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The Handmaid's Tale Proceeding on Schedule!

My fellow Canadian, Margaret Atwood, could not have predicted what we're now going through more accurately.
The Handmaid's Tale Proceeding on Schedule!

By Lloyd Hart

My fellow Canadian, Margaret Atwood, could not have predicted what we're now going through more accurately. With the Bush regime claiming the fanatical mantel of global dictator as a result of by passing international law, the U.N. Security Council and the UN General Assembly in a pre-meditated invasion of the sovereign territory of the nation of Iraq, we can now say clearly and with totality that we live in an anti-democratic dictatorship within the United States of America, a dictatorship that is now sweeping across the rest of the planet. Because of the illegality of the invasion of Iraq it also can be said that every Iraqi and not just civilians but all Iraqi soldiers as well murdered in Iraq by U.S. and British forces constitutes a human rights violation and mass genocide considering the numbers reported by murderers themselves.

Elections in the United States have been reduced to the CIA ballot box stuffing and the voter list scrubbing era in South and Central America of the last century. Most elected opposition has fallen in line with the New American Dictatorship and is now cannibalizing itself. The American dictatorship signs executive order after executive order disallowing the release of government documents under the Freedom of Information Act, dismantling habeas corpus, to removing at will any U.S. citizen from the guaranteed protections under the Constitution of the United States of America. All of which are violations of federal law as it is illegal to use executive order and the federal regulatory process to supersede the authority of the Congress of the United States America. But of course with the passage both the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act after a well-planned anthrax attack against two leading opposition senators the Congress completely capitulated to the dictatorship. And with a dictatorship controlled Supreme Court all checks and balances within the federal government have been completely and effectively removed. By using executive order as the methodology for setting social and environmental policy coupled with a dictatorship controlled Supreme Court, guarantees there is absolutely no possibility of opposition from any democratic institution within the United States of America therefore rendering all democratic institutions as irrelevant just as the front man for the dictatorship George W. Bush did with the UN. So it can be said that the new American dictatorship is using the war on terrorism to dismantle all domestic and foreign democratic institutions.

Margaret Atwood's prediction was not necessarily that difficult to make after watching 200 years of American policy play out in North America and around the world. However, where Margaret Atwood lead us in the incredible descriptions of how the long existing, obvious and blatant policy demands made by the anti-democratic forces within the U.S. played out to their logical conclusions was difficult and revealed Margaret Atwood's genius. But now that we are seeing the Handmaid's Tale come true right before our very eyes it must be said that Margaret Atwood's vision must also become the bible of our resistance. A resistance which is clearly illustrated in the book. It also must be mentioned that because of Margaret Atwood's sage vision we may even be able to prevent the entire vision from coming to fruition and as a result bring about the broader deeper form of democracy that will never allow feudal manifestations to rise again.

I am sure in my heart that the American dictatorship will fail but in order for that to happen it will take extraordinary acts of bravery on the part of those of us who would resist the Web of absolute corruption that the Bush regime is weaving hear at home and around the world. It is my suggestion that no matter what kind of retaliation that the Bush regime responds with, that the peace movement and all of its different organic parts pledge resistance and pledge maternal, paternal and fraternal and any other kind of support for every other organic part of this peace movement  http://www.zmag.org/wspj/ . For this is not just a peace movement, it is the social and environmental enlightenment that will carry us for the next 10,000 years. It is the community that raised and educated me and taught me to resist the temptations of corruption and undemocratic practices but also to resist the vanity of the cult of personality that drives fascism. If I had not had the peace movement in my life from the time I was a child, if I did not hear Martin Luther Kings voice on the T.V. set that also raised me, I can't imagine what I would have done with my life. I'm glad and proud to say that the three children I have raised into adulthood are all opposed to the New American Dictatorship in all of its manifestations including this terrible slaughter of the Iraqi people which is now looking to Iraq's neighbors for further conquest of the strategic oil supply. But raising peaceful children no longer suffices.

The world is watching, waiting to see if Americans can put a stop to the madness emanating from its shores. A madness that is threatening to engulf and infect the world with the chaos that rattles around in the Bush regime's special brand of fascism. After living in the U.S. for the last 13 years as a free-trade economic refugee from Canada I can say very clearly to the rest of world and to all of America that yes indeed the Americans can stop the New American Dictatorship but they cannot do it alone. We will need the help of the whole of the rest of the world refusing to participate in the continued appeasement of fascist American economic policy as imposed by the IMF and World Bank now once again backed up with U.S. military force. America consumes(steals) 40 percent of the world's resources yet represent only 4 percent of the world's population. If only 10 percent of those resources are prevented from reaching U.S. shores and if 10 percent of the slave labor American Brands depend on in the so-called developing nations is disrupted, the American economy will collapse. The U.S. military will lose its financial backing from Congress and will be forced to turn on its own people which will inevitably break the U.S. military into two parts, the greater part with loyalties deeply imbedded in their already impoverished families. This is, of course, is not the scenario that any of us had hoped for but economic resistance is the only way to bring down what has now grown into being the New American Global Dictatorship.

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Canadian Liberal press= Fench Communist 05.Apr.2003 15:00


How can you believe what you see with your own eyes when you should READ THE TRUTH as sponsored by the communist French puppet currently in charge of Canada?
He has no axe to grind in this war. The government sponsered American press of course will dig up LIES about French support that led to the slaughter of Iraqi people. Do not believe that!!! It is propaganda comrade!!!
Anyway,.......they would have died from the American led sanctions.
Read OUR crap!!! Dont watch TV, don't believe your eyes!!!
The press is a threat to the communist........er,...freedom of non-working,lazy assed slackers everywhere.
FOX TV's waris a Hollywood hoax, anyone can tell that!! I even saw part of the sign on the hills in the background of what they SAID was Bagdad. The sign said "HO"!