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Homeland Security Evicts Portland Peace Encampment

At 6:45am Saturday Apri 5th, Office Scott Sheldon of Homenald Security, Federal Protective Services closed Terry Schrunk Plaza for "Public Safety" reasons. He personally put up Police Tape around the West half of the grassy area of the Plaza. The Portland Peace Encampment was forced to move out of the Plaza and onto the sidewalk.
At 6:45am Saturday April 5th, Office Scott Sheldon of Homeland Security Federal Protective Services closed Terry Schrunk Plaza for "Public Safety" reasons. He personally put up Police Tape around the West half of the Plaza. The "Public Safety" reason he gave was "Damage to the Park." The only "damage" to the park is the grass is a little muddy to the right of the Floral Peace Symbol. The Police tape surrounds areas under the trees that are not in the slightest muddy or damaged. However, other grassy areas in the eastern half of the plaza that are waterlogged, muddy, and slick have not been closed.

The Portland Peace Encampment was forced to move out of the Plaza and onto the sidewalk. No arrests have been made so far.

Acting Lieutenant Miller of the Portland Police Bureau had checked on the encampment within the previous hour and found nothing wrong or out of the ordinary. Lt. Miller, stopped by shortly after Homeland Security left and expressed surprise. Officer Tobey and another Portland Police officer who then came to investigate even had to ask when Homeland Security put up the police line. Further discussions with Commander Sizer of Portland Police said that the Bureau has not had any problems with the encamplent, although "discussions" about "camping in public" are going on.

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That's BULLSHIT 05.Apr.2003 11:38


The pile gets bigger.

Hmmm 05.Apr.2003 12:55


You *know* it isn't a reasonable action when PPB is surprised by it ... sounds like our local finest were finally being halfway decent with regards to the peace encampent -- and then the feds move in.

Instructions for Consumption of Park Services 05.Apr.2003 15:06


Homeland Security is only achieved when the homeland is used properly. Failure to use public property as instructed may result in injury, death, temporary incarceration, or relocation to an undisclosed location for intesified questioning.

Instructions will be given as Homeland Security determines.

solidarity 05.Apr.2003 15:25

dj tubesteak

Ok, anyone working on a solidarity action? I fail to see how this is anything but blatant harassment of political dissidents by the federal gov't. If we don't call bullshit now, we might not get a chance. Does the Ministry of Homeland Security have an office in the Federal Building, or is it somewhere else?

Jurisdiction 05.Apr.2003 15:34


Did you know that PPB has been refusing all along to do *anything* about enforcing the law at this location? It falls to the Feds, unless someone is doing something violent enough that the city is willing to step over the line and do some actual police work. (Vera wouldn't like that very much.)

When these people are camping in the park, not having rented proper sanitation facilities, just *where* do you suppose they're going to the bathroom? Ewwww! There are other reasons besides, why camping in some public locations is not legal (nor even the right thing to do).

solidarity will be peaceful actions 05.Apr.2003 15:53


The Portland Peace Encampment has gone to great effort to make their message clear. They have two very clear rules: they abide by drug laws, there is no consumption there; and they keep the park clean.

this has not been a woodstock-fest do what you will sort of place. they have been made efforts to work with the city, talked to city council members and the mayor, and made it clear that while they are confined to the sidewalk, they are not blocking it. with the help of supporting organizations, whose members have been advocating for them with the city, they have maintained good relations. there *are* public facilities in the adjoining park. when they did not have them at night, they did without....they didn't go behind a bush. because they have been united with their message of peace, and made it clear that this is a peaceful civil disobedient act, the city has not arrested them, even though technically they are not allowed there. now, the city has opened up the toilet facilities 24 hours a day, they previously had them locked for fear of drug activity. this says to me while the city can't condone a civil disobedient act, it trusts the campers to maintain the peaceful space as they have been.

please do join them in solidarity, but please do it in the same spirit with which they have maintained their presence.

Here is their mission statement again: "We are the Portland Peace Encampment. A diverse group of individuals building Community to demonstrate our rights as peoples to speak and gather together. We are the voices and the faces supporting non-violent resolutions in solidarity with world community. We will maintain a 24 hour presence until American bombs stop dropping."

No one has the right 05.Apr.2003 17:51

Officer Joe

No one should be allowed to camp in public. One you are an eyesore for decent people who have homes, pay for those parks and contribute something back to society. Maybe these people should learn that their vioce is insignifigant and no body cares about peace. Force has solved more problems in society than protests ever have.

Why can't they just leave us alone in peace 05.Apr.2003 18:19

Katie Jones

If we don't stick together, work and live together in a country that is by far too expensive for most, where are we supposed to go?

Why can't they just leave us alone in peace 05.Apr.2003 18:20

Katie Jones

If we don't stick together, work and live together in a country that is by far too expensive for most, where are we supposed to go?

Who are THEY... 05.Apr.2003 19:17

katie jones

Who are THEY to judge us, I truly believe God is the only One who can do that and, someday we all have to answer to Him...

God ? What ? 05.Apr.2003 20:31

When did he/she get involved

Why was the tape put on only half of the park, why did they get kicked out of the park but it is ok to sit on the side walk !?
I don't get it....plus it is only tape, and I didn't see any police or agents sitting around enforcing the "don't go over the taoe law"??!! HA

Wait until SB742 comes around! 06.Apr.2003 09:54


You think this is bad!?! Wait until Sen. Mennis works to get Senate Bill 742 over on us. These people pushed to the sidewalk, will be branded as terrorists and be pushed to our already overcrowded jails for 25 years with no possibility of parole. Then you, (Jurisdiction) can REALLY say Ewwwww... Mennis is another menace.

Just wait until SB 742 comes around. 06.Apr.2003 10:02


You think it's bad these guys got pushed to the sidewalk, wait until Sen. Mennis works to get Senate Bill 742 over on us. As a result, these guys are branded as "terrorists" and get pushed into jail for 25 years without the possibility of parole. Then, (Re: Jurisdiction post) you can REALLY say ewwww. Sen Mennis is a menace.

Shall Make No Law... 06.Apr.2003 11:55

Bill of Rights (Not Bill of Privileges)

Amendment I

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

These police are obviously terrorists, jealous of the freedoms we have here in the US. This park closure is clearly unlawful. Time to reclaim the peace camp for the people.

What about the cameras? 06.Apr.2003 17:31


You KNOW there had to be someone videotaping every face in the park for future "reference"!!!!!!

What about the obvious? 06.Apr.2003 18:39


What I haven't seen anybody ask, and what I think is the most obvious question, is what exactly the Office of Homeland Security has to do with a protest (peaceful or rowdy). Public assembly and expression, however polite or unruly, is a police issue, isn't it? What does it have to do with "terrorism", and "domestic threats".

Does this make sense to anybody else? Why is the Office of Homeland Security having anything whatsoever to do with protestors, when their real job is with terrorists lurking around with bombs/guns/whatever?

Why does it seem so accepted that they would be harassing protestors? It's not like they would be harassing abortion protestors, or tree protestors, right? Why war protestors then?


Vat vould jew xpeckt? 07.Apr.2003 01:56

A Suspicious American

Vell vould jew xpeckt Heir Sheldon tu be jewsing hiz brain? Vhy vould anyvone houve vantad to join de Homelands Security team, (Heil BUSH, Heil BUSH), du anesing elze. Heir Sheldon iz a gut membar uf ze American NAZI (Republican order), Want Oil, alzo known az ze NWO.

But, on the lighter side who needs rights anyway. We're Americans where the law is only for fools, the poor, and those who do not sit as executives on any fortune five hundred boards. Officer Sheldon will be rewarded with something befitting his actions and if we are lucky enough to have another election that the republican order can't steal, and we actually get a law abiding goverment in place, and we can appoint a few judes not trying to make political statements, and there is enough balls on the Americans in this country to do the right thing, then and only then will Mr. Sheldon get his just deserves. A trial, and life in prison with no parole and no vaseline to ease his daily pain.

Wake up America, those very same Nazis that Prescott Bush Supported to make his fortune and take power in this country away from us to hand to his heirs, are the very people who are right now conspiring to cancell elections, elimnate the internet, imprison alot of us, and simple exterminate the rest as an uneeded reundancy.

Remember that the Republicans, fortune five huindred board memebers, and all others who have absolute power always believe that human beings are truly the only renewable resource on this planet. Kruschev, Amin, Hitler, The Turks, you name the act of genocide and fifteen years later the same regions had a produtive crop of humans to provide the labor to continue the power brokers rise to where ever the hell they think they are going.

sdfads 07.Apr.2003 02:05


I don't get it, aren't these guys suppost to be providing you security? isn't it after all, homeland security?

Maybe they are just confused.

POWER AND CONTROL 07.Apr.2003 02:54


you know what i don't understand-is why police and other law enforcement people come on this site to judge and harass people. i guess it just isn't enough to do it on the streets, but you have to do it here too! i understand that you have an opinion, but why is it done with such anger, hate, and judgment. i have read stuff on here where you actually threaten people, what is up with this???? you think that this is legal?? you think everyone has to be accountable except for you because you have the power - think again, even you can be held accountable for illegal acts.

Re: Power & Control 07.Apr.2003 23:24


Huh? What are you talking er writing about? Cops? Threatening people on this site? Huh???

Well, then. 09.Apr.2003 17:13

Kelsey ethwi@aol.com

In response to Officer Joe in "No one has the right":

I can't believe you. I don't think you understand why those people are protesting: People are right now dying in the world because of President Bush's idiotic actions. People are dying, and all you care about is an "eyesore"? Shame.

In response to Willem in "What about the obvious?":

What, you don't know what the Office of Homeland Security has to do with this? Just ask Officer Joe: the protesters are an eyesore, dammit!

In response to FED UP in "POWER AND CONTROL":

Your argument would be a bit more valid if you didn't preach against using such "ANGER AND HATE" and then put on Caps Locks for your entire spiel.

FREEDOM 10.Apr.2003 05:34

Tom Fusco tfusco@gwi.net

Just another example of what freedom looks like to the Brown Shirts in the Bush administration!!!!!
They failed at deplomacy, they failed humanity, and they failed at Freedom, Overall grade as President, F. Overall grade as want-ta-be two-bit dictator, A+