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The democracy we bomb to you

We invade in your countries to rescue you. We enslave you to liberate you. We kill you to give you life. We bring you american democracy to plunder your nations:
The democracy we bomb to you
The democracy we bomb to you
We give you presidents which come to power by election fraud, cutback of civil rights, impoverishment of population, censorship, government consolidation of mass media, sedition and denunciation of critics by TV media, total state control of citizens, mass imprisonments, disinformation, total corruption of administration by affiliated groups and whose direct representatives in this cabinet, bribery, repression, total military upgrade at the expense of public standards, wage wars of aggression, breach of public international law, contempt of human-rights and breach of Geneva Conventions, total control of the government by corporate enterprises...

What - you mean you don't need this all! You have this all yet!

Then perhaps the israeli democracy in the grip of a couple family clans, possession of weapons of mass destruction (200 nukes etc.), consolidation of mass media, censorship and cutoff media (CNN due to friendly reporting about Palestinian and BBC due to neutral war reports), repression, torture and killing of an disenfranchised folk (since the beginning of war in Iraq 100 Palestinian were killed therefrom 26 children) permanent breach of UN conventions without any consequences...

No? Well then so we replace your feudal systems and dictatorships by our military dictatorship!

Yes, there is an international terror, it is a state terror and the nations are well known!

To do nothing means to accept!!!

worldwide permanent boycott, complete replacement of agreement currency on the oil markets from Dollar to Euro, reparation payments and economic sanctions for 12 years to reduce the budget for the US arm industry

PS: At 1:00 PM CET in the centre of Bagdad european reporter Antonia Rados LIVE on n-tv and also reporter of ARD-TV Germany have not seen any US tanks and troops in centre of Bagdad - a next great propaganda fake of Rumsfeld
Here we can see what glamor guys this Americans are and how cackhanded the Brit at Basra!

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