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Who Armed Iraq? (2nd try)

Who Armed Iraq?
Who Armed Iraq? (2nd try)
Who Armed Iraq? (2nd try)
Note the leading 3 countries.
a repost from DC-IMC. 05.Apr.2003 12:36

this thing here

look's so clean and simple. only it's not...

here's a link:


the russian military junk is a joke! 05.Apr.2003 12:52


our tanks have almost 3x the range and twice the armor.

this is one reason the russians didn't want to let the world see how completely shitty there military hardware is.

Its a buyers market for this junk..

fess up mike 05.Apr.2003 12:54


you get all your lame dialogue from the dumbass tv shows you watch compulsively, huh? must be how you got your "military experience" too.

holy shit this changes everything!!!! 05.Apr.2003 13:59


boy Im glad I saw this chart!... . . . . oh wait a minute Innocent people are still dying by the hundreds.We still have more nukes than anyone. Our military presence covers every corner of the globe. The American public wouldn't know a rigged democracy if Castro sent people over to take some notes on how to do it. 1 in every 5 American child still lives in poverty. The economy is going down the drain faster than you can say "trickle down effect". Welcome to the eighties my republican friends, your backstabbing leaders will see an end their fun very soon. Don't look now but, you've been lied to.

Yawn 05.Apr.2003 14:18

Ed Harley

Gee... you nazis sure have some mind-blowing information out there. But you forgot to include a few things... who went to Baghdad to offer support, comfort and congratulations to Saddam for "gassing his own people"? Donald Rumsfeld. Who now uses this as an excuse to invade Iraq? Russia? No. China? No. Freedom...I mean France? Nah. Who has been arming the Turkish military to help them in their genocide campaign against the Kurds? The US. Who uses the oppressed Kurds in Iraq to help justify their imperialist war against Iraq? The US.

You can continue to live in your fantasy world, run by Rush Limbaugh, Raytheon, and McDonald's, but this disgusting hypocrisy is not lost on the rest of the world. None of your ridiculous, pathetic, and inneffective lies will ever change that.

So? 05.Apr.2003 15:27


So most of the tanks we are blowing up are Russian. So?

You see, must of us "doublespeaking" liberals are not concerned about who is selling who guns. I mean, I'd love to see all guns destroyed, but that's not relevant.

Unfortunely, what the raving idiot who posted this does not realize is that it is the UNCONVENTIONAL weapons which we sold to Iraq which we are protesting. You see, the information you provided does not include the chemical and biological weapons which Iraq has obtained.

So, ? and Mike, you are both right. Iraq is littered with French helicopters, anti-aircraft missiles, and planes. However, in failing to use your brains and actually listen to the arguments you are trying to refute, you have MISSED THE POINT ENTIRELY.