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Peace Camp still needs support

Anyone willing and able to get bread, soup, veggies and coffee ... or whatever other sustenance you can provide ... would be very much appreciated.
These people are hanging tough, bearing 24 hour witness and welcome any help with a smile and kind words. Go visit them and bring a little something! maybe drop by and play a game of scrabble or gin rummy in support of a true democracy, as wraith-like as it may seem in this dark hour.

ps: anyone with info on the Mom's Brigade, please post.

Warm Dinner - 04.Apr.2003 22:24


I went by on Wednesday night a took them a hot spaghetti dinner with bread - been slammed the last couple of days - but can take a thing of coffee for tomorrow morning.

cool! 04.Apr.2003 22:51


you rock, sherry! ... and whoever else is helping out!

Where are we supposed to go? 05.Apr.2003 18:44

Katie Jones

If THEY won't let us live, work and survive together, what are we supposed to do? Who are THEY to judge us, I truly believe God is is the only one who can do that and someday we all have to answer to Him...