnr. "It's no fun to say to a man you
>love, go out, go out and get killed, and we have had to
>say it, and by God they have gone..."
>Johnny Wizard "Let US just get bush instead friend."
>For the love of life and countries, kill bush as traitor
>to all our Humanity.
>Your unbroken eternal Warrior,
>as acting Servant and King,
>the one and only,
>as staring Johnny Wizard,
>the true Son of Man
>P.S. My reader, I taunt you again: forward these words
>of love or hate as if they were of Your own concern.
>America I think Will be interested in this public
>outrage of the silent majority, an outrage that will
>ecplise into an international scandal of such
>proportions, it just might win US the newscast with the
>facts on Justice ruling our way. ( I am excepting all
>reasonable job offers. Hint hint.)
>A bushite nazi soldier's motto: Do NOT kill demon bush
>for the love of God as true Patriots would, but war your
>comrades in arms with toxic cluster bombs to secretly
>kill yourselves with later on, including US as the
>innocent, our children included, while STEALING, not
>going nowhere public Iraqi institutions, including
>desperately needing humanitarian aid shipments, starving
>the poorest of the poor, all to please and glorify the
>pension thieves of our Grandparents, and the heroin
>pushers to our school kids.
>> To my friends in Iraq, don't let corporate american
>> media divide yourselves from community as equal
>> participators. An Iraqi, is foremost, a member of our
>> Humanity, and just like the rest of US, hate the God
>> betraying anti-American demon antiChrist bush, more than
>> anything else in the Universe for persecuting the
>> innocent while killing coppers to steal our assets
>> undefended without a leader to speak out everywhere for
>> our living rights included.

/ / "So what's the difference?" \ \

Asking of an opinionated, biased human presence as US
censored into silence being the bushite corporate
american nazi menace, "So what's the difference?" bush

What is the difference if the People's President of the
United States intentionally misleads the entire nation
into creating a costly unprovoked war scene to murder
our good friends and family for Generations?, goaded by
unfounded IMMINENT global threats to our dying freedoms
and liberty, lawless bush truly answers to whom again?..

BILLS, that's a difference. Hundreds of billions wasted
for no legitimate justification as a war monger's war
crimes. An irrational war of indiscriminate killing
fought to lower our complete, unrestricted access
without delay we had in Iraq prior, while an evil
bushite nazi teen soldier's life is cast away as
worthless, without any true meaning to speak of. All
People should recognize a LEADERLESS nazi bushite
soldier wars to victimize innocent people STEALING our
lives and values without a thought to question what it
means to be true blue American.

What real honor does a proud bushite soldier possess for
victimizing the innocent with toxic waste they dump on
themselves like with land mines, to die as cowardly nazi
bushite vermins, who try fruitlessly to criminally harm
only our own instead? What real man, wouldn't proudly
destroy a nazi bushite soldier warring their innocent
family I ask all Peoples as the Son of God's Creation to
wake up to this simple reality? There is approximately
six and a half billion of US expected to cower in line
politely with our children as the recognized innocent,
God, that they, as bushite nazi vermins tell US would
irrationally victimize to glorify the antiChrist, as
enemies of America, and the flags of Freedom everywhere.
The nazi bushite soldier, who like under the orders of
buford blount, wars You, me, and God as a bigot weakling
to protect pension thieves and heroin pushers, recently
were quoted to figure, US Humans must not legitimately
contribute to the bush revisions of america's new
"democracy" by complaining over any of our public
policies, here or abroad, for, as an enemy of Humanity,
the bushites confess to instigating first degree murders
against those whom would only argue for better Universal
health care, lower utility costs for ourselves as the
public interests, investments in education, or
attempting to form a just, ruling governmental
representation of causes for our better enjoyments. How
many Patriots does cowardly war criminals, steven
russell or buford blount have to ORDER sacrificed by the
good guys, before a real Soldier's Soldier gets the God
betraying lawless demon bush monster as an enemy to "The
People" as US all included?

Like Iraq's oil-for-food idea, or Iraq's stolen
universal Health care system, as it is so today,
practiced in every developed country this world over,
intelligently, but for not in publicly witnessed as
devalued corporate american interests, as the US as some
sort of massive sell out liquidation sale by gun point.
(Americans pay twice as much per capita as Canadians do
for public health services, and it's not because Canada
doesn't pay doctors that we can freely enter a hospital
and wait like everybody else does, we, like the rest of
Humanity's Democracies, don't see a good reason to
insert a CEO's company of crooks to pocket most the
public health care cash taxed as a billionaire placed
stupidly in our ways to the Emergency Room. Where do
you think Ross Perot took his health care billions from?
Wounded Americans taxed as politically incompetent
that's where. Although, see?, Ross is not all that bad
a chap as chiseler, but, he doesn't have a medical
degree that I know of, and that's the trouble with our
ills of government ineptitude; we're being charged for
things we wouldn't choose to pay instead to someone else
for. Republicans often publicly argue they're inept,
and that's why they must destroy yet another, public
trust for their lobbyist's paid for privilege. [Enron
and Gramm: Californian tax payers shovel billions to
the criminal shysters, and Gramm, gets a measly hundred
grand for not working on behalf of the State losing.])

Destroy a dumfuk war criminating proud bushite soldier
who would irrationally murder Your family like steven
russell suggests you shouldn't speak up for, and all day
long, you'll like have good Karma I swear, and a better
future will surely be had for all by TRULY protecting
Your own family as God's one true love.

Demon bush in another tantrum "But the fact that he is
not there is, means America's a more secure country."

Huh? In the naked bush illusion, Saddam no longer there
means more security, and damn the real world results of
consequence. (Where's the speech writers he'll shrill
for as something Churchillian this time again probably.)
If the demon bushmob murdered 6 billion of US
irrationally but for stealing our profits and denying
Your rights of Freedom through indivisible Justice as
principle, would we therefor, all be more secure for not
arresting or executing the treasonous war mongering
antiChrist bush demon FIRST?, before he commits US to
more needless irrational mass murder, perhaps including
Your own also?, right?, like franks told US, the
leaderless bushite nazi teen forces don't do death
counts, nor will they allow US to either through
unbiased corporate news services, because they not only
lie to America as ungodly traitors, but truly lie to
themselves hiding as cowardly DYING evil nazi dumfuk
bushite savages. The bushites don't want the Patriots
to know how many have already died as the bad guys
feeding themselves depleted plutonium, all for STEALING
Iraq's wealth, freedom and prosperity for the lawless
bushmob 'cabal' to profit at.

Where, I DEMAND, is the stated concern for Our Iraqi
lives the bushites kept telling US they had a concern
for? How difficult would it be to fly in a billion or
two in food and health provisions for everyone paid for,
by made generous Halliburton or WorldCom as examples?
How difficult would it be to arrest bushite nazi
soldiers who commit first degree murders?, like buford
blount openly confesses?, no investigation required
there. How can Peace truly be had in Iraq, if buford
isn't arrested on war crimes, or found dead as heinous
traitor to all and country?

Someone destroy the demon bush for US please, and
tell'em that was just our way to protect God's dying
Family from the war criminal bush's, further ungodly and
evil fascist tyranny, disguised to nobody but through
corporate news censorship on our top priorities. Our
history with the antiChrist demon bush lorder, is well
documented despite my limited coverage, and he must be
royally trounced to protect Our America from further
criminal sacrifices made irrationally under the lunatic.

Kill Our Mr. bush Jr. American Patriot, and be loved
by all as Savior.

All ready,

King Johnny


Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in your heart as worthy?

Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying
our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager
assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while dumping radio-active
toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMBFUCKS, just so
bush, their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for his
re-election campaign?

What do you feel about poisoning American troops for no good reason?
Do you notice, no one can explain why such a poison would be self fed
to the dumfuk cowardly troops? Too weak and stupid to even publicly
discuss the issue.

Why? Because their not real men, but largely illiterate, cowardly,
facist nazi vermin, traitors to their own Family and Neighbours as
they shit on the American flag and all that freedom represents
constitutionally. Echem, bush is still smirking over their life and
death sacrifices for halliburton and Dutch-Shell. Cowards, weak and
stupid, are all proud American bushited soldiers. Too cowardly and
weak to even talk about their own devaluations, while they fall maimed
or dead as bushwhore victims. I'd destroy any proud nazi soldier who purposefully war crimes our children and families in Iraq and elsewheres, while serving for the director of Kissinger( Suharto and Pinocet) Associates, the talantless criminal DICTATOR Bremer, who as traitor to the WORLD, had arrested those Jay Gardner allowed to start organizing elections for promised freedoms.
(You know?, why Our American soldiers were told their sacrificing their lives for now instead of the non-existent weapons evidence?)

CNN and CBC PURPOSEFULLY portray OUR SOLDIERS as having no comments, or are too afraid as fascists to even public speak out for themselves and their dead comrads,leaving bush's corporate america to continue devolving the once great American dream by further open piracy. All in blind sacrifice for the 9/11 criminal traitor, the American cop killer, Our Mr. bush Jr., the antiChrist. A puny mortal!

Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in America's heart as worthy?

God could sure use our support right about now.



No one denies that DU, is dangerously radioactive, and highly toxic,
and that as much as 30 percent of the munition oxodizes into
microscopic particles that can be inhaled. CBC and CNN refuse to
address the top priority issue, and would rather leave US ALL to suffer
further for our ignorance. Phone them yourself and hear what evil is,
when no follow up is done to benefit our communities, our police
agencies, or our families.

There was NO REASON to blow up public Iraqi institutions with this
form of weaponry that indisriminately murders for generations. A
conventional bomb would have told the same evil criminal act, but not
included neibourhood children, or cowardly bushwhore soldiers who
refuse to protect their families as their dying flag.


Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying
our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager
assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliberton, while dumping radio-active
toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMBFUCKS, just so bush,
their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for his
re-election campaign?

Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction:
Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?


FROM "Standing Ground"

"Why would bush and rumsfeld not want to arrest the
perpetrators of 9/11 I ask you cowardly nazi american
bushwhore victims?"

Learn About Depleted Uranium From The US Army's Expert on Depleted
Uranium (DU)
Text of Dr. Doug Rokke Speaking in California, 21.04.03


Humanity never took to the demon bush's performance, of excepting his
faulty conclusions on our intelligence services position through the
Iraq situation. Now, we're expected under corporate news control to
further deify bush into blindly believing the actions taken so far,
for US people over there in Iraq, have been somehow in our benefits as
the unseen. While the terrorists of Dutch-Shell, and the repeatedly
convicted for massive fraud against the American People without handed
prison sentences, Halliberton, caters to the pirates at the Iraqi
Can evil bush or rotten rumsfeld explain to anyone publicly the
declaration founding the Office of the Coalition Provisional
Authority, OCPA, (Used to be ORHA, office of reconstruction and
HUMANITAIRIAN ASSISTANCE) the colonial regime now criminally occupying
the country, stating in its preamble that it "will help alleviate
dependence on humanitarian assistance", while as of yet, no concerted
effort has been waged to restore stability to the Iraqi people with
the basic necessities for life, uncontaminated air, clean water, and
their own food Saddam already paid billions ?of his own
money? for. Let us DEMAND by gun point from bush or rotten
rumsfeld about how privatizing Iraqi assets through piracy, is
anything else but another act of treason against Humanity, committed
by the sacrifices of American soldiers as dmfukd without real
leadership.. Let US hear from mass murderer bush how WE were mistaken
by his lies as our God's suffering and dread. Why do the bushites at
media controls support silence regarding OURSELVES as the INNOCENT at
Guantanemo? Where are our voices for supporting further instability
in Iraq to kill American Patriot Soldiers, so the likes of death squad
funders Shell, and cheney?s alter, halliberton, can profit off
YOUR living, unjustly sacrificed? Don?t look to me as your
cross, look to yourself as this Universe is God as ourselves being
victimized. As Creation, we are calling for Your Universal Freedom
through Justice, but if you help nothing to your plundered neighbors,
who needs you then in your missing conclusion? Fuck, I can?t
help hate that God hater demon bush as much as any real Atheist would.
We are suffering by deliberate censorship on our top priority events
up there without US at CNN headquarters to speak on the bush demon and
rotten rumsfeld?s blatant evil treason to all of our Humanity.
Which includes yourself too, as a misinformed, 12 hour work day
alcoholic with a mortgage payments overdued, getting away to relax
from growing pressures by escaping with fantasy in film, a popular
hobby that doesn?t directly address our real world plights
falling further by corrupt bush doctrine though, a practiced act of
lawless murder as wanton destruction against our innocent families.
Is it that nothing is no matter of war as so serious, that it requires
ongoing challenges with investigative journalism for America in
servitude? Where is the bush bio-trucks follow up? Where is the IAEA
report as all the false evidence bush would use to war ourselves
blindly to steal our money? Is not stealing homes from G-D
un-Jewish? Just what is Fox News selling US as an honest portrayal of
freedom surviving? Is it to witness ourselves as elected officials
disenfranchised from participation in our own living futures and
ability, but for to be counted politically incompetent as victim to
further criminal transgressions? Uncontested to our graves by CNN's
Bill Hemmer, or CBC's Barbara Budd who give no excuses to anyone for
their silence of contempt for our dying futures? Phone them yourself
and ask why they forbid our knowledge from being acknowledged. Our
media services should be helping garner support for our causes
politically speaking, by airing our political news developments. When
bush and rumsfeld needlessly drop radio-active nuclear waste on our
public institutions that served our communities interests, then bill
US further to rebuild what they criminally destroy, the poison kills
US all. For no good reasons, bush has America suffer, with this,
bushite feigned delusional ignorance on everything of critical
importance to US, portrayed corporately as unawares to hide
bush?s ill will for all as the denied humans. With the
subsequent growing overall perception world-wide, of American
cowardice to stand against huge injustices against God committed
openly in their names politically pirated. As I said, mentally
deranged bush is evil himself, and Patriots need to find the faith in
yourself to believe we need you.


King Johnny

Standing Ground

What was Saddam doing that we could have fought for
betterment by simply communicating over those who
couldn't care less as criminals? Left sacrificed for
the lying evil bushites, stealing our resources that are
God's thank you for a job done well. Our praise for
Love. The evil pirate bush is leaving our friends and
family dead broke as murder victims unfactored
politically speaking by corporate news censorship. The
corporate bushites are depicting Americans like they
have no concern, or would have, regarding the NEEDLESS
radio-active contamination of "The People" as top
priority news material, never mind God's uncounted
innocent suffering for bush in other realms, while YOU,
yes YOU, reader, are left continually denied to PUBLIC
newscasts for openly challenging ANYONE who agrees with
the falsehoods we're being force fed, regarding bush's
murder rampages as a terrorist harbor, and 9/11
perpetrator. An American cop killer is Our Mr. bush
Jr.. Newsweek reported that bush doesn't want Americans
to know he was personally warned of an imminent
terrorist act, involving a suicide run high-jacking, of
which after warning Ashcroft to stay off of commercial
flights, devised an invasion of Afghanistan plan with
General Ahmad, Condoleeza, and others, to blame bin
Laden for some new crime, that had yet, no evidence
connected to. Something new and BIG to start a war
against Afghanistan with. For Enron. Just prior to
9/11. Secretly. To throw away innocent lives. Like
American soldiers as practically brain dead already.
The atheist General already KNEW no evidence would be
criminal intent against Allah as all People. Example:
With any evidence for say, the Cole bombing, would have,
if existed, garnered Laden's deportation by the American
flag waving Justice supporters, and spoiled the labored,
top secret Presidential Directive evil bushite plan for
criminal invasion of our world body politic (revealed by
MSNBC). As was so threatened by the bushites against
the Taliban would happen, (Niaz Niak) for not siding
with Centgas and American pension thieves Enron, and
instead, as the Taliban had done, gone for the better
business offer from Argentina's Bridas. Had any
evidence been brought out publicly by bush against
Laden, his arrest and public trial would have been
assured. Living does order so, no contest, but no..
the false deity criminal demon bush, actually said we
didn't need to follow the criminal leads to protect
Justice and Freedom, then told US to take off our
thinking caps, while he and cheney worked as traitors to
stop outstanding questions by refusing to listen to
American freedom fighters, including the FBI and CIA
investigated conclusions made public, but ignored by
Arron Brown, or super dweeb Bill Hemmer. Mr. Bush's
business partner, General Ahmad, according to the FBI,
was directly connected to the funding of 9/11's
mastermind, Mohamed Atta. That's right. Mr. Bush's
invasion strategy of Afghanistan, and 9/11 are
intimately connected through the General who was
smoozing with bush's secret inner circle, two days prior
to 9/11. At the WhiteHouse. Getting ready to perform,
the invade Afghanistan without any evidence plan.
Confessed later publicly as to why he was there then
ready. An invasion that Blair told us couldn't have
happened, but for the lucky, world trade centers
incident. Get your life in hand Soldier, and destroy
Our unarrested Mr. bush Jr., or, continue to turn
against your own comrades and family while unjustly
dying as a cowardly betrayer to God's America, and
freedom to all everywhere.

What does the classified Defence Intelligence Agency's
complete assessment summarized for the Pentagon
regarding Iraq in Sept 2002, "THERE IS NO RELIABLE
information on whether Iraq is producing and stockpiling
chemical weapons" tell you? Or Greg Theilmann, a
recently retired State Department intelligence analyst,
directly involved in assessing the Iraqi threat, saying
that "there is a lot of sorrow and anger at the way
intelligence was misused". Or how about rumsfeld's
personal private intelligence team, (two three four or
five not publicly elected, secret saboteurs of public
accountability) of having "cherry-picked the
intelligence stream" to make it seem like dying American
soldiers make for good war profiteering? Or Vince
Cannistraro, former CHIEF of the CIA counterterrorist
operations, describing intelligence officers who blame
the Pentagon for proffering "fraudulent" intelligence,
"a lot of it sourced from the Iraqi National Congress of
Ahmad Chalabi." Chalabi who gave out millions of earned
dollars in bad loans to himself as banker, then quickly
fled the country of Jordan as disappeared, before an
investigation had even formally begun? Finally, how
about 35 year veteran, Colonel Doug Rokke, Ph.D. as the
Senate commissioned Army's foremost authority on DU
toxicity, of which he will tell you Soldier as a
scientist with tools for measurement, DU is needlessly
killing American service People for our lack of concern
for ourselves at corporate news control. No reason to
be dying! Are not American soldiers, American people to
CNN also?

Again, Saddam pro-actively gave the world 100% access to
anywhere unrestricted, to complain or make better
anything, and offered the national Iraqi airwaves to
bush personally, to state his contentions to want mass
murders against ourselves as the innocent. No Iraqi, or
American soldier was needed for sacrifice, but only to
let Halliberton take more than is bargained from The
People as victims. American, and Iraqi. It has also
been reported the bush administration, particularly
Powell, would have likely known secretly, that the
widely praised Kamel, you know, Hussein Kamel, the
foremost authority on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction
programs?, indicated to UNSCOM in 1995, with his records
he stole when he defected, the WMD were destroyed for
good reasons. The 1.5 tons of VX sited, predates 1991,
and HAD a viable shelf life of no more than eight weeks,
while provided in part to Saddam, CRIMINALLY, by
american associates to steal more innocent lives.
Bremer? Never mind the fact recently disclosed, again,
that the reason not all can ever be accounted for, is
the years old burnt remains haven't revealed exact
quantities of anthrax. Therefor, the UN, couldn't give
Iraq any benefit, no matter what, never could, under
bush dictates, STILL, and, bush is now wagering,
Americans must continue to ignore American principles,
all recent history, including everything he said two
weeks previous, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,
GOD, and suffer as sacrificed cowards to the further
criminal dictatorship of Our foolish Mr. Bush Jr..
Where was Kofi, or Blix to speak of the unfairness of
the bushites impossible requests on disclosing illegally
provided american savagery? Where is Kofi to speak for
US People being poisoned by radio-active depleted
uranium as anyone? ANYONE! Now we have the UN refusing
to protect the interests of US Iraqi People, by letting
the demon bushites seize criminally all assets, while
formally proclaiming through the UN uncontested, the
tyrant bush won't be accountable to any rules of law,
when it comes to accounting for our stolen money. Or,
like karma, American tax payers secretly paying
Haliburton 490 MILLION overhead, without free market
protections, on top of fifty thousand a day salaries,
ALL because nationally, THEY're willing to go silently
as censored while bush robs from US "People" way over in
the Far East somewheres. Did you hear of Powell, quoted
stating, "There were weapons of mass destruction in
Iraq. It wasn't a figment of anyone's imagination,"?
Of course that is not what is, or what was disputed
factually, or at issue, so, Powell reportingly followed
up to cover his intentional inacuracy with risking
American lives by splurting further, "What we have to do
now is not get trapped in the long-winded debate about
what was known and not known,".

We knew we were right, before we were wronged.

Let us throw in Powell for public trial also under
treason Along with bush, rumsefeld, blair and franks,
and maybe too, cheney, for looking so suspicious.
Nature's natural progression for humanity is to
intelligent progression by collective design with our
freedoms in the balance through laws, or death by
regression through failures to communicate against
irrational, unjust acts openly perpetrated in our names
as forfeited, under Our evil Mr. bush Jr., the for real
demon antichrist, figured in disguise.

You are now christened as someone who has read of the
great once secret, true American Patriot, pleading for
help to save God as ourselves,

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Do you think you could find it in your dark heart
to forward myself through OUR media, to instigate lively
debate, or perhaps spare a paltry five minutes of help
for your own survival by instinct? Is it just too much
to ask you as a fellow human being, to help US out with
a true care for living? Call out on Justice to save one
as worthy to hear Nature's praise, or don't, and
deservingly fall to US as deceived blind traitor, a
betrayer like bush to yourself and Humanity's family, as
all of Creation is this Universe as God's Son too. Oh
Yeah way!


Learn About Depleted Uranium From The US Army's Expert on Depleted
Uranium (DU)
Text of Dr. Doug Rokke Speaking in California, 21.04.03

> > > >  http://questionsquestions.net/docs04/0417_slowburn.html
> > > > Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops
> > > > What 'Support Our Troops' Really Means

We Used To Impeach Liars - By William Rivers Pitt




So, well... that demon bush doesn't seem to want to
stop murdering US for his own personal criminal exploits
with rumsfeld, eh? One bomb-shell after another depicts
the demon bush as a traitor to everything the American
flag once represented, but do we see the CNN celebs
reporting impartially on behalf of the neglected
suffering American soldiers falling DEAD as expendable?
being NEEDLESSLY contaminated by radioactive nuclear
waste to further profit from de-valuating THEIR own
ACTUAL stolen lives dying? Corporate american soldiers
being left measured as valueless, along with a few
thousand generations of our victimized families?,
weighed unworthy to the huge corporate savings of
recklessly dumping hazardous waste on US all as Humanity
for the bushmob to sinisterly smirk as Our enemies?
Enemies of my Father who Art in Heaven? Or, is ALL of
America just as CNN illustrates by censorship and the
propaganda of silence in contempt, infested with
pervasive cultist bushwhore nazi irrationalisms, truly
dying cowards sacrificing their OWN brethren for the
evil bush demon to further plunder God as all People?

The Internet, a bastion of Freedom, indicates Our Mr.
bush Jr. as the most despised as hated, war criminal of
all recorded History. (Googlism's world renown A.I.
engine names 'bush' as anti-christ scientifically, and
might soon name me, Johnny Wizard, as a never ending
expletive.) Name a proud soldier in bush's america, and
I'll show you a dumfuk functional illiterate, a sadistic
war criminal who attacks the defenseless and innocent,
or a treasonous as cowardly, anti-American bushwhore
victim, dying in contempt for themselves as worthy of
consideration. Just like most corporate american
political analysts refusing, so far, to report on such
things as NEWSWEEK's Revelations on Hussein Kamel, show
a generalized refusal of corporate bushwhore america to
stand up for American principles, (like with the FBI or
CIA 9/11 investigations), Justice for US all included.
We learn now, the one man more sited by the bushmob for
allegations of unknown secretly hidden from everyone,
(including Saddam), weapons of mass destruction, in fact
testified the contrary in 1995, that all the weapons he
was in charge with, were actively destroyed in 1991 by
himself as the head of the programs being
de-commissioned. NOT STRATIGICALLY VIABLE. Just as the
judicial evidence collected to date has indicated, and
reason would surmise. Information that Powell would
have known of for sure, like the reverse engineered
rockets, for he sited Kamel's undisclosed testimony, and
as it turned out, luckily, Kamel's entire recorded
transcript, was only a mere 7700 or so odd bytes in
ASCII. Then now, NEWSWEEK again, in their June 3
edition, have even further brought Freedom closer as
potential, by divulging that demon bush, has formally
requested certain facts regarding his and rumsfeld's
complicity to 9/11, also be shrouded in secrecy ....



"Classified: Censoring the Report About 9-11?

Bush officials are refusing to permit the release of matters already
in the public domain--including the existence of intelligence
documents referred to on the CIA Web site.

By Michael Isikoff


Why would bush and rumsfeld not want to arrest the
perpetrators of 9/11 I ask you cowardly nazi american
bushwhore victims? Where is Afghanistan's promised
liberation from heroin addiction? Vinnell is the
private company repressing women as US People criminally
in Saudi Arabia for decades, like Dutch-Shell and
Halliburton would profit off your repression as a slave
anywhere also, and you do not call up your friends in
the NRA to make a stand finally in honor of Life,
Liberty and the dying American Dream? Remember the rest
of the Constitution about the ``We, The People'' part?
Like US over there in Uzbekistan being stolen from with
harder earned American work dollars used to terrorize
ourselves as the victimized innocent with? This is your
life the demon bush is wagering as a mass murdering war
criminal, so why do you not call the radio talk shows to
by hung up on as a continuing spectacle? Why these
DeeJays refuse to air an American Soldiers concerns for
survival is beyond me as Creator. How about you? Is
dying for bush as victim of continuing devaluation
through corporate support of his criminality, a
sacrifice your willing to take silently all the way to
your grave? As a secret coward and BETRAYER to
Yourself, life, God, and me also?

Holy crap.

Paul Bremer. The director of Kissinger Associates. You
know, Kissinger Associates, from Iraqgate fame. Illegal
supplier of Saddam's WMD to kill Americans with? The
BNL shyster, death squad runners? You know, Kissinger?,
General Pinochet, and Suharto's pal, and murderer of
tens of thousands of American soldiers for rising
Vietnam weapon sale contracts? Paul Bremer, Mr.
unbelievable, the parasite that holds Kissinger in high
regard for paying him with drug money as this world's
most widely known terrorist recruiter, stated that he
personally, Paul Bremer, would revamp Iraq's pesky
universal education and deprived health care systems,
while blatantly, in broad daylight, rob the central bank
of all it's deposits to pay wages to only the
oil-ministry workers so Dutch-Shell and Halliburton
could rape the Iraqi nation of it's resources by paper
work from in posh offices wherever, and while we weren't
looking there either, privatize it, then trail of with a
history of suggesting any nation that has a terrorist
supporter, should be nuked with him in charge of the

But why not just arrest the bad guys to US all by
evidence to conclude so rightly instead? Like outlined
in the Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independance?
What would it be my American friend, kill millions of
repressed Americans with billions of their stolen
dollars as weak pathetic cowardly losers being robbed
and taken as granted into slavedumb, or fight for
freedom by demanding the cop killer bushmob be
immediately brought to Justice by military fire power?
Will American Patriots hunt the evil bushmob down as
actual criminal traitors to American law?, or for trying
to pull a sharon in Iraq with the intent to de-stabilize
the nation further by persecuting tens of thousands as
second classed citizens without evidence because, they
served in the public sector for the Iraqi people?, Under
Saddam that we were told over and over, (with old film
footage to prove it) would murder anyone for suggesting
a national oil company that profits the People saves
Iraq for a better future? See? the bushwhores sell US
it's okay for cheney's company to rob from the Iraqi
People with no competitive, democratic processes, when
it comes to spending America's hard earned wages being
left undefended. 490 million in overhead taken with
just the Halliburton AMERICAN GOVERNMENT secret bush
contract alone on seven billion, while charging Uncle
Sam, fifty thousand per person,per day as Halibertan
fire starters. Paul Bremer? The guy who only two days
after 9/11 as the chairman of the National Commission on
Terrorism, (being at the very least familiar with the
first WTC attack being connected to a splinter cell,
rogue element in the fbi who supplied the actual
explosives, (common well documented history)), suggested
a, without legal consensus, war of blind agression
against poor people anywhere, instead of seeking out the
capture of the actual individuals responsible, like
bush, rumsfeld, and...? Well well well.. The Lord
certainly does work in mysterious ways eh? We notice,
that not even the National Commission on Terrorism, of
which Bremer chairs, could find nothing to indicate he
has any accomplishments worth mentioning in the fields
of economics, health care, nor, apparantly, knows
anything of freedom when it comes down to his criminal
plans made public to persecute thousands in Iraq as the
innocent he would probably still spew like a Likud if
asked for clarification as a naked traitor to God, and
on all we stand strong as united. Bremer is a bonafide
terrorist under the FBI's own definition, and a very
serious threat to American security interests don't you

Now the profiteering as a mass murderer demon bush, is
suggesting small nukes to kill indiscriminately is a
good weapon of choice to further threaten all of
humanity with? As if more than a thousand tons of
radio-active depleted uranium, that upon explosion,
oxidizes as small as a tenth of a micron wasn't the
biggest, most hanious terrorist crime against humanity
ever since perpetrated so far into our futures? A tenth
of a millionth of a meter. As light as air travels
everywhere? For a potential four billion year assault
against GOD as all living things? Look, my friends, we
all know crime is often rampant in big business, and
anti-hemp laws make no sense for a democracy of ideas
about progress, and not follwing the rules can often be
fun, but directly profiting off the murder of ourselves
is all together something different. I beg you again,
You there Reader, forward this post to every police
agency, fire station, biker club, and PTA you can, to
openly acknowledge a wanting to destroy the bush demon
before he re-offends against all American values to
leave more undefended victims, while helping me get some
public recognition as a going nowhere public performer.
Then we wait, and if his successor escapes the
protections of American law, and starts warring as an
uncommunicative degenerate nazi savage war criminal
attacking our children's children, celebrated by
corporate news services as a false deity of blatantly
evil criminallity, we will kill cheney instead then too
as a traitor he plainly is. Sound like a good plan?
What do you think soldiers? Should Enron pay back the
money they STOLE from American Pensioners? Or, is it
too much effort to demand equal say for youreself
getting older and wiser included?

Your King of the Earth as Saviour,

truly is,

Johnny Wizard


Down to an Art

So, bush told US he wanted to improve the Iraqi living
standard, but yet still, no IMMEDIATE return to the
standard of basic necessities is being demanded or
fought for with urgency. The bushwar according to thief
bush Jr., is over now that he can overcharge Americans
secretly for whatever, like the health of contaminated
soldiers represented worthless as truly dying, then
bushwacked again, to be overcharged from prices on no
competition public disclosure contracts, with wasting
further investments of Iraqi's Capital as our human
interests, being again, devalued as ignored. Why are
the commi mass murdering bushmob partners paying
themselves hundreds of millions of taxed public dollars
in overhead, to manage a made desperate Humanitarian
disaster in bush's evil Name as the unarrested? Why was
radioactive depleted uranium, and cluster bombs used
against the innocent?, as our Family? Why isn't our
rebuilding money being allocated to hire Iraq in on the
deal for as buyer? Why is not the food aid previously
paid for, and ample supplies of health care initiatives,
being brought in by the truckload for international
festivities? Where is bush Jr. to defend himself on
these VERY GOOD Public demands of Johnny as Saviour?
Where is bush to thank You?, and convince we have it all
wrong on his criminal war tirades of death and
destruction against our innocent selves not represented
fairly? Mr. bush Jr., the antiChrist, is a war
criminal of talentless ingratitude to the rewards of
living manly. A corrupted degenerate of ignorance as
evil is what bush Jr. takes US for unjustly granted.
As never before witnessed in history, so meticulously
documented as factual, is bush an enemy of the US, as
People everywhere. Why does the bushmob regime refuse
to protect The Declaration of Independence, or The Bill
of Rights as timeless testimonials? How could possibly
pip-squeak bush Jnr steal from God the stars up high and
flying proud, and not believe that his true stripes,
would get him good for fibbing to US clouds included?
To wit, for the bushmob is leaving devolving American
Rights as forgotten ancient knowledge, sacrificed to be
as granted through contempt for the Human Spirit, and in
all of what we possess for potentials living godly as
Nature. I just hope we're here to help ourselves
somehow eventually... or maybe our future just goes
extinct from neglect of our failures to communicate?,
who can say.

Freedom to me, is not only for the bushites to rob our
world blind of Justice, as left for dead broke not
speaking any longer, it is also evidently understood, we
want as anyone else does, an ability to succeed through
life's challenges for happiness. To continuing survival
by defeating blatant evil stupidity with evidence to
conclude our crucial national news material. Calling in
for simple reason for bush's murdering action, must be
demanded as the good guys winning. The human species
should be known as humane, not dialogued in passing, as
an almost forgotten footnote on the illness of
"bushitism" in a fringe Universal Galactic Federation
study session of Life's pitiful failures in the Milky
Way galaxy. "too weak politically to care about their
own devaluations as bushite victims they shouted dying",
"Spooky". "Ya... they were treated politically as
outcasts, not worthy of listening to as freedom dying

I don't want to see our world destroy our world as the
unjust bush demon is a tyrant war mongering mass
murderer, while CNN's Arron Brown and Larry King report
nothing wrong with remaining unbiased. Unbiased on
sacrificing American lives for bush's lies, greed and
hate, while all the while, feigning ignorance of calls
for recognition through equal representation of Justice
as measurement.(Everyone agrees, radiation can mutate
DNA, and evident findings are required to form guilty
conclusions.) To have Ourselves not represented present,
as CNN's public concerns to complain about such things
like, Social Security, radioactive depleted uranium, or
the persecution of ourselves as the innocent at some
american gulag reported outside of jurisdiction,
clearly, borderlines treason as accessories continuing
to ignore the facts on the bush regime's criminal acts,
perpetrated in Your name too G. Why doe CNN refuse to
Present a dying Patriot Soldier's concern, regarding
cancers given to our Nature by evil bushmob dictates as
criminal? Instead of protecting bush's america, CNN
should be broadcasting in defense of America as God's
country. For truly, the unjust bush demon is our enemy
of Freedom, as a purveyor of suffering to all Peoples
left undefended, until...

What Christ would be here... Then we'd really have
something to war the evil bushites over..

Did you know, bush's business partner, General Ahmad,
allegedly, according to FBI sources, funded the 9/11
"Mastermind", Atta, but the General, still, has not been
reported as arrested, or publicly questioned by American
public officials on the significance of such direct
criminal connections. See General Ahmad, with
Condolezza, suggested in strategy, evidence should not
be supported as available, if the bush regime wanted to
steal BILLIONS to invade Afghanistan over a crime
beneath our rules of conduct regarding Justice for
America. A criminal plot that hadn't yet happened to be
known of, but, that the General was in secret meetings
regarding..... the 9/11 Presidential Directive Plan,
existing again, two days before September 11th 2001,
and, confessed to as fully implemented by the White
House to MSNBC, after the facts occurred and the secret
plan went public without much fanfare as ground

Who is watching for interest, when We, the media say
they compete for attention to promote our air-waves
without us there for our say as contributors? Is not
secretly trying People guilty without evidence made
public, below the rights of everyone freely reporting

What we need now, is a self proclaimed King of the
Universe who would reiterate the bushmob as
incompetents, incompetents who are blindly falling US
dead without good reason to. Our Mr. bush Jr., is an
evil doer unparalleled in ignorance and barbarity, who
exercises no real leadership ability, but to publicly
beg for his own true depiction as traitor.

For the love of living, destroy the demon bush for
treason please.

The Son of Man,

Johnny Wizard


You in with this friend?

Do you remember the "March 7" argument of the bushmob's,
that every expired container of american supplied, Iraqi
anthrax, is needed to be accounted for IMMEDIATELY, do
you recall?, where bush demanded no time for
unrestricted Blix to complete the job for our safety,
while telling US that weapons of mass destruction could
fall into fanatical hands if he didn't immediately
retaliate by spending tens of billions of America's much
needed, to dump tons of bombs wherever as radioactive
waste into the bodies of American soldiers? The very
same who proudly, with national media fanfare,
sacrificed life as murder victims to the bush demon
cancer cell. Well... now, apparently, the threat to
our victimized humanity is no longer a concern, what
with the reported bushmob intent to remove EVERY
sanction regarding Iraqi asset guarding, but with still,
bush not knowing where all the unused Saddam weapons
went. ? Where did bush's concern for the death of
American Patriots go as genuine? Where is bush on
American Freedom granted through Justice by strong good
reasons as, such within, the American Constitution, or
the Bill of Rights left no longer defended as your own
living included? (While You as reader, can easily if
you tried, after reading this complete, forward these
concerns of US bush victims not being heard from up at
national news desk central. If You won't help me in our
own defense truly, who will be there for Yourself as
actually worth something to consider ever?)

Let's just say if Saddam had in fact, destroyed all he
claimed, (that Blix was proactively processing for
verification with Saddam's 100% full cooperation), that
was enough of no evidence to collaborate for bush
personally to criminally war our world with mass murder
against God as the antiChrist. With the anti-American
evil bushmob now not encouraging the completion of the
UN's full accounting for the destruction of Saddam's
alleged illicit weapon warehouses, leaves the demon bush
reason for mass murder of US unresolved as no longer
important he figures unthinkingly? The bush
administration, as evil is Just the deceived disguised,
has pronounced to deliberately not be working
collaboratively to seek final conclusion of demanded UN
inspection fulfillments, you know, evidence demanded
that untold thousands of US were murdered for by small
nukes, and clusterbombs?, as devout bush failures
censored to communicate our true instincts on
maintaining our own survival? Instead of further
murdering more as criminal bush purposes, I say we just
arrest for public trial, or immediately destroy, the
bush demon and rotten rumsfeld for criminally
perpetrating the 9/11 senario against our better

So anyway, is bush now saying his concerns for defending
Humanity by WAGING war unjustly, paid with the
indiscriminate murder of the people of this World for
his crimes against humanity with radioactive depleted
uranium for generations, suppose to somehow now make
better sense for ourselves politically? Does the
bushmob concern now for no public accountable oversight
regarding Iraqi contracts going to benefit The Iraqi
People's chances, continue his reasoning as concerned
for our unrepresentative governments? I figure 25
million times 500 dollars equals 12.5 billion dollars.
Iraqis have been barely surviving off 50 cents a day
with a deliberately made, de-abilitated oil industry,
that should be upward nearer 5 dollars, easy. 25
million times 5 dollars times 365 days, equals: 9.125
billion. The World needs to know where this money has
been going under the Saddam regime, and where all the
assets are currently allocated for, to prevent possible
further criminal intentions. It has been reported that
Iraq's escrow account at the UN's oil-for-FOOD program
contains near 14 billion dollars currently, spends 10
billion yearly, with more oil sales further down the
pipeline. Planning continued from under who's direction
as benefactor? Where is Iraq represented on these
Humanitarian issues? The assets of Civilization must
not further be secretly entrusted to the bushmob
shysters for plunder, and destruction, without public
scrutiny, or legal accountability. To leave eternal
Creation undefended as the innocent for criminal
losses?, as casted out of complete existence from
humanity's own human Just being?

Rotten rumsfeld was quoted (while the world's greatest
museum and most ancient Library were being lost to the
bushmob's lawless destruction), chuckling something
like, a free people are free to commit crimes against
our Civilization, a civilization left unprotected
intentionally by the official bushmob strategy. For, it
has also been reported that tommy franks ordered unit
commanders to do nothing to stop looting for several
days, and in several international reports, some units
were encouraging looting to take place against US Iraqi
People, Our People. Why? Demon bush had promises
signed to needlessly spend our money to re-build what is
now forever gone.

If the unjust, war mongering privateer of pillage and
murder, the 9/11 perpetrating heroin pusher, Our Mr.
bush Jr., you know, the American cop killer, was
concerned for US, "The People" in Iraq, (as bush
publicly announced repeatedly) wouldn't he speak then
publicly against the injustices committed against the
completely innocent, that are committed in tyrant bush's
name against Ourselves at Guantanamo? Or bigger even,
when last have you heard bush pontificate on America
directly funding anti-Semitic hate groups like the Likud
party, who publicly hold no apology to Life as enemies
of Judaism, committing criminal assault against all life
as this Universe includes You especially?

Example: Should a crime in New York committed by a
criminal, give the bushmob the go to committing thefts,
or outright murders in Our name against the American
People as established innocent by all parties?

Timeless tales these are from the Testament, or.. how
could anyone surmise ariel sharon is anywhere remotely
close to being a practicing Jew familiar with the likes
in Genesis through Deuteronamy? Or perhaps Muhammed as
Jew lover? Something maybe like, "Well, sure the Torah
of Moses is divinely inspired through God John, and Jews
and Christians are of course godly, like everyone else
is, but, they ignore their own teachings as represented
to be politically acting as a public body. So tell "The
People", especially the Muslims, as the Quran teaches
John: everyone is seeking Peace through understanding
Justice for all people equally treated, IS self
awareness of this eternal struggle to bring about
knowing God as existence itself. Our World is suffering
needlessly for our ignorance on the benefits of learning
our weaknesses as speaking persons."

So where are we left with false deity bush charging
everyone as discounted religiously? Well, for instance,
American Patriots are faithfully being asked to further
blindly sacrifice for the bushmob's criminal intent to
privatize Iraqi's own wealth, for criminal dictator
fenders, like nationless Dutch-Shell execs, while
leaving those very same contaminated soldier Families
undefended back at HomeBase. Specifically: regarding
PAYBACK to age-discriminated granddad on his Pension, or
Social Security, or perhaps Enron (with the stolen funds
yet to be returned to the victims as EARNED life
savings), while the bushmob continues in tradition with,
sabotaging public currency flows, with the devolving,
regressing, bush amerika onslaught of inexcusable
stupidity to practice illegitimately a tax policy bereft
of any economic understandings. Yet another bushmob
atrocity not being discussed by corporate standards to
attempt recovery for America, America, as interested
party not invited for festivities, but tolled for costs
rising due to bad business practices.

Example 1: The New York Times reported, that the bush
and cheney group, with their, they don't want to be
publicly accountable to US, behind closed door themes,
had set up contracting a non-Iraqi firm, Halliburton, to
pocket 7 percent right off the top after expenses, 490
million undefended American worker paid for tax dollars.
Not till now, publicly contended over our air-waves
nationally, anywhere. And this is why, Johnny wants to
interview CNN regarding their private business practice
of our life's living concern.

Example 2: Who spends more at the grocery store to pay
the cashier's babysitter? 1000 individual public health
care workers, or, one trillionaire invested in taking
money for doing nothing by bankruptcy? Don't many
multimillionaires already own a washer\dryer, walk in
freezer, and couldn't if tried, spend 50 percent of
their national income on essential necessities to
survive till next docked payday? People with higher tax
brackets pay more in taxes on market expenditures for
good mathematical reason. Basic necessities, (some as
overpriced stolen public properties), are taxed as 80
percent of income expended to survive in Texas on toast
for something like, $3.45 an hour. To 'stimulate' the
wealth of economies, there needs to be available
currency exchanging things. Ah, but alas, the bushites
would receive no bribes from small business to sway
their secret vote. If bush gave his entire tax handout
of hundreds of billions to the poorest off, and maybe
towards a public school system, the entire American
economy would be better served for benefits as
investment, instead of to do nothing private bankers, or
non living corporate donors, existing for public hand
outs in secret board meetings we know all about from
previous experiences. Halliburton has actually been
repeatedly convicted for massive fraud by over charging
the American dimwits for their own business practices!

Did I tell you?, CNN's Bill Hemmer knows that bush's
business partner who developed the invasion plan for
Afghanistan prior to 9/11 at the White House, also
funded the alleged 'mastermind' Atta according to MSNBC,
Senate Intelligence hearings, and the FBI investigations
made Public for yourself as America?

Loyalty to striving for Justice is an honor bestowed,
for living's interest, is of our own. Why bother to be
profitable you ask of our eternal Universe in your name
Johnny? Why a commitment to empowering your dying
species being unlawfully denied a concern for your own
stupid self not represented by real leadership? Denied
a place at our table? Our birth rite as you know so?

Let's give Life some help out here People, by requesting
some recognition in our ability to be outspoken. Like
J-o-h-n-n-y - - W-i-z-a-r-d is forever as...


Some kinda freakin' godman!