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When's the next big protest

Are there anymore mass permitted protests in the works? Has the peace movement gone totally underground?
I haven't seen any signs for any big downtown anti-war protests. It's just been small, unpermitted stuff or vigils and what-not. Did we officially give up now that the war has started (and seems like it might be over soon). If so I think its a bit of shame. Just seeing and being around 20000+ people in the street is a powerful thing and I know the marches were a good opportunity for a lot of usually apathetic people to feel excited about democracy again. Even if we've lost this battle over Iraq I think there are still plenty of fucked up shit to be pissed about with the Bushies. Personally I wish we could rally 20000 people for universal health care or ending the drug war or any number of progressive issues that have been completely swept off the table by this bullshit war.
Waterfront Park 05.Apr.2003 20:42

douglas lain

The Alliance for Peace and Justice has called for a medium sized rally (they're aiming for 5000-10,000) on April 12th, at 330pm at Waterfront Park.

This is the next big event, and then in May they'll have another big one, aiming at the tens of thousands.

Every Monday and Friday 05.Apr.2003 23:56


Every Monday and Friday at 5:00 pm starting at Pioneer Square: there is a permitted March sponsored by Portland Peaceful Response Coalition. The group has been getting smaller every week--don't give up! come show your support!

Come out for May Day 06.Apr.2003 04:12

May 1st

First of all it's an annual event, and worldwide this year promises to put Febuary 15th to shame.

No Monday PPRC Rally... 06.Apr.2003 18:56

no one in particular

Despite reports to the contrary, the Monday PPRC rallies were just special events and never intended to be a regular occurance. They only happened for two weeks, I think, and aren't going on anymore.

The PPRC put out a release about this on Indymedia, but I can't find it anymore...

Friday at 5pm, though!