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attempted blockades in the U.K.

from the U.K. Indy Media site: attempted blockades of bomb destined for Iraq
Anti War activists attempt to lock on to moving carpet bomb convoy
by Bomb Buste 6:55pm Fri Apr 4 '03

Original upload on 8:51am Tue Apr 1 '03: Anti War activists have again tried to blockade a convoy carrying 'dumb' bombs by road from RAF Welford to RAF Fairford. The bombs will be used for carpet bombing Iraq from B52s based at Fairford
Antiwar Activists Halt Bomb Convoy Again At 9am this morning anti-war activists used their bodies to stop a convoy carrying bombs as it was making its way from the bomb 'depot', RAF Welford in Berkshire, to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

In a protest against the humanitarian cost of war on Iraq, 5 activists locked themselves onto the lorries that make up the bomb convoy. They were attempting to prevent the convoy's deadly cargo from reaching RAF Fairford where it is believed it will be loaded onto United States Air Force B52 bombers destined for Iraq.

The convoy was successfully halted on the west bound slip road at Chievely junction (M4/A34) north of Newbury. One group blocked the lead vehicals, whilst others attempted to lock on to the bomb transporters. Police and lorry drivers seem to be under orders to keep the convoy moving at all costs. Activists were forced to unlock as the lorries kept moving despite the drivers being told that there were people under their vehicals.

As with a similar action last week no arrests were made.

Attempted bomb blockade II - 01/04/03
by chris b 6:55pm Fri Apr 4 '03

Original upload on 12:34pm Wed Apr 2 '03: Eyewitness account attempted blockade of bomb convoy from Welford to USAF Fairford.

Attempted bomb blockade II

It is with disappointment that I have to tell you that we failed to stop another bomb convoy from the Munitions depot at Welford to USAF Fairford. We had another plan, it worked - except for one factor that we didn't take into consideration: that the drivers of the bomb lorries were perfectly prepared (instructed?) to drive off with PROTESTERS UNDER THE LORRIES.

Waiting in a ditch by the side of the slip road of the Cheiveley Junction/Roundabout (M4) the first set of protesters ran on to the motorway, locking themselves together with armtubes and straps. This stopped the convoy long enough for others to attempt to lock on to the lorries themselves, before being manhandled to the side of the motorway. Meanwhile, two made it under the trucks, and began to lock-on. Despite being told that that there was protesters under the lorry by the support team the lorries started edging forward. Understandably, the two under the lorries didn't finish locking themselves to moving vehicles and were dragged out by the Police.

Again, after removing the blockage the police showed no interest in arresting us, and a few of the activists managed to get to a vehicle and pursue the convoy.

Others walked back to the service station, and we're subsequently searched under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (section 44).

Having just made it back home, I have been feeling despondent that we didn't manage it at the second attempt, but self-pity is especially pathetic at a time when people are being murdered from a great height by your own government: we'll come up with a new plan and we'll try again.

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