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Media Training this Wednesday night from 6-9 PM at Liberty Hall
This workshop is designed for activists who are interested in responding to the mass corporate media. We are going to explain different aspects of the mass media, corporate and independent. The goals are a basic understanding of the mass media, how to respond to questions you may run into on the street and what a good soundbyte sounds like. There will be roleplay and information about local coporate media ownership/connections, and local independent media sources.

Free event, but donations would be right on.

Corporate media of course will not be allowed in, independent media are invited to participate as individuals, but no story writing...

If you need info contact us.  allbetsareoff@ziplip.com
address 09.Apr.2003 13:15


we forgot an important part...the address of liberty hall, which is 311 N Ivy. Ivy is one block south of fremont. sorry about that.