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photos from tonight's critical mass

here are some photos from tonight's mass (article 1)
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
photos from tonight's critical mass
tonight about 100 riders met up in the north park blocks for the now-weekly critical mass / anti-war protest. FUCK cars and the oil war they cause, yo? the po-pos were there too of course, on bicycles, motocycles, horses (the only animal with two assholes is the police horse, heh), and in cruisers, marked and unmarked. oh, and they had the stormtrooper riot robots on an SUV ready-to-rumble and they brought along the ice-cream truck too. that's like their favorite thing now.

they followed the mass up burnside toward I-405, and kept everybody in one lane only. sometimes they (the cops) blocked the other lane. they also got up on the sidewalks with their motorcycles, totally endangering the lives of people up there (including msyself twice). stupid screws.

anyway, as the mass approached I-405, a bunch of cops fuckin' materialized out of nowhere and totally surrounded the mass to keep it from even THINKING about going on the freeway, which i don't think anyone was intending to do. riders then continued s-l-o-w-l-y up burnside to 23rd, and rode down lovejoy, cut over to everett to cross the freeway, and arrived at the steel bridge. here, the cops blocked everything except the bridge ramp and said you HAD to go that way, and that you couldn't even get off your bike and walk it away down second avenue. no shit. it was total bullshit. about half the folks who were left went over the bridge (i thought of that scene in one of the star wars movies where that alien commander goes "IT'S A TRAP!") and the other half dis-biked, and walked back the way they came. kinda depressing, this part.

i didn't go over the bridge but heard that people started getting ticketed for no lights and this over there.

oh and BTW, the rules of engagement they handed out this week said that bike lifts are now considered violent. BIKE LIFTS! stupid fuckers. i'm really sick of this police bullshit. let's get out there every fucking week. they don't have the money to do this all the time. eventually, we'll win and we'll be free.

viva la spoke revolution!
pardon my ignorance 04.Apr.2003 23:01


what's a bike lift?


what a bike lift is 04.Apr.2003 23:34



here's a photo of someone doing a bike lift. it's a common critical mass thing. you raise your bike above your head, in a victorious, we-came-we-saw style, and WHOOP. people cheer and clap. you put the bike back down and ride it away.

and in anticipation of your next concern, no, this is not a violent act. it's a harmless expression of "YAY!", and that's all. the police have forbidden it now, and have called it "threatening". what's really threatening of course is pepperspray, motorcycles on sidewalks, cops ramming cyclists, and a culture built on automobile dependence. but i digress.

another picture of bike lifts 04.Apr.2003 23:38

visually oriented

sick of this bullshit 05.Apr.2003 10:04


so... if we "cannot" do bike lifts... does that mean that the pigs cannot lift their bikes and throw them at us? i had a CRAZY pig throw his bike at my shins as i stood still with hands in air waving peace signs(3/21). perhaps it is just the overhead lift that is sooo threatening.... HA!

tuickets and such 05.Apr.2003 15:19

Alex Zeisberg guitarfreak2910@aol.com

I ran after critacial mass folowing them with my video camera. There was alot of tickets given and one ticket was for poping-a-whealy. They,police officers, said it was reckless driving of a motorised vechile. First of all there was no motor, second the cops had all of the other lanes blocked off. Also, the person that got that ticket, got a ticket for not having any lights on there bike and thats when the tickets started for not having any lights. One ticket was givin for "running a red light" with first of all was yellow and it was during a right turn. So really she wasnt running a red light and she never should have got a ticket.

Anyways i will put up picters today of it. So e-mail me and i will send you a link to see the pics.