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imperialism & war

Today "High Noon" Anti-Recruitment Rally

Today in pioneer square at high noon, Veterans are encouraged to speak out about their experiences with war .. to discourage enlistment into the military...
Army of None
12:00pm Saturday 5 April
Contact: Gavin Hadaller
Pioneer Courthouse Square Anti-war protest.

The Army of None is gathering in Pioneer Square to show our resistance to the Bush Administration's illegal and unjust war. Vetrans who oppose the war are encouraged to come. Please wear some sort of military dress (any time period) to show your support for the movement. Be prepared to exorcise your rights to free speech and to peaceably gather....
We will be holding a flag cerimony and speak-in after a peaceful non-permitted march.
Anarchists don't need an invitation.
Video of Last Weeks Rally and March 05.Apr.2003 08:27

Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

An 8 minuted video of the Army of None March and Rally from last Saturday, 3/29/03. DSL/CABLE Stream
56K Stream

song? 05.Apr.2003 13:00


what is the title/artist of the song in that movie?


"Army of none" websites 05.Apr.2003 14:45


look at

and/or click on the web address

"Army of none" websites
"Army of none" websites

updates? 05.Apr.2003 15:18


would like to add update about action if anyone has any tales to tell

every saturday 07.Apr.2003 20:00


Again and again and again. Even if the rain sucks and the wind is cold. Dedication will win out over apathy.