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Suicide bombing...or friendly fire kills three US troops ? two versions

Suicide bombing...or friendly fire kills three US troops ? two versions posted on aljazeerah.info website
Suicide bombing, friendly fire kills three US troops

The first casualty of war is the truth. This is a clear example for future students of journalism. The US announced that three US soldiers were killed by friendly fire. The objective is to deny that Iraqis can kill any US or UK soldiers. Every time soldiers killed, helicopters and jests are downed, tanks are destroyed, US military spokespersons say that it was friendly fire. On the other side, Iraqis give a different account to what happened. Today, they brought evidence that the US soldiers were killed by suicide bombing in North west Baghdad (or North of Najaf, according to An Nahar news story) carried out by two Iraqi women. Here are the two stories:

The US story:

Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar |By Mohammed Almezel | Gulf News, 05-04-2003

Friendly fire has claimed the lives of at least three U.S. servicemen and one jet fighter in central Iraq in the last 24 hours, the U.S. military confirmed yesterday.

Friendly fire, a term used when confused soldiers shoot at each other, or sometimes when the military doesn't want to give enemy fire a due credit, has killed a U.S. V Corps soldier on Thursday evening in central Iraq, a statement issued by the U.S. Central Command said.

It said the soldier had been "investigating a destroyed enemy tank when he was mistaken as an enemy soldier and fired upon by friendly forces operating in the area." An investigation into the incident is underway, the Centcom said.

Earlier, a U.S. Patriot missile may have downed the Navy F-18C single-seat Hornet which was flying a mission over Central Iraq on Wednesday night. "The circumstances of the incident are under investigation," it said, listing the downed pilot as missing in action.

Meanwhile, a U.S. Marine from the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force's 1st Marine Division was killed Wednesday evening near Al Kut "when his automatic weapon discharged, firing one round into his chest," Centcom explained.

"Apparently, the Marine had been sleeping with his weapon when it accidentally went off," it said.

The Iraqi story:

An Nahar, 4/5/03

صورة عن قناة "الجزيرة" الفضائية القطرية للانتحارية العراقية وداد جميل تتلو وصيتها امس.(رويترز)

صورة عن القناة الفضائية العراقية للانتحارية العراقية نور الشمري تتلو وصيتها.(أ ف ب)

بثت قناة "الجزيرة" الفضائية القطرية مساء امس لقطات سجلت على شريط فيديو للعراقيتين اللتين نفذتا العملية الانتحارية عند نقطة التفتيش الاميركية في حديثة شمال النجف ليل الخميس - الجمعة الماضي. وظهرت المرأتان امام علم عراقي وقالتا انهما على استعداد للجهاد او الشهادة. وكانت كلتاهما تحمل رشاشاً بيدها اليسرى وتقسم باليد اليمنى على القرآن وبدا وجهاهما واضحين. وعرفت الاولى عن نفسها باسم نور الشمري وقالت: "انا فدائية استشهادية اقسم بالله وكتابه ان اكون تلك الفدائية التي تدافع عن العراق. سنقتص من اعداء الامة الاميركيين والامبرياليين والصهاينة والمتخاذلين من العرب الذين جعلوا ركبهم ملتوية تحت اقدام الاجنبي". وقالت العراقية الثانية وداد جميل: "نذرت نفسي للجهاد في سبيل الله ضد الكفرة الاميركيين والبريطانيين والاسرائيليين

A summary translation of the An Nahar, 4/5/03 above news:

The Qatari Aljazeera TV aired a video that showed the two Iraqi women who conducted a suicide bombing attack against a US military checkpoint north of Najaf yesterday (Thursday/Friday night). The two women appeared on the video with an Iraqi flag behind them with a gun on the left hand and the right hand on the Qur'an. They swore to sacrifice their lives to defend Iraq against US, UK, and Israeli invaders (There were news in the Arab media about Israeli military presence in Western Iraq). The two women were Warda Jamil (right) and Nour Al-Shammari (left).



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