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Who's kidding who? Lies, Misinformation and misdirection in Corporate Portland!

Peace Marches, Protests, Boycotts and Media attacks...The Portland Business Alliance does what? Do you know? Do YOU attend City Council Meetings? Do YOU exercise your freedom for information to verify what policies, civil rules and procedures and laws are effecting You, Your Families, Your Friends and All who live here? Oh, sorry..it's just easier to support someone ELSES rhetoric -
We are being controlled - voluntarily! An example of this is the information being rallied around concerning Portland Business Alliance and The War!!! Start with this and see what changes in your worldview....

Who is the Portland Business Alliance? Originally, a group of individuals that decided City Hall wasn't doing enough to keep Portland thriving. They wanted More...More business, ergo more jobs. More jobs mean more money in circulation. More money, more people willing to invest and create new Business. The life cycle of small towns everywhere! PBA, originally the Association for Portland Progress staffed an office, contacted businesses, used current civil rules to squeeze every drop of blood money from City Hall. The Association created Downtown Clean and Safe - an area that is kept clear of graffiti, vandalism, refuse and the undesirables <read as anyone that those with money do not want to see while spending it..>, and provides the Green Coats of Information - free corporate information and advertising for Portland Businesses!

Then, they contract with Garages - Hello Smart Parks! Cheaper parking, higher security, cleaner downtown--everything middle america wants to maintain their vision of life to pursue the loftiest of goals - Shopping!! The hard part - how to get us to visit? Ohhhh, lets have Events! Corporate Sponsorship! Gala's, Ball's, Auctions - High visibility events that bring out all walks of life - Look at the Christmas Tree Ceremony in Pioneer Square! New Years Eve Gala! Or this - Did you know that many of the "Street Musicians" with their pots out for donations are "CONTRACTED" and paid to be there? What? you mean someone actually PAYS for the harpist to be on that corner to create an ambience and unrealistic perception of Portland for Tourists? And the artist collects donations as well???

Then what happened? City Hall realizes that an INDEPENDANT organization has control over too many facets of the DOWNTOWN reality - and are unaccountable to the general public! So they MERGE with the Assosciation and Bingo! Portland Business Alliance is BORN! What happens top all the staff? Except for a few power players, all of the publicly accountable positions are discarded and given to the unaccountable members of AAP/PBA!

Which COMPANIES are on the member list? Every company that wants a remote chance of surviving in downtown! The asian couple, the bicycle delivery company, chain stores in the mall, Nike - Everybody!

The reality is simple - protesting PBA at their Main Office does nothing - there is no one there that cares if you are outside! It's not their Building!! Where does their money come from? City Hall, Smart Parks, Corporate Sponsors of the Downtown Events!!

If anyone is truly interested in generating change through Peaceful Demonstrations, then you MUST get INVOLVED. Go to City Hall! Rally around the moeny making operations - business always pays attention when profits are on the line! Find those Media Events and the Sponsors involved and let THEM know you don't approve!!

Anyone can throw rhetoric that inflames the passions of the soul and organize Marches to generate publicity for a cause that could have been stopped long ago. When the time for action comes, where will YOU be? At the end, when all that is left is to be noted in the papers, in the back bottom corner?? Or at the beginning, when the very heart of Portland is given away, legally and properly, without so much as a single "NO" when the new tax, fee or special use permit is proposed to fund starving artists - to PLAY Music On Street Corners and collect donations???