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An Ode to Michael Kelly

An ode to the first embedded U.S. journalist to die in the mechanized slaughter taking place in Iraq (or what CNN calls a "conflict")
I never say I'm glad that anyone dies, including a reactionary, blustering, idiot chickenhawk swine like Michael Kelly: until yesterday an "embedded" feature columnist for "The Washington Post." After all, he undoubtedly left behind loved ones who didn't share those attributes to such a striking degree (including two sons almost exactly the same ages as my own).

Nevertheless, the Humvee death of the gouty, blue-suited cocksucker who called millions of anti-war protestors "terrorists" should not go unremarked. After all, it's more than a tad ironic that he not only died amidst the vicious carnage that he pimped for with an obviously displaced frothing ardor, but in a Humvee..(which gets something like three miles to the gallon).

I'm tempted to curse his tumid carcass, but instead I'm reminding all of us (especially me) that we've all erred, we've all been overwhelmed by our own pride, fear, trembling amidst a universe we can't comprehend, etc... so I'll cut the pompous fucker some slack.

I guess my hope is that the ironies surrounding his death can be instructive and productive. Our future will spring from whatever choices we're in the process of making, so let's not be prideful, fearful, blustering, and at odds with the natural world that we need to sustain us...

...and let's drink lots of good beer and see really cool movies, like "Russian Ark," "The Pianist," and "A Woman Under the Influence" (my latest video pick).
ah, the left - wonderful 05.Apr.2003 08:32


Man - you must be quite the good role model for your kids! They are really gonna look up to you when the grow up. postings like yours make all of us on the left look like total and complete idiots, even if Michael Kelly did call us terrorists. Big fucking deal. What do you expect? Suck it up, rise above, be strong and focused in your self and work. Raise your kids as best you can. Don't want them to grow up pissed off at you and run off and join CNN eh? And please, run self diagnostics at the end of every week.

<shiver> 05.Apr.2003 09:05


complain about something real, and run a few of your own self-diagnostics. while you're at it, you should probably update your "diagnostic" software; it seems to be failing you.

okay 05.Apr.2003 09:12


so we'll tone this down a bit. many of us are highly pissed off and frustrated by a leader who does not listen to anyone but himself, to reporters who are so blind that they are providing mis and dis-information to a public that has a right to be informed of the truth which seems to be buried every day, truth that gets forgotten as each new military action eclipses the other truths that, if compiled, would give reason for everyone to take pause. michael kellys' death is tragic, as are all deaths. possibly his family might come to eventually realize that his death was totally and absolutely unecessary and he could have been alive to continue reporting, even if many of us do not agree with his viewpoint. This war is dead wrong and the "left" as well as the right should be vehemently angry that innocent people on both sides are dying for no purpose, no justifiable cause and, in the meantime, our economy is in the brink of disaster, our infrastructure is falling apart and the poor just keep slipping further behind. What kind of country do you want? If you don't see that your good ol' USA does not exist, and if you are not pissed off about this insanity then you need to get off your meds. (sorry bout the run on sentance)

my usa?? 05.Apr.2003 09:55


hey, Ranger -
Is your line "If you don't see that your good ol' USA does not exist, and if you are not pissed off about this insanity then you need to get off your meds" aimed at me??
Just got to say it aint my USA - never has been. I don't think "my USA" has ever exsisted. I was born here, I want to do something good for people in the world as best I can. People are dying all the time so we can have this insane, unsustainable standard of living - this world is crazy and upsidedown. Vehemently angry - yes. Trying to stay focused - yes. Life is short, do well. Bricks when it's time for bricks. Don't gloat over death. Rage, dance, sing, unite, cry, work, raise the kids to hopefully do better. Thats all.

I don't think he's gloating 05.Apr.2003 10:09


I don't think the original poster is gloating over Kelly's death. I think his point is that even the senseless death of a bad man can lead to greater understanding. I think he's trying to use it in a positive way--read it again.

First poster is deranged 05.Apr.2003 11:41


The first poster is yet another semi-deranged individual who is obviously afflicted with some type of mental disease.

Michael Kelly 05.Apr.2003 12:40


Somehow the death of Michael Kelly brought the war home. I've read his columns, and violently disagreed with all of them, so he seems more real than the others who've died. I feel saddened by his death, despite his rabid support for the war. His virulent patriotism contributed to his death, and to the death of countless Iraqis. Lets try to build a movement strong enough to take our country away from these deathmongers!

I apologize 05.Apr.2003 12:58



if i came across like i was directing anger at you, i apologize. i was merely being understanding of the first poster, at your expense. so apologees to you. we are all going to have slightly different feelings about things.

to ranger 05.Apr.2003 15:39


Cool - thanks - no trouble. It's kindof what IMC is all about really.

and to Nelson I did re-read the first post and my coments were getting a little off the mark there. I do hear what is being said. I agree with it mostly, I got caught up in language and how we come across to folks who may be thinking about this stuff for the first time, or who are overseas trying to figure out the left in the usa. It's a bit odd sometimes as, having said what I just said, I aslo don't really care to change my actions or temper my feelings baised on what others might think......an odd brain space sometimes.
cheers to all....