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Michael Fay and wild places

Michael Fay walked 1200 miles through southern Africa traveling through places larger than Oregon where no humans live, visit or exist. He gave a lecture last night in Portland.
Last night, Michael Fay spoke to a crowd of about 500 people at First Congregational Church. Michael was the 3rd speaker in this year's Illahee Lecture Series (2003 Environment Matters). Derrick Jensen and Paul Ehrlich are the next two speakers, call 503-222-2537 for more info.

Michael gave a riviting lecture about his experience walking away from human settlement deep into the south African jungles of Gabon and a neighboring country. Some things I found most interesting:

How after 4-5 weeks hiking deep into the forest without seeing another human, his body toughened/acclimated and he no longer felt the pains, hungers, nicks, pricks, bites, and other things you'd associate with walking though a jungle.

How the animals acted. If you ever see a chimp in Africa it will most likely be running away since they have come to see humans as dangerous threats. His hike took him so deep that none of the animals had any experience with humans. Their true nature was distinctly different than what we expect, see and believe.

He isn't worried about other hikers/adventurests like himself visiting the area, what he worries about is industrial logging which is slowly elimating these last wild places. The area he visited is about the size of the US east of the Mississippi, with NO human settlements.

You can do a search on his name or follow the links if you want more info.

homepage: homepage: http://www.savethecongo.org/mission/about_mike_fay.shtml
phone: phone: 503-287-1798